7 best English learning outcomes for children

Learning English has many benefits in the modern world. English is the main language of international communications. There are increasing numbers of English learning outcomes day by day in today’s world.

Learning a new language can lead to more job opportunities and great academic results. It is the essential requirement for personal, business, and academic success. In short, there are so many English learning outcomes for people that makes learning English vital.

The best period of language acquisition is in childhood time. CPH (the critical period hypothesis) diagnosed that the best time to learn a new language is between age five and puberty. Therefore, kids should learn English as soon as possible so that they can master English much better.

Teaching English is one of the most important subjects of an educational program in most countries because of the great English learning outcomes for the students.

English is taught in schools in most of the countries around the world such as Iran, Colombia, Sweden, and China. As a result, it is mandatory that children learn English.

There are generally six best English learning outcomes for young learners. The English learning outcomes for kids are: positive influence on kids’ brains, academic success, relationships, cultural and computer knowledge.

In this article, we explain the six best English learning outcomes for children in detail. It is obvious how each one of the English learning outcomes helps kids to have better performance in the modern world.

Great influence on the children’s brains

The English learning outcomes have a vast influence on the functions of kids’ brains. The English learning outcomes are extremely effective for children’s intelligence. Therefore, that is why learning English is important for kids.

Learning English is a kind of healthy brain exercise. It has an impressive influence on kids’ intelligence. The impressive influence on kids’ intelligence is the most significant effect of the English learning outcome.

Learning English has many positive effects on children’s intellect. The seven general influences are:

Increasing memorization capacity:

The first and the most important influence of the English learning outcomes is the fact that learning English increases kids’ memorization capacity. It also prevents elder people from forgetfulness and Alzheimer’s.

The capacity of memory is not fixed and can be extended. Memorization can be strengthened by different mental exercises. Sticking the new English words, structures, and grammar in kids’ minds are some of the English exercises which enhance kids’ memory.

Increasing concentration:

The second one of the English learning outcomes on kids ‘ brains is the increase of their concentration. Being bilingual helps kids to focus more on things they say or think about. It helps kids to stay focused and alert on a specific topic.

It is one of the learning English outcomes which can help young students to stay focused on different matters in their lives. Furthermore, this one of the English learning outcomes grows and improves kids’ attention span. As a result, kids would be more capable of avoiding physical or mental distractions.

Enhancing grey cells of the brain:

The third effect of the English learning outcomes is the fact that learning a new language increases the growth of the cerebral cortex and hippocampus area of kids’ brains.

Therefore, language acquisition at an early age leads to the development of the impressive active performance of the brain.

The English learning outcomes activate the grey cells of kids’ brains and kids can master different aspects of the language. As a result, kids would have great performance in daily activities.

Increasing the production of the brain:

The impressive performance of the brain is the fourth effect of English learning outcomes. Learning English helps kids to increase their brain productivity and therefore they will have great accomplishments in their daily activities. This effect of the English learning outcomes is efficient for the kids’ efficiency and future success.

Boosting creativity:

The fifth result of the English learning outcome is the development of creativity. Kids try to come up with creative ways to learn English. Take “learning English vocabulary” as an example, kids try to stick some certain keywords in their minds, or they may invent some games to keep grammar rules in their minds.

Learning a new language makes kids become more creative since it develops different aspects of their minds. The English learning outcomes also help kids to become great students in school. That is, kids can learn new materials much faster, better and deeper with the help of English learning outcomes.

Boosting multitasking abilities:

Increasing the multitasking ability in kids is one of the English learning outcomes. Learning English leads kids to become efficient multitaskers. It reinforces the flexibility of their brain which leads kids to being able of switching tasks in a short time.

When kids learn English, they frequently make several connections between English and their mother tongue. The frequent connections between the two languages activates the different parts of the brain. This activation strengthens the different parts of their brain which helps them to perform several tasks at the same time. 

Boosting comprehension:

The brain, like any other organ in the body, needs to be nourished. Learning a different language is indeed the best exercise for the brain’s development.

Learning English helps the children’s mind to be strong and active; therefore, it helps kids to comprehend, analyse and get things much faster and better.

Kids improve their listening and reading comprehension through English acquisition. The last impressive impact of learning English on kids’ brains is boosting their comprehension skills.

Learning English guides kids to understand different matters accurately. It empowers kids to think more, read more and overall understand better.

Expansion of their interpersonal relationships

Learning English is a necessary factor used for the expansion of international communications. As a result, one of the English learning outcomes is having the ability to increase interpersonal relationships. That is, kids can expand their relationships and find new friends from different countries by learning English.

The effects of the English learning outcomes help kids to bond relationships with their classmates. Learning English helps kids to share their thoughts, feelings, opinions with their classmates.

Bonding interpersonal relationships as one of the English learning outcomes provides kids good opportunities in which they can easily form English conversations with their classmates.

Conversations build relationships. Being able to form English conversations not only helps kids to improve their English skills but it also helps them to develop their relationships with their friends. Developing relationships with others increases kids’ social skills and self-confidence.

As a result, the expansion of interpersonal relationships is one of the general English learning outcomes that empower kids to communicate. This benefit of the English learning outcomes empowers kids to have enough confidence to bond and expand their communications across the world.

Providing English cultural knowledge

Learning a language is a way of entering another world. Getting familiar with English culture is indeed one of the most practical English learning outcomes.

