What are the 3 best English homework ideas for kids?

English homework ideas

Homework is a fundamental part of an educational plan. It is undoubtedly the best aid for the kids when reviewing the lessons which were taught in class. It helps kids to involve themselves more in the learning and memorization process.

The homework is a kind of self-evaluation. That is, kids, challenge themselves in learning, memorizing, and reviewing educational contexts through doing different English homework .

The characteristics of the best English homework ideas

English homework
The characteristics of the best English homework ideas

If you want to teach English to kids, you should assign suitable tasks as English homework ideas for them. Plus, you should completely know the best English homework ideas well enough so that you can set good and entertaining homework for the kids. Good English homework results in productive learning whereas difficult and terrible English homework ideas results in kids’ displeasure and disappointment.

We can conclude that you should first get to know the main criteria of good English homework ideas if you want to know the best English homework ideas there is for kids, in order to set great useful assignments. In simple terms, you should primarily know what good English homework is.

Good English homework has generally six essential characteristics including: being timely, purposeful, clear, relevant, engaging, efficiency. In this article, we are going to explain each feature as briefly as possible.

Being timely

English homework must be timely. That is, you must dedicate a certain period of time for kids to give in their homework to you. In simple terms, you should set a definite deadline so that kids give in their homework in time. For example, you can ask your students to give in their homework about new vocabulary within two days.

Keep in mind that the time you consider as the deadline must make sense. The period should not be too long or too short. If it is too long, then your students might delay doing their assignments and, as a result, fully forget the taught principles.

If the period is too short, your students may not fulfil their assignments completely and, as a result, get stressed or repelled by the class activities. Therefore, you should set a logical period as a deadline so that your students can accomplish their English homework and review the taught principles. All in all, you should consider specific periods for homework if you want to set great English homework ideas.

The table below indicates the hours students spend on doing their homework in different countries. The students in Italy spend the most hours doing homework among the other countries.

CountriesHours per week
Italy 8.7h
United States 6.1h
Canada 5.5h
Germany 4.7h

Being purposeful

The good English homework ideas have a definite purpose. You need to consider a meaningful intention to assign English homework for kids. If the kids are ordered to fulfil purposeless tasks, then they are kind of forced to waste their time and energy.

Any task must have a purpose, otherwise, it is a waste of time. Good English homework ideas produce efficient results for your students such as self-evaluation, full repetition of the taught materials, expanding academic knowledge, and many other useful outcomes. Therefore, you should consider an effective purpose for the English homework ideas that you intend to set.

Being clear

Good English homework are clear-cut and explicit. You should explicitly ask your students to do some tasks as their assignments. The tasks you assign must be unambiguous, otherwise, your students may get confused or misunderstood.

For example, you should tell the kids how many times, where and how they should write the new words either on a paper or in a word document, this is if you are going to give kids vocabulary homework. Good English homework ideas are always clear and explicit. The students completely know what and how to do the English homework.

Being relevant

Good English homework is relevant to both the taught materials and the students’ levels. You must consider useful assignments which are suitable and related to the things you have taught in the class.

For example, you should not assign English grammar exercises if you have thought English slang and idioms in class. You should also take your students’ levels into account. The assignments must not be too difficult to cause your students trouble and disappointment.

They must not be so easy either. If they are too easy your students would not be challenged to improve their English. Therefore, good English homework is related to your educational plan in that you should regard your taught academic materials and students’ potentiality.

Being engaging

The best English Homework must be motivating and engaging if you want to teach English to kids. Young learners’ attention should be attracted into doing English homework, otherwise, they will not feel like fulfilling their assignments.

You should set amusing English homework ideas for kids so that they get inclined into doing them. You can take advantage of crosswords, games, music, or even movies when English teaching to kids.

Being efficient

The best English homework are efficient. It does not waste the students’ time, money, or energy. It results in productive learning and evaluation. It provides good opportunities for kids to study English through practical assignments. It also empowers students to be more active and creative. Therefore, efficiency is one the most important criteria for setting great effective English homework ideas.

