What are the 6 best known English pangrams?

English pangram


English pangram is a verse or sentence that has all the letters of the alphabet in it. Mostly the main purpose of an English pangram is entertainment and amusing wordplay. Also, it’s important to know that some serious jobs around the world, also use pangrams in their work. For example, different pangrams are used by graphic designers, printers and writers.

Therefore, it can be understood that pangrams are not only used for fun and entertainment, but also for serious work. There are lots of known pangrams that either make sense or not. Actually most of the funny ones don’t make sense at all. They are kind of jokes, but those that are used in serious situations have actual and correct meaning. This is an article about known pangrams in English which are useful to know and use in everyday life.

English pangram

Pangrams must contain all the letters of the English alphabet in one. Generally, the main usage of pangrams is for children who are learning to read, write or even practice their English handwriting. But also, there are many people like writers or graphic designers who use pangrams in their work.

There are lots of English pangrams which are both entertaining and instructive. They are a great option for teaching English to young children. Parents or kindergarten teachers can teach numerous of amusing little pangrams to kids.

Here are some examples of known English pangrams that are both great and entertaining. Some of these examples may make sense but others are just combination of fun words. One of the most common and best known English pangrams is “A quick fox jumps over the lazy dog.” Though there are countless pangrams, here are the 6 most common pangrams in English:

  1. A quick fox jumps over the lazy dog.
  2. The five boxing wizards jump quickly.
  3. The wizard jumped quickly over five green boxes.
  4. Sixty zippers were quickly picked from the woven jute bag.
  5. A quart jar of oil mixed with zinc oxide make a bright paint.
  6. While making deep excavations, we found some quaint bronze jewelry.

How to make English pangram

English pangram

After reading these pangrams, it’s a question whether one can learn to create their own pangramor not. Every individual who wants to write apangram, should know that it’s kind of a challenging thing to do. It requires lots of creativity and thinking. All people, no matter their age, can create their own English pangrams with a little practice.

English pangram can be made by a writing or saying. First, one should do a research about the different kinds of English pangrams available on the internet. Then, they must try making up long sentences by using all of the letters in the English alphabet.

In order to make it even more enjoyable, people can make up the sentences, as a challenging game, with their friends and family. The process of the game is that everyone should try to form the shortest English pangram of all. The one who makes the shortest one, is probably the winner of the game.

Also, creating pangrams is a positive and helpful experience for the brain. This activity causes everyone to think more and be creative with the words they know.

Overall, knowing different pangrams in English is both helpful and enjoyable. They are easy to know and memorize. Also, as mentioned, it can be turned into an exciting game for family or friend’s gatherings. Everyone can create their own pangram with minor thinking and time.

Pangrams, especially in English, can be a good entertainment for kids while it also teaches them English language skills as speaking and writing. Moreover, pangrams have several other benefits such as in graphic designs, printing, telegraphs and handwritten texts. Sharing these pangrams will add so much spice to communications.


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