5 brilliant English learner’s strategies that make them successful

5 brilliant English learner’s strategies that make them successful

Despite the fact that all language learners usually obtain the same instructions, some still fail to perceive the offered lessons. Therefore, a number of teachers believe that the main reason, that distinguishes students from one other, is their own studying strategies. Thus, pursuing English learner’s strategies that have been proven to be helpful, will definitely help you to succeed.

If language students try to comprehend, memorize, and use the given instructions, they will be more likely to success in their language learning journey. 

5 English learner’s strategies

English learner’s strategies can differ based on the students’ preferences and their language acquisition speed. However, there are a number of techniques that are shared among all the successful learners of English. We have gathered top 5 English learner’s strategies, which continue to lead different language students into the road of success.

These strategies include: use of associations, the utilization of background knowledge, defining learning objectives, practice, and consistency.

Associations; most common English learner’s strategies

First, the most important English learner’s strategy is related to the use of associations. In this method, the students attempt to form a connection between a word and its meaning. By choosing a specific keyword or anything that could help them, it would be easier for them to learn the equivalent of the word.

Some students continue to use this creative technique until they master the meaning of the words. In occasions, where they forget similar linguistic items, they can use the associated hints to recall what they have learned.

 Background knowledge

Furthermore, using background knowledge as a one of the English learner’s strategies helps. By using this method, the students will relate the new instructions with what they already know about English.

This technique will allow the students to put their what they have learned together, and therefore form a better understanding of the language. This way, they would also experience a better way for acquiring English.

Defining learning objectives

Though some may find this strategy a bit odd, it is vital for the language learners to have a clear definition of their goals. Having a clear view of what they hope to reach, will help them to enhance and maintain their motivation. As a result, they would keep on practicing the language until they become fully proficient in English. 


Moreover, practicing may not always be a main factor among English learner’s strategies, but it is still considered as a vital step when learning a new language.

When it comes to putting English into use, the students who postpone their class assignments, and show more reluctance toward class participation, end up being less skilled than the active students. This is due to the fact that those, who fail usually invest less of their time in practicing English.


At last, consistency can be considered as the most important technique among English learner’s strategies. What gives this method a major prominence and makes it to stand out among others, is its role in extending our knowledge of the language.

In other words, learning English can be a fleeting process, and if the learner keeps quitting this journey over and over, maintaining the hope that they become proficient in English would be a futile and aimless end.

In conclusion, learning a language is always followed by certain challenges. English is no different. Therefore, there are a number of learners, who pass these challenges, while others tend to fail. The reason, which is believed to distinguish the successful from the unsuccessful learners, only relates to the English learner’s strategies.

Similar techniques, that were mentioned, help the students to overcome any obstacles on their way. These methods can even be applied by the failing learners. Once the students show determination toward learning English, they can use the strategies that have been proven to be useful for the successful learners.


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