The 3 best English listening exercises for kids


To begin with, learning a new skill requires continuous practice. Learning English is just like learning any other skill, it can only be attained by constant exercise. English language skills are divided into four categories. The English language skills are: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

In this article, the main emphasis is on listening skills. Listening is certainly an important English skill; that is because it affects other English abilities such as speaking. English learners can easily develop their listening skills through the best English listening exercises.

English learners should dedicate a great deal of time to English listening exercises. Effective English listening exercises help the learners to completely learn and master English listening.

The best English listening exercises constantly focus on advancing the ability to listen and understand English. The ability to understand what you hear in English gets you closer to reach English proficiency.

However, many English learners spend most of their time doing grammar or speaking exercises and they forget to concentrate on doing English listening exercises alongside. This fact similarly applies to young English learners as kids or teenagers.

In the following, you’ll find explanations about the importance of English listening exercises for children. Also, the best English listening exercises are mentioned further in the article.

English listening exercises for kids

Young English learners such as children spend less time studying. That is because they prefer to play games or do entertaining activities rather than sit stable for a time to study.  As a result, it’s fully parents’ or teachers’ responsibility to make sure that kids learn English through the best English listening exercises.

Parents or teachers should engage kids to learn English in an amusing way by the best English listening exercises. Kids learn best when they are involved and immersed in the learning process. Some of the learning activities are for example playing games, singing songs, vocabulary games, and reading fascinating books.

Yet, parents or teachers mostly overlook the importance of English listening exercises for kids. The learning activities typically focus on grammar, vocabulary, or speaking.

Listening skills are hard to improve and even advanced English students struggle with English listening skills. Perhaps that is the reason why parents or teachers avoid doing English listening exercises with kids. They might think that the English listening exercises may bore or disappoint the kids.

However, it is clear that frustrating teaching lessons bore and tire children. Repetitive, unvaried, and dull lessons even bore adults let alone children. Furthermore, we recommend the best English listening exercises for kids that will motivate them to acquire English listening skills.

The importance of English listening exercises for kids

As mentioned, improving listening abilities is an important part of the English learning process. Students should pay a great deal of attention to English listening exercises and don’t take them for granted. It is obvious that recognizing the English language through listening is a big part of English excellence.

As we all know, the skills and abilities children learn as they are still young will stick in their minds much better and they can easily develop them as they grow up. This fact also approves for the languages they learn. They are more likely to master a language completely if they start learning it at the early stages of their lives.

Parents and teachers can help and guide children to strengthen their English skills as they are young. Focusing on English listening exercises will help them to acquire listening skills in their youth so they can have fewer problems in broadening it when they grow up.

English listening exercises expand children’s English listening skills and develop their ability to understand English songs, conversations, words, and phrases. Being able to identify the English language words, phrases, and conversations by listening has vast benefits for kids.

Young English learners develop their different English language skills through English listening exercises. English listening exercises gradually expand learner’s English knowledge.

For instance, children can interpret what they hear and comprehend the message they heard in English. The message includes words, phrases, and sentence structure, which can improve their grammar and vocabulary skills.

All in all, it is extremely significant to motivate kids to do English listening exercises and help them improve their English listening skills as they are kids.

The benefits of acquiring English listening skills for kids

Moreover, children must learn all the English language skills equally and in association with each other. As mentioned before, children will acquire a skill much better if they start learning it as they are kids.

There are a few noticeable benefits of learning listening skills for kids that can be obtained by continuous English listening exercises.

The benefits are:

Productive learning:

To begin with, since children’s minds are not yet occupied by any problems such as real-life issues, they are more flexible and capable of learning skills more productively.

Elder English students might find it hard to learn different English skills as easily. On the other hand, children can easily start acquiring listening skills step by step, through English listening exercises, without any difficulties. As a result, they will master listening skills as they grow up.

Developing other English skills:

Moreover, English language skills progress with each other. This means that improving one of the English skills, like reading or listening, improves other English skills as well. Similarly, extending listening skills affects speaking skills.

Improving listening skills through English listening exercises leads to better communication and speaking skills. This is for two appear of reasons. First of all, English young learners can observe correct pronunciation, voice intonation, and fluency by listening. Therefore, they can improve their speaking skills by repeating the points they have observed through the English listening exercises.

The second reason why listening can improve speaking skills is that English speakers need to understand what the person they are talking to says. If they can’t understand what they hear or they can’t interpret the words they hear correctly, misunderstandings might happen. And, even if there are no misunderstandings, they won’t be able to keep up with the conversation.

As a result, listening skills have a significant impact on speaking skills, and improving listening skills through English listening exercises leads to better communication skills for young learners.

Higher self-confidence:

As discussed above, enhanced listening skills lead to better communication. Having the skills to form conversations and keep up with them leads to a higher level of self-confidence for the children.

That is because they will not be afraid of speaking in English with others. They won’t feel shy or nervous when speaking in English because they don’t have to worry about not being able to understand what the other person says.

To sum up, improved listening skills have various benefits for the children, but that is a whole other subject. Though the mentioned benefits are the most significant ones. The benefits have been explained; further on, some of the best English listening exercises for kids are mentioned.

The characteristics of the best English listening exercises for kids

Teaching methods are the most important thing that influences the learners. Let alone the impact professional and skilled teachers have, the methods and the tools they use to teach English also matter.

If professional teachers approach useless and unpractical ways to teach the learners, it is obvious that the learners will learn nothing productive and valuable. The learners, especially young learners such as children, will lose interest in learning.

If learners think that the methods are not beneficial enough or they think that they can not keep up with the lesson and enjoy it, they will certainly lose their motivation, interest and as a result, give up learning.

