What are 6 best English level tests websites for juniors?


English level tests are something all juniors who are learning English as their first or second language are looking for. Students can easily access some websites that provide all their English level tests for free. These online English level tests mainly focus on children’s grammar and vocabulary skills and they are also really short.

It’s beneficial for all juniors to take these English level tests online. In this article there are some of the best English level tests mentioned that are helpful especially for kids. Also, it’s good to share these websites with others and encourage them to take these tests as well.

English level tests

For measuring the learners’ level of all the English skills like grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening, there are some online English level tests available. Junior students from all over the world can take English level tests and know their English level in a really short time.

All the mentioned English level tests in this article are for juniors who are between 6 to 12 years old. Here are some of the best English level tests for young learners which can be very advantageous as they understand their English level by doing these online short tests that only take up to about ten to twenty minutes.

Language level

This is one of the best websites that provide short English level tests for juniors. All they have to do is to answer only 15 questions. The test is totally free and it discovers their level from A1 to C2.


Other website that provides some of these English level tests for all juniors is known as all.ie. For checking their English level, the juniors should answer 40 short questions. After doing the test, juniors can get their English level assessment by the score shown on the website. This website is convenient to use for all kids all over the world.


The next website which offers tests for English level assessment is Esleschool.com. All the juniors between 6 and 12 ages, can take a 10-minute test in this website and found out about their knowledge level. These English level tests can be considered a positive learning activity for the young learners.


One of the best English level tests for students who are between 6 to 12 years old can be found in TvEnglish.club. All of the young learners can take some short amusing exams in this website in order to be determined about their English level. Juniors can do these tests at home while being relaxed.

British council

Moreover, there are some useful multiple tests that can be found in British council website. This test contains 25 multiple choice questions that should be done in 10 minutes.

This test can evaluate the kids’ English knowledge level according to different English skills like phrasing, vocabulary and also grammar. Juniors should read all the multiple-choice questions carefully in ten minutes and answer them.


Furthermore, there are also some tests available at Englishclassviaskyp.com. This amazing website can be useful for all the young learners who want to measure their English skills’ level.

It’s good to know that these tests can also be considered as a good practice for all juniors who are learning English. All the tests are free and short.

All in all, it can be understood that English level tests are the amusing online tests available on English learning websites designed for the young learners who want to measure their knowledge level at home. Learners should pay a great deal of attention to these English tests.

All juniors can do these short and beneficial tests for about 10 to 20 minutes; which is short amount of time to dedicate for level tests.


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