English homework

The best English homework ideas for kids

Now that the six general characteristics of a piece of good English homework was explained, you can creatively set great English homework ideas for your young students.

Here are three suggestions as the best English homework ideas for kids including using recreations, physical activities, and technology. Here, we are going to give further explanations on each suggestion:

1-Use recreations

As mentioned, good English homework is engaging and fun for the kids. You should apply recreational tools to motive the young students to do the assignments, otherwise, young learners will reluctantly take part in-class activities or reject following your requests.

Recreational tools get the kids to pay attention to the lessons when teaching. You can use the following recreational tools to prompt kids to do their English homework.

English novels and short stories

Most kids like to read novels or short stories in their spare time. Plus, most parents always read short bedtime stories for their kids. Therefore, reading novels and short stories is both enjoyable and motivating for most of the kids. Regarding the kids’ growing interest in reading, you can ask kids to try reading English novels and short stories as their English homework.

Although it is a little hard for young learners to get used to reading English books and sources, this is one of the best English homework ideas that helps kids to immerse themselves in the English world. This practical idea does not only expand kids’ knowledge but it also empowers the kids to master English by themselves.

Reading English books is indeed the best self-study approach for kids. The more you encourage kids to read English books, the more will the kids improve their English.

Therefore, choose a book that is relatively relevant to both the age and level of English knowledge. Afterwards, ask them to read it within a week and give in their summary and analysis of the text.

In the end, you should evaluate the kids’ reflection on the text and discuss the text in the class for about half an hour. By choosing this type of homework among the English homework ideas, you will improve the kids’ analysis competence and reading comprehension. Furthermore, the kids will be more inclined to reading different English sources.

English movies and videos

Watching English movies and videos is quite pleasing for kids. Kids usually prefer watching English movies and videos than writing down a huge amount of English homework.

They like to understand what the actors are talking about. Consider a movie, cartoon, or short video. Keep in mind that your final choice should be suitable for both their age and level of English knowledge. Then, ask the kids to watch the movie at home and write a reflection essay about it. Ask the kids to just write their personal opinions on what they watched not to copy from other sources.

In the end, evaluate and discuss their reflection in the class for thirty minutes. This idea not only empowers kids to improve their English skills, but it also empowers the kids to criticize an artistic piece as well. In addition, it helps you to evaluate your kids’ knowledge and the ways of teaching practical English skills including listening and speaking.

Kids’ listening skills and comprehension will be undoubtedly improved by watching numerous English movies, cartoons, and short videos. Kids’ speaking skills will be improved by talking about the English movie or video in the class. This idea among the English homework ideas is great for both visual and auditory learners.

Visual learners, those who learn best by their eyes, will watch as much as they can to get all of the English points out of the movies. Auditory learners, those who learn best by their ears, will be pleased and motivated to watch more so that they can learn English easily by listening.

English games

This idea, among the many English homework ideas is quite fun, engaging, enlightening, and practical for the kids. It is an undeniable fact that kids like to play. You can benefit from countless advantages when using games as English instructional English homework for kids. The kids learn English best through English games.

You can use this English homework idea to teach different aspects and skills of English to kids. For example, you can ask your students to give in a solved crossword within a week after you have taught all the required words in class. This English homework idea expands kids’ function as well as their concentration and comprehension. 

You can group your students and ask them to invent a relevant game creatively. Then, ask them to play their invented game and report the final winner. This English homework idea boosts kids’ creativity and engagement. The kids will be pushed to use their cleverness into inventing a game. They also will feel more confident if they can invent a good game in class.

Cooking from an English recipe

Ask the students to cook a delicious meal from an English recipe at home and bring it to the class. This English homework idea is surely pleasing to your gourmand students. It helps kids to learn English through written instruction. Plus, it helps kids to become confident young cooks.