Moreover, if young English learners such as children or teenagers are interested in improving their listening skills or even if their parents desire to help to progress these skills from a young age, they both must consider the best English listening exercises.


The best English listening exercises for children are absolutely the ones that attract them. If kids are not attracted to a subject, they will never read more into it. They simply pass anything modest and casual. They are more fascinated to be involved in games, singing songs, creating crafts, and activities in which they can learn implicitly.

Active learning

The English listening exercises that involve active learning and intriguing implements seem to attract young learners much more than the traditional ways of teaching ever could. The main aim of the new methods of English listening exercises for children is to engage them in the learning process.

Active learning activities involve physical movements. Children are constantly moving around, searching the world for new subjects. Clearly, they prefer to spend their time moving rather than sitting still in one place. They are more engaged to get involved in activities that include moving around, dancing, running, and more on.

As a result, the best English listening exercises must consist of different activities that intrigue the children to learn while having an entertaining and enjoyable time.


Before mentioning the best English listening exercises, one significant feature of the best English listening exercises is that they must involve and immerse the children into the English world without making the kids feel like they are being “forced” to learn.

The English listening exercises for children create an environment where they can easily learn and experience without any obligations. Traditional teaching methods usually make kids uninterested since they put too much pressure on the learners.

The English listening exercises should be easy and comprehensive for the children so they can learn and improve English listening skills without facing any difficulty or discomfort.

To be short, the best English listening exercises have several important aspects and characteristics but most of them definitely include the above-mentioned features.

The best English listening exercises for children

There are several ways that children can learn and improve English listening. However, as mentioned before, not any method can be efficient and productive enough for young English learners. It is important that they choose the best English listening exercises to move on with their learning process.

To begin with, the fact that teachers and parents play an important role in this learning process is undeniable. They must choose the best English listening exercises for kids which are engaging, attractive, simple, and motivational.

Now, 3 best English listening exercises are mentioned below:

English songs for kids

To begin with, one of the best English listening exercises for English young learners is listening to accurate songs for kids. As children are growing up, they hear all kinds of different songs both at home and later on in kindergarten.

English songs for kids are considered as one of the most efficient English listening exercises for children since they are simple, include valuable language structures, include precious lessons and are instructive from every perspective.

The parents or teachers can help children benefit from this type of English listening exercises if they are patient enough. In the beginning, the children will find it easier to just follow the rhythm of the songs but as listening to songs for kids as one of the English listening exercises turns into a habit, they will learn the words and gradually start singing with the songs.

When they start recognizing the words that are sung in the English songs, it is established that they have progressively developed their listening skills. That is when they are able to recognize words in English, ask for their meaning or correct pronunciation, and therefore, understand English through listening.

Another significant feature of songs for kids that makes them one of the best English listening exercises for kids is that they can involve active learning. Children can dance and move along with the songs and as a result, they can enjoy this teaching method while learning.

At last, a massive number of amazing English songs for kids are available at stores and on the Internet. They are easily accessible and either free or really affordable. Therefore, there is no reason to postpone these English listening exercises.

English cartoons, animated movies, or series

As the second-best English listening exercises, English cartoons or animated movies and series can help children beneficially expand their English listening skills. Through these English listening exercises, children will experience an amusing method of learning.

When children are not playing games or doing other activities, they spend their time watching cartoons. Now imagine if they spend all this time listening to the English language animations.

These English listening exercises may be frustrating for them at first, but they will soon enough just become interested in the animation and the characters in it. This is where the parents play an important role in these English listening exercises. They can help the children to recognize some simple English words and repeat the words for the children.

This way, children will try to recognize simple English words by themselves and pay attention to the fact that they can listen and understand The children will develop and progress their listening skills in no time through these English listening exercises.

English storybooks

As the last mentioned English listening exercises, reading storybooks for children immensely affects their listening skills. Children are not able to read books until they go to school, therefore, it is parents’ responsibility to read storybooks for their children.

Before mentioning this type of English listening exercises, it is vital to mention that children’s books play a significant role in their childhood. They contain valuable lessons such as the importance of family, kindness, and forgiveness. Children who grow up reading or listening to storybooks seem to have a brighter future.

The English listening exercises that include English storybooks are the most beneficial English listening exercises. There are a few reasons behind this statement.

First of all, the moments when either one of the parents is reading a story for their child or children are extremely meaningful for kids. Kids love to hear the stories that are told by their parents. They either sit back and listen carefully or they lay in bed, maybe even cuddling, as they feel comfortable.

The next point is that the storybooks evoke the children’s imagination. Children love to use their imagination all the time. When the parents are reading stories for the children they imagine themselves in those stories and enjoy living in a fictional world.

However, there are various reasons why children are interested in storybooks but that is a whole other point. The main discussion is that parents can benefit from the children’s interest in books and teach them different skills alongside.

Parents can choose suitable English children’s books for their children so that they fit their age and English knowledge level. Most of the English children’s books are easy to read and understand and they contain interesting pictures and illustrations.

Parents can start reading the English storybooks as bedtime stories for their children. This type of English listening exercises for children requires a great deal of patience from the parent’s side. That is, children may ask many questions related to the parts they didn’t understand. If parents are tolerant enough and explain every point to their children, their children will develop their different English language skills in no time.

What makes listening to parents reading English storybooks one of the best English listening exercises is the fact that children completely focus on the story and they make an effort to listen to understand. They pay attention to the words and try their best to understand the story through listening.

If this type of English listening exercises becomes a habit for the children, they will advance their listening skills in a short time.


To summarize, the English listening exercises for kids should be designed in an amusing and inspiring way so that the kids become engaged in learning. The best English listening exercises include the mentioned characteristics just to attract the children so they become fascinated with the English learning process. The best English listening exercises particularly help children to learn and acquire the English language through listening.


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