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english language learners


English language learners are classified into 6 different levels. These levels define their knowledge level. Basically there are six levels of English for all English language learners which are beginner elementary, intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced and expert. As learners decide to learn English, they are classified into one of the learning classifications. 

In this article, detailed information about each classification system are described. Moreover, complete expectations for each of English levels mentioned earlier. 

English language learners

English language learners (ELL) are learners who want to learn English as the second language. There are six different levels available for English language learners that are beginner (A1), elementary (A2), intermediate (B1), upper intermediate (B2), advanced level (C1) and expert (C2).

All of these English levels are approved and used all over the world. Here are short but complete explanations about each of these English studying levels available for all English language learners. Levels which shows the level of proficiency of English language learners in vocabulary, speaking, writing and reading.

Beginner (A1)

english language learners

The first level for English language learners is beginner. This level is usually dedicated to young learners such as children or teenagers. English language learners of this group can understand simple English conversations, they can do basic English interactions and they can introduce themselves with basic English words and sentences.


The second level for English language learners is called elementary. Elementary group (A2) can begin to understand basic English sentences and listening. They can also learn and use basic English words. Learners in elementary level can understand 1000 English words. In this level, English language learners gradually start to develop their English language skills.

Intermediate (B1)

english language learners

The third level for English language learners is called the intermediate level . In this classification can start to speak English and use short explanations while speaking. Overall learners in this level can understand 3000 English words and simple English grammar. They are capable of explaining and expressing themselves in English. 

Upper intermediate (B2)

The fourth level for English language learners is called upper intermediate. In upper intermediate level students can understand more complex readings. They are also being able to speak English more fluently with native English speakers. Upper intermediate level learners can talk fluently about any different English topics.

Advanced (C1)

The fifth level is called advanced.  In advanced level learners can express themselves fluently in English language. They can also use English language fluently for social or more professional purposes easily. The English language learners can understand complex meanings of any word or academic essay. Learners in this level reach near native fluency in their speaking. They are skillful in various English skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

Expert (C2)

The sixth and final level for English language learners is known as expert. In this level students can summarize different English information easily. They are also able to express themselves completely fluently in English.  They can do any writings in professional way no matter what subject it will be. The know most of the difficult English words related to expert level. Overall, they know English as their own mother language.


To sum up, the classifications mentioned above are accurate and proved for all English language learners who learn English as their second language. All English institutes use this classifications for their students all over the world. The correct way to study English is to pass each level of proficiency one by one. 

Learning English language is essential in today’s world and everyone wants to reach the expert level. There are so many tests available on the internet to find your English level by English grammar and vocabulary tests. Passing these levels may seem long but they are needed for everyone who want to learn English professionally and use its benefits. 

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