Taking advantage of English radio or tv channel

Moreover, this idea between the English homework ideas is absolutely practical and useful. You can ask your students to listen to their favorite English radio or tv channels to evaluate how much they understand English. Then, ask them to write a summary of a piece of English news they understood and then bring it to class and read it in front of others.

This is one of the best English homework ideas that helps kids to improve their listening skills. It is also a practical way of self-evaluation. It is a great method for auditory learners. It also exposes kids to correct pronunciations of English words.

Plus, kids can learn different English accents through listening to English language spoken on the radio or tv channels. They get to know how to articulate the sounds of the target accent correctly.

Children’s songs

Children’s songs are the best motivators for kids. Ask kids to listen to English children’s songs as much as possible at home. Then, ask them to write an English song by themselves and bring it to class and then read it in front of others.

This English homework idea helps kids to become good writers as well as good listeners. Among the English homework ideas, this one is pleasing to auditory learners and music nuts.

It also effectively helps you evaluate your students ‘ listening and writing skills. In addition, reading handwritten songs in front of people increases kids’ self-assurance and self-confidence.

2-Use physical activities

The kids learn well through doing different activities. Set physical activities as the kids’ assignments so that they can effectively improve their English. This English homework idea has a positive influence on kinesthetic learners (the learners who learn best by movements and doing activities). Here are two physical efficient activities that you can take advantage of for assigning useful English homework for kids:

Crafts and drawings

Ask kids to draw a picture of some of the words you taught them. For example, you can ask them to draw pictures of English driving signs. You can also ask kids to make crafts of the words they have learned and bring them to you.

This method helps the kids to be creative, artistic, and inventive. They would not only learn how to do crafts or draw but they will also improve their English effectively with the help of these English homework ideas.

Outdoor visits

Ask the kids to visit a place, for example, a museum, park, or even a street, and then write an English description essay of the place they visited and give it to you. This is a great idea for improving kids’ writing.

It effectively boosts kids’ English grammar and vocabulary. It is also fun for the kids to visit new places. There is no doubt that this is one of the best English homework ideas that not only boosts kids’ English knowledge but also boosts their mood. Kids will become more enthusiastic about learning English.

3-Use technology

Thanks to technology, language acquisition is child’s play in the modern world. Technology provides you educational tools such as English teaching applications, English chat, and video calls.

You can use these tools to control your students’ learning progress remotely. Here, we are going to explain how to use the three functional tools effectively to assign good English homework.

English teaching applications:

You can take advantage of many English teaching applications such as Duolingo, BBC learning English, and TED to assign great useful English homework for kids.

For example, you can ask kids to watch a TED Talk shows which you can choose the topic on the TED application. Then, ask them to give in a comprehensive summary of the TED show they watched.

Analyse their summary in the class so that they would improve their English. This English homework idea helps the students to boost their English knowledge. Furthermore, it helps kids to learn how to summarize an English show accurately.

English chat:

Create a class group on WhatsApp or telegram. Then, give your student an English topic. (The topic can be anything you want.) Then, ask kids to chat with each other about the given topic in English. Keep in mind that you should consider a definite period so that your student would talk within the given period.

In the end, write a brief analysis of their discussion. Evaluate their English and tell them their English errors. This idea is one of the best English homework ideas which effectively creates a virtual friendly atmosphere among the kids. Kids can share their thoughts and feelings easily while you evaluate your students’ progress.

Video Call:

You can also creatively take advantage of video calls. Ask kids to call you in a definite period through WhatsApp video. Video calling allows you to evaluate your students’ English knowledge orally. It also assures you that your students do not cheat in your evaluations because you ask them questions face to face via the video call.

Plus, you can ask them to hand in their English homework via social media platforms such as Telegram or WhatsApp groups. For example, you can ask them to write a short English composition including at least 100 words. Then, ask them to take a picture of their composition and send it to the group.

