What are the Top 10 excellent English learning online games ?


Most of the people who want to learn English like to play a game. Also, every English learner wants to learn English in an easy and fun process like a game.

Most of the people heard or saw some cases such as their friends or one of their family members who cannot get anywhere with English class. Because the process of practicing or learning English language is boring for him.

 It seemed like it didn’t matter how many times the English learner practiced, reviewed, or did homework and took notes on the English language, the English learner was not able to improve this skill in a good and interesting way.

So, most of the teachers reported that their English learners stopped spending so much time studying English and started playing English online games. Then, in this article we introduce and evaluate the English learning online games.

Benefits of English learning online games

Many English learners have had this experience. As English learners play and spend hours using these English learning online games, they automatically talk with their teammates in English and listen to their speeches. Then they learn how to hold English conversations with others!

 Because one of the best ways for English learners is to learn English with their hobbies and entertainment. This method makes English practice fun and improves their confidence.

It helps English learners to memorize vocabulary, use the vocabulary for speaking and writing in English in a way that’s fun and educational. So, in this article, we offer you several English learning online games websites for learning English.

These websites will help English learner not only to have a good and funny time but also to improve their vocabulary, grammar, speaking skills, and other related English knowledge.

Free websites for English learning online games

Fun brain

One of the best websites for English learning online games is Fun brain. One of the funniest games on this website is the word Confusion that is one of the most interesting and useful entertainment on this website. This game can improve English vocabulary and this is an interesting way to learn English for kids.

For playing these English learning online games, English learners should complete the sentences that one of their words is missing and there are two possible answers for that. You are given a sentence in which one word is missing and you have two possible answers.

The Plural Girls

The Plural Girls website is another free website for English learning online games that teach English learners how to write English nouns in the plural.

One of the interesting features of this game is being suitable for a different level of English learners, Elementary-Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and higher. So, by using this English learning online games, English learners can improve English vocabulary and grammar! 

Grammar Gorillas

 Another exciting website that helps English learners with its funny and entertaining English learning online games is Grammar Gorillas that deal with parts of speech. In the game, learners are given an offer to choose a certain part of speech.

If the learners fulfill their task correctly, it means that they will make a gloomy gorilla happy with a banana, and if they do their task wrong, the monkey will remain hungry. The game has two levels of difficulty, for beginners and advanced levels.

So, teachers can use these English learning online games in the classroom and by the reaction of this gorilla can do many creative things in the class to teach English to the learners.


The English learning online games of this website are a little different and they are suitable for English students with a level higher than Intermediate. These English learning online games are very interesting and useful.

 Therefore, English learners can learn and practice new words, writing concepts and also improve their knowledge of geography. At the entrance, English learners will be offered to choose from three levels of difficulty. After this, they join a special page to play English learning online the games.

In this game, English learners need to guess the word by its definition. Also, learners should describe the concept in English, as well as will open its first letter.

It is necessary to write the words correctly for a limited time. Then English learners are given only one and a half minutes, but they can add their time and points by guessing the concepts correctly. That is such an exciting game.

British Council Learn English

The British Council Learn English site has lots of free and exciting English learning online games for young, teenager, and adult learner. Some games are so funny, including Beat the Keeper, and Pic-Your-Wits, plus illustrated jokes and wordplay fun. This website is so effective for English speaking, and the result of these English games is great.

ESL Games World

ESL Games World website has lots of free games that are so suitable for practicing English. The English learning online games of ESL Games World include listening quizzes and printable games. These games can be used at any age, and also this website provides a fun classroom tool for teachers as well.

What are the best vocabulary games online?

Opposites concept, UP and DOWN. Word card for English language learning. Little European girl goes up the hill, African boy goes down. Flashcard with antonyms for children.

 One of the significant factors of learning English is vocabulary. In other words, practicing and learning vocabulary is so necessary for reading and writing in English. Also, English learners are a considerable factor in learning English words. They should get early, frequent, and can use them in their conversation easily. 