Cultural knowledge is a mandatory element of a language learning process. If a learner is unfamiliar with the English culture, they will never bond with the language.

Moreover, lack of knowledge about the English culture results in poor performance in English speaking, listening, and reading skills. It can also create confusion and misunderstandings.

English learning gradually connects kids with the culture behind the English language. English acquisition provides kids with information about English customs, traditions, and culture. It also encourages kids’ cultural appreciation.  

We can conclude that one of the most important English learning outcomes is increasing cultural knowledge. This outcome of the practical English learning outcomes helps kids to know about different cultural standards and makes them respect them.

Knowing more about the aspects of English culture has its own outcomes, which are:

Advancing kids’ cultural appreciation:

One of the English learning outcomes on kids’ cultural knowledge is the expansion of tolerating different beliefs and opinions than their own. It increases kids’ cultural appreciation.

Kids will learn how to tolerate different opinions and respect them when learning about different cultures. They learn how to communicate with others despite of different thoughts, races, and opinions.

It is one of the English learning outcomes that teaches kids how to be polite and friendly with others. In this way, kids will face no misunderstanding or trouble with other English-speaking people.

Increasing kids’ positive outlooks on different beliefs and lifestyles:

One other of the English learning outcomes is having positive outlooks on different beliefs and lifestyles. This helps kids to be more optimistic towards different cultures.

Ithelps kids to find friends of different nations around the world. Kids learn how to be friends with other nations and races.

On the whole, language itself is the embodiment of a certain culture. Kids expand their knowledge about English culture and customs through learning English.

Learning English familiarizes thoughts, traditions, and beliefs of English natives. The more kids learn English, the more will they learn and get involved in the culture.

Great academic results

The achievement of great academic results and good scores are both two valuable English learning outcomes. As mentioned, English is an obligatory lesson in the educational programs of most schools and universities in different countries.

In addition, English has a great impact on learning different areas of science such as chemistry, physics, and biology. For example, knowing the English alphabet is required when writing or reading chemical formulas.

Various data and science are both recorded in English. Most of the textbooks, scientific sources, and academic writings contain English words. Therefore, if young learners want to get good academic results at school, they should learn English.

Overall, English proficiency results good grades and academic achievements. Therefore, academic success is the most functional English learning outcomes in the modern world.

Correct pronunciation of English words

Having the correct and native-like pronunciation is one of the English learning outcomes. The most basic part of English-speaking skills is the correct production of English sounds.

The ability to produce different English sounds correctly has a huge impact on kids’ English-speaking skills.

Some adults may speak English with strange accents which are hard to understand. They speak English with a wrong accent because producing some English sounds is hard for them.

Moreover, some sounds just belong to a language. That is, a language may have some sounds whereas another language lacks those. Learning English at an early age makes the production of English sounds easier for them in the future.

Kids gradually learn how to pronounce English sounds through frequent English practices and conversations. Correct pronunciation as one of the practical English learning outcomes has two valuable benefits for kids including:

Boosting English immersion:

As one of the English learning outcomes for children, immersing themselves in English is a significant outcome. The correct pronunciation of words and perfect speaking skills, both help kids to immerse themselves in English more than before. Increasing immersion in English makes kids become great learners.

Increasing self-confidence and self-reliance:

Another English learning outcomes has an impressive influence on kids’ self-reliance and confidence. If children are proficient in English speaking, in the class as an example, they would be less shy when forming conversations.

In this case, young students fearlessly produce different words and sentences with no mistakes. Therefore, young learners’ self-confident, and fluency increases.

All in all, one of the most practical English learning outcomes is the fact that learning a new language at an early age, leads to correct pronunciation. It becomes easier for young learners to pronounce different English words.

Kids get used to producing certain English sounds through frequent English exercises. This is one of the English learning outcomes which has a positive influence on kids’ fluency and accuracy in English.

Enhancing basic computer skills

The improvement of basic computer skills is one of the useful English learning outcomes. It has many positive effects on the kids’ success and productivity in the modern world. Kids need to acquire different computer skills to use social media and platforms.

It is a matter of fact that English is the language of computers and Internet. Therefore, kids will certainly improve their basic computer skills if they know English.

English knowledge provides kids the ability to understand everything in different digital devices. If kids do not know English, they will even not know how to even turn on their computers.

Learning basic computer skills such as communication tools, computer programming, database management, and operating systems is vital for kids.

There are generally three reasons why English learninghas undeniable roles in the technology world:

It helps kids to have great performance in online classes and exams

Due to the pandemic and the online classes, kids are required to have basic computer knowledge in order to have effective academic performance in the online classes and exams.

It helps kids to know how they can search things up on the internet

Basic computer skills as one of the practical English learning outcomes helps students to become professional searchers. That is, kids will efficiently learn how to search a topic on the internet. This results in enhancing kids’ knowledge and learning capacity.

It helps kids to work with different social platforms

Thisenables kids to work with different social platforms. Kids should know the domain language of the internet to work with different useful applications.

This English learning outcomehelps kids to know the features, functions, and instructions of the applications available on the internet.


In brief, there are six general English learning outcomes. Each of the English learning outcomes have valuable benefits for kids. It is really significant that children learn English from a young age in order to benefit from these English learning outcomes. This article provided an overall introduction of the main English learning outcomes for children.


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