You can also ask the kids to do some researches by using the internet. For example, you can ask them to hand in a research about irregular verbs within three days.

Moreover, you can create a group for further discussions. You can answer kids’ questions in the group as well. Create a English homework group and your students to chat with each other in English so that you can see kids’ progress in their English-speaking skills remotely.


In brief, English homework is an essential component of any teacher’s lesson plan. Doing English homework strengthens the function of the mind. Teaching English to young learners requires setting suitable functional homework. Kids beneficial engaging homework so that they can improve their memory and comprehension.

Regarding the fundamental role of kids’ learning, teachers should know and use English homework ideas. Teachers should employ technology, recreation, and physical activities when setting appropriate homework for kids.

The homework the teacher assigns must have the six features mentioned above. It must be relevant, efficient, timely, engaging, clear, and purposeful. English homework ideas that have all the requirements of a good homework lead students to full comprehension and memorization. They are the best help for self-studying and self-evaluation.

People also ask this related question:

English homework

How do you give creative English homework?

Homework is a fundamental part of an educational plan. You, as an English teacher, should know how to include good English homework in your plan.

You should creatively assign English homework so that your students become more motivated to fulfil the required tasks; otherwise, the students would fail or delay the accomplishment of their studies. Therefore, creativity is the most important characteristic of well-organized English homework.

There are great ways which help you to assign creative English homework for the students. You can take advantage of the three useful approaches mentioned in this article. These approaches are: Game invention, Feedback, and awards.

You can assign English homework creatively by using these approaches. Each approach is explained in detail so that anyone can understand how to use each method for assigning creative English homework.

Game invention:

Games provide a wide variety of opportunities in which you can set creative English homework. You can creatively use English games to assign homework so that your students will be inclined to the fulfilment of the assignments.

For example, you can ask them to invent a game related to the grammar they have learned and give it in the next session. In addition, you can invent an entertaining English game and ask the students to play it at home or in the classroom and the teacher or the parent can observe them whilst playing.

Another example is that you can invent a kind of puzzle game consisting all the English words they have learned recently. Then, each of the students should solve the puzzle and give it in for the next session. This kind of game is not only a fun entertainment, but it is also a good method to assign creative English homework.

Getting and giving feedback:

Feedback is the most functional part when giving assignments. It helps the teacher to know the students’ opinions about the homework. This way the teacher can give them more efficient and creative English homework.

It is also essential to give feedback on the student’s progress so that they will be pushed to do their English homework perfectly. You can ask the students to present some suggestions on setting creative English homework.

That is, you can ask them to invent new types of homework creatively by themselves. In this way, their creativity will be reinforced. They will be more inclined to do their invented activities.

As a result, their English will be improved. Therefore, never hesitate to ask the students’ opinions on the given homework. You can use their opinions as essential matters and set more engaging and creative English homework.

Using gifts:

Teachers and parents can motive kids to do their English homework. Gifts will motivate the students to do their assignments flawlessly. You can give them gifts when they accomplish their homework without any problems.

For example, you can give beautiful pencil cases as gifts to the students who have succeeded in solving the given word puzzle (as mentioned in the previous paragraph).

Also, you can give a gift with the assignment to your students. For example, you can give each student an English storybook, one of the Harry Potter books as an example. Then, you can ask the students to write a short text, up to 100 words, about their reflections of the story. In this way, the kids will be motivated to do the assignments; as a result, their English will be certainly be improved.

In conclusion, assigning creative English homework will boost the students’ engagement. Creativity motivates leads to setting amusing and useful English homework. We mentioned three approaches including game invention, using gifts, getting and giving feedback that helps you to assign creative English homework. Try to use the mentioned approaches as much as possible so that you can assign  good assignments creatively.

How do you give creative English homework?

There are great ways which help you to assign creative English homework for the students. You can take advantage of the three useful approaches mentioned in this article. These approaches are: Game invention, Feedback, and awards.


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