4 remarkable reasons why English phonics training is important for kids

English phonics training

Many believe that teaching reading as one of the early phases in learning a language plays a major role in the children’s literacy skills. Therefore, it is vital that at the early stages of their learning, the kids are offered with English phonics training.

 In general, the word phonic is used to refer to a combination of several letters that are put together in order to make up one sound. Providing young kids with English phonics training helps them improve their literacy skills, and it gives them a greater opportunity to recognize the different written forms of one sound.

The benefits of English phonics training for kids

Understanding the written form of a word can be a great way for the children to improve their reading abilities. As a result, one technique for enhancing the kids’ reading skills is through English phonics training.

These types of instructions that are in relation with phonics, help the learners to understand how letters stand next to each other and present one sound. They can easily comprehend the relationship between the written and the spoken form of a word, and pay more attention to sound combinations, therefore it would be easier to learn more about syllable structures.

Understanding sound combinations

English phonics training

In English, it is quite common to see letter combinations like “tion” and “sh” come together to represent one sound. For children, who lack English phonics training, coming across similar structures could be a bit odd and confusing.

With the proper instructions, the kids could not only become proficient in recognizing different letter combinations, but they could also end up with better reading skills.  

Comprehending the relationship of the spoken and written form

One common feature among young learners of English, is that most kids learn the spoken form of a word before getting to know its written form. Therefore, English phonics training can be a great way for introducing both forms of a word to the learners.

They learn both forms of a word without confusion or feeling taunted by the differences between the written and spoken form of the words.

By attracting their attention to the relation between the two forms, the children can even reach a stage, where they could guess the outcome of the letter combinations without the help of their teachers.

Paying attention to letter combinations

English phonics training

Once the kids learn more about letter combinations through English phonics training, they will start paying more attention to similar structures. This will help the students to know more and more about the words and their specific written form.

Using English phonics training to improve the learner’s attention span would not only enhance their reading skills, but it would also help the students in mastering their writing abilities.

Syllable structures

Another benefit of English phonics training for kids, is that teaching this aspect of language to children will help them understand and discover the structure of syllables in a word.

 For instance, in a word like “action”, which is composed of two syllables. If the learner is not aware of the number of syllables he/she might find it hard to read and most importantly understand the combination of letters in that word.

In conclusion, as one way for early teaching reading to young learners, English phonics training can be a great way for aiding the kids in enhancing their language abilities. Exposing children to similar instructions can lead to several improvements in the students’ literacy levels.

For example, by including advancement in their understanding of sound combinations, they comprehend the relationship existing between the spoken and the written of the words, pay attention to letter combinations, and achieve a better understanding of syllables structures in English.


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