English lessons for kids and 6 best games to include in them

English lessons for kids


As everyone knows, games are an integral part of the English lessons for kids. Any teacher who teaches kids admits that English lessons for kids need to include games to engage the students more. The kids learn much better when they are interested and motivated.

If teachers play games to teach English lessons for kids, the students will learn much better. They consider the teacher as one of their friends. In this way, they connect much better with the English teacher. In addition, the students feel more comfortable around the teacher.

Further on, several games for kids are mentioned that can be used in the English lessons for kids. Teachers can benefit from these games and consider them in their teaching plan. They can engage the children in the English lessons for kids by using these games.

The amusing English lessons for kids

English lessons for kids

As you might know, the most important challenge for any ESL teacher is to engage children in the English lessons for kids. To do this, first, the teacher needs to be accepted and loved by the kids. Children study and learn English much better when they feel interested and comfortable.

As we all are aware, games for kids are relaxing and enjoyable for kids. Therefore, the best way to connect with the kids is playing with them or even giving them some time to play with their peers. 

What a teacher needs to know is the fact that they don’t have to play around the class all the time. What they actually need to do is to devote just a part of the class time to games. It is important to make the time of the class more fun. There can also be rewards for the children who do better in the English class. Moreover, we mention some games for kids through which the best English lessons for kids can be taught. 

English lessons for kids

Games for kids in English lessons for kids

As mentioned above, using games for kids in the English lessons for kids intrigues, interests and amuses them in learning. The English lessons for kids that includes games is more productive, instructive and engaging. Here are the most suitable games to include in English lessons for kids

Last Man Standing

The first game to include in English lessons for kids is called Last Man Standing. It is an indoor and group game suitable for being played when teaching English lessons for kids.

The game goes this way: kids sit in a circle and the teacher chooses a category of words. Then, the teacher gives the students a ball. Each person should say a word and toss the ball to another one. Then, the next child must say all the previous words and also add his own. They can learn English and have fun simultaneously.


The next game to teach English lessons for kids is called Charades. This game is a perfect way to get students to move a little bit. It goes this way: the teacher writes some words down on a piece of paper. Then the students are divided into two or more groups. Then one by one they stand in front of the group and act a word out and other children in their group guess the word. There is one positive point for each correct answer.


The third game that makes the English lessons for kids interesting is  something like Charade. However, instead of acting the words out which are written down on a piece of paper, kids have to draw them on the board or any other place on which they can draw. To making it more fun, the time can be limited. The game is called Pictionary. This is a really beneficial game to play when teaching English lessons for kids. 

Board Race

The next game to suggest for English lessons for kids is for vocabulary improvement. It is called Board Race. In this game, the teacher needs a whiteboard and some markers and two teams of students. The teacher draws a line in the middle of the board to halve it to give one part to each team. Then a topic is needed. The game is timed. The students are asked to write as many words as they can relevant to the given topic. Then the correct words are counted (spelling of the words is Important too) and the teams are scored.

Taboo words

The fifth game which can be included in English lessons for kids is something, which is perfect to practice synonyms and descriptions of English words. It is called Taboo words. In this game, the teacher chooses a person to stand in front of others (facing them) then tells the student a word and he/she should talk about that word; only using synonyms and description. Then others guess what that English word is.


At last, another fun game to include in English lessons for kids is called Hangman. This game can be used at the beginning of teaching English lessons for kids to make students move. It is an easy game. The teacher chooses an English word and draws dashes as many as the number of the letters of the chosen word. Then the teacher needs to ask the students to guess the letters until the word is completed. If a letter is wrong, the teacher draws a part of a hanged man. If the word is not guessed correctly, the student is hanged.


In the end, it is good to know that there are billions of games which can be used to teach English lessons for kids. What games to choose or how to play them all are a matter of creativity. Creative teachers are even able to make their own games to teach English lessons for kids.

Teachers should not forget the fact that all of this is to teach English lessons for kids professionally and effectively.  Sometimes a teacher needs to study a lot to include games in English lessons for kids but the result is amazing.


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