But English learners especially kids, cannot just memories vocabulary by repeating them or something like that. Teachers should consider some interesting methods to teach vocabularies in an exciting, funny and enjoyable way. Also, it is the problem of most of the learners that they cannot make sentences with the vocabularies that they know.

These great English vocabulary games and websites are doing a good job in supporting students to understand definitions, uses, and meanings. Also, these English learning online games are resources for teachers to teach the learners by creative and attractive methods and keep kids’ vocabulary skills on track. 

So, some of English learning online games that are useful for learning English vocabulary are mentioned in below.

Digital dialects

This website will be useful for the learners with a beginner level of knowledge in English. There are about 10 English learning online games that each of the 10 games is a program for learning and using English words.

On this website, English learners can listen to their pronunciation, and by using pictures they can understand and guess its meaning. After that, learners will be offered to test their knowledge during each game and they can evaluate their vocabulary skills.

These English learning online games are extremely simple, and learners can easily remember more than a hundred English words that are used widely.

Week English

Week English is a Russian-language website that has a hundred exciting English learning online games for learners with any level of knowledge in the English language. All games on this website are divided into 5 levels of difficulty.

 It means that these English learning online games are suitable for beginners, children, and Advanced people. Also, with the help of these English learning online games, English learners can expand their vocabulary, learn the martial about prepositions, improve their spelling skills and also enjoy learning English vocabulary.

English Online

English Online is another website that English learners especially kids can play the English learning online games and improve their grammar and vocabulary. Learners can play these games online or download them for free.


There are more than 1000 English learning online games on this website that are great for EFL students. English learners and kids can enjoy playing homonym games, doing prefix puzzles, having fun with antonyms and synonyms, and counting syllables.

How to teach English to kids by English learning online games?

Most of the families and teachers know that teaching foreign languages such as English needs methods and materials that absorb learners especially kids. So, maybe this issue is a little difficult for teachers. If the learners aren’t eager to learn English, that’s better to pay attention to another method of teaching.

 One of the proper and interesting methods of teaching English language is the English learning online games. If teachers or families do this method in a good way and let kids learn with enjoyment, children will always look forward to the next session

But how to teach kids by using English learning online games?

Remember that when kids have fun and use English with their hobbies, they never become tired from learning. So, most people learn more when they`re having fun. Finding English learning online games that are funny and useful in the English classroom can be easy.

 English learning online games and hobbies play a really important role in learning the English language. There are so many fun English learning online games as teaching resources to support English learners. The first step of teaching English by using English learning online games is that the teachers or parents should provide a field that kids and English learners play English learning online games freely and enjoy it.

 At first, maybe kids don’t pay attention to learning English and they just want to play games, but after a while kids become interested in English class and they love to learn English.

Choose suitable English learning online games

Those English learning online games that are suitable for kids are designed specifically for small children. These English learning online games are often based on cartoon characters that make the process of learning and playing more fun for the children.

For example, the freddiesville website is a great resource for teaching the English language with English learning online games. For instance, if a teacher wants to teach kids that how they introduce themselves, he or she can use English learning online games.

This website has various English learning online games for teaching different subjects. Most of the English learning online games on this website are created with cartoon characteristics such as a monkey. And kids can learn everything that they want by playing these English learning online games. It is better that the teacher starts the game, talks about it, be happy when she or he does her task correctly with English games, sing-song with vocabulary or other material that is learned through the games, and do everything that absorbs kids to play and learn.


All in all, in this article, we noticed the importance of English learning online games and their effect on kids and the process of learning English. Teachers or parents should know their children’s needs and respect them! Sometimes teachers should act like a child to be like them, play with them and create a friendly and joyful environment in class.

 Maybe it’s better that teacher or even parents play this English learning online games in the classroom, use the materials that learn through the games in the class to kids and English learners notice the role of the games.  That’s not hard. Teachers should be patient through teaching and provide an environment that kids be happy to be there-not tired or disgusted! Teachers or parents by using the English learning online games can create many different funny ways of teaching English. Be sure kids and most of the learner love games, so, English learning online games are best resources for learning English.


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