English quizzes for kids which improves their language skills in a fun way

English quizzes for kids which improves their language skills in a fun way



In this modern world, English is considered as the main language of most countries or is taught as a second language worldwide. Kids can easily learn a new language like English since their brain is more flexible especially when it comes to learning new languages. English quizzes are nowadays becoming more popular and well-received among children.

Sometimes learning languages may seem boring or uninteresting for kids. Parents and English teachers always try to find fun ways to improve their language skills. There are plenty of short and fun English quizzes available which can be used by both parents and English teachers. Here are some great examples of English quizzes that are both simple and fun.


English quizzes for kids

It’s important to teach kids the English language because of the benefits it has for their future but it’s also important that this learning process is fun so they become more excited and eager to learn English language.

One of the best ways for that is to find fun English quizzes that can be entertaining and challenging for them. There are different exciting quizzes that they can participate in. For example: “What am I?”, comparative and superlative English quizzes and vocabulary and grammar English quizzes. These English quizzes can either be done in person with the parents, by English teachers in the classroom or online on different English learning apps and websites. Children can choose the games mentioned below and do these amusing short English quizzes in order to improve their language skills in a fun and interesting way.


  1. Competitive and superlative

One of the fun English quizzes available for kids is competitive and superlative. Teachers can show two different pictures of an object with different sizes and then ask the students to say which one is bigger or which one is smaller than the other one. For the superlative questions, teachers can show many different pictures and ask questions about which one is the biggest or which one is the smallest. They can also ask the students to answer loudly in the classroom and then choose a prize for the student who has answered more correctly than the others.


  1. “What am I?”


In this quiz, there are some clues about something for example about an object or an activity which students should read carefully and then guess the answer. They must say it out loud in the classroom in ten seconds, if they don’t they will lose the game. This quiz can also be done at home by parents since it’s easy and convenient to do. It improves children’s English vocabulary skills which is also important for their speaking.


  1. Vocabulary English quizzes

This quiz is very fun for students. They have to match the words with pictures. It can be done at home but there are also apps that provide the same vocabulary quiz in the form of enjoyable and attractive game. Some English learning websites have these kind of quizzes too and they can be done by students in their free time.


From the information mentioned above it’s clear that this way is better for the kids when they are learning and improving their language skills as they’re not boring or difficult for them. There are several English quizzes which are designed as exciting games that will improve kid’s language skills in vocabulary, grammar, speaking and writing. Parents should make and prepare some of these simple quizzes at home and practice them continuously with their kids in their free time. These English quizzes are the best option to develop kid’s language skills.

English quizzes

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