10 useful ways of improving English grammar through writing


Teaching “English grammar” has always been the most challenging task. High knowledge and mastery in English grammar effectively boost the four basic skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) of English. Teachers always have been looking for up-to-date useful teaching methods and practices to make learning grammar much easier and tangible for their students.

One of the best ways to improve English grammar is writing. The development of  English grammar is possible with English writing practices matching learners’ English level. In the following, there are five useful writing practices for improving English grammar:

Keeping a diary:

Pick up your favorite notebook as your diary. Then, write your memories, feelings, and ideas in English daily. This method not only gives you strong control over your thoughts and emotions but also improves both your writing skills and English grammar.

This method is very useful for introverted English learners. It enables such learners to express their thoughts and feelings in the form of words so that they would feel more released. Writing a diary is also suggested for those learners dealing with social anxiety, depression, loneliness, and isolation.

Writing your memories down forces you to apply English grammar on your own. If you keep writing every day, you will achieve both rich English vocabulary and English grammar knowledge. Moreover, you can look back at your early writings and find your grammatical errors and mistakes by yourself. In this way, you will feel a sense of confidence and progress toward your English learning process. Writing a diary also effectively expands your memorization capacity and attention span.

Therefore, it is good to dedicate at least a quarter to writing in English before sleep. In this way, you excel in English grammar andfeel more refreshed and ready for sleep. You also get encouraged to learn more English grammar rules and vocabulary so that you would write down more English concepts and ideas in your diary.


One of the most practical writing practices for improving English grammar is outlining which helps language learners to perfectly distinguish central ideas, supporting sentences, different types of sentences, and structures. This practice also empowers your reading comprehension and writing skills and provides you with enough time and focus to discern the English grammar rules used in the texts. Outlining is also the most basic primary procedure of writing. Therefore, you will fail in improving your English grammar through writing if you do not know how to outline a text.

For writing outlines, pictorial diagrams are drawn to show the semantic and grammatical relationships between the components of a text. By outlining, you will learn how to correctly separate and combine English structures by using English grammar rules.You will also gradually learn how to paraphrase and add correct new English sentences or structures to a text.

Feedback writing:

You can write your feedback in English on social media platforms. For example, you can write your English feedback on an application you have used in the play store. In this way, you not only can share your experiences but also can show and expand your English vocabulary and English grammar knowledge. Keep in mind that you will be judged by your feedback, so try to write as correctly, briefly, and well as you can.

You can also earn money online by taking this writing practice. There are many websites on which you can make money online by writing your honest feedback on their applications. Therefore, it is useful to expand your English grammar well enough with time to take this recommend writing practice.

Writing your summary and analysis:

Having read a book or article, you can write a summary and your analysis about it. You can also write the key important points in a notebook. This method helps you to keep records of your read material and improve your English grammar through writing.

This practice helps you to apply the English grammar rules, as well as the writer’s original texts, did. It also implicitly makes you get familiar with some new rules of English grammar. Moreover, it reinforces your memory and English vocabulary. Therefore, you should write as many English summaries and analyses as you can while studying English.

Writing short stories:

This useful practice reinforces your creativity, imagination, writing skills, and English grammar knowledge. You are likely to become interested in writing your stories or journals after reading many books, novels, magazines, etc. You can also publish your stories in case there is no grammatical error in your stories.

This practice enables you to improve your English grammar while enjoying waiting for your stories. There is no pressure or obligation in writing your short stories. You are free to use your English grammar and vocabulary knowledge to create amazing well-written short stories.

In addition, this practice motives you to make more progress in learning English grammar and vocabulary. The more you write stories, the more you want to learn English to create more readable engaging texts. Therefore, writing short stories motives you to learn English grammar more.

As a result, read as much as English books and novels at first. Pick up a notebook to write your short stories weekly. Go over your stories carefully to make sure of the accuracy of English grammar used in the structures and phrases. In this way, you will take further steps toward improving your English grammar.

Posting in English on social media:

Thanks to technology, there are many opportunities by which you can use or improve your English grammar through writing. You can easily write hashtags or English captions for your posts or stories on social media. In this case, you become motivated to learn and improve your English grammar much more.

Writing English captions help you spend much of your time and attention on the English grammar and word orders of your statements. It makes you convey your meanings much briefly and effectively with the help of English grammar. Therefore, do not hesitate to take this recommendation to step much further in improving your English grammar.

Leaving English comments:

Another way to take advantage of the technological platforms to improve your English grammar is by writing English comments. You can leave your comments below the posts of your favorite famous figures. You can also share your experiences, opinions, and ideas in your comments, especially on Twitter.

Keep in mind that you should be relatively familiar enough with English grammar and culture to leave English comments. If you do not know English grammar rules and the connotative meanings of English words, you will fail in conveying your messages. For example, you sound offensive if you do not know the negative meaning of “moon” in English culture and misuse it as a compliment. Therefore, take this seventh writing practice if your current English level is at least intermediate.

Using writing games:

One of the best tools for improving English grammar is using writing games. There are lots of writing games for free on the internet; also, you can play such games by only using a pen and paper. There are two recommend writing games for improving your English grammar in the following:

Secret Pictionary

This fun game requires at least three players. In this game, the first player should write a random English phrase and pass it on to the second player so that the next one can draw an image based on his perception of the phrase and pass only the picture to the next player. Now, the player should write a sentence based on his perception of the drawing and pass his sentence to the next one. This process shall go on till the end of the last player’s turn; in the end, putting all the pages together will reveal a very funny short story.

Pass Around Story-Writing

This game should be played in collaboration. It improves writing skills, reading comprehension, and English grammar. The product of this fun game is a peculiar short story and no winner or loser!

At first, one of the players should be selected to write an English sentence on paper and pass it to the next player. The next player should add a new English sentence and pass it to the next one. The paper should be passed till it reaches the last player who should write the concluding sentence of the story.

Mad Libs

This phrasal template word game is one of the practical tools for improving English grammar through writing. In this game, one of the players, as a leader, orders and controls others to complete the blanks of a story by a given list of words. The one who can correctly fill in the blanks more is the winner.

Text editing:

This practice is useful for those English learners with an upper-intermediate English level of proficiency. Text editing requires enough knowledge in English grammar, semantics, morphology, and pragmatic. It is useful for learning and improving common English grammatical errors.

To do this practice, you can check out your language partner’s or classmates’ texts to find out their grammatical errors. Then, you should notify your partner or classmate of their errors. In this way, you not only help others to improve their English grammar but also gain more confidence. This way you will keep the English grammar rules in your mind for a long time. You can also search for the “incorrect English texts” on the internet to spot the grammatical mistakes and errors of the texts.

Text editing involves both your English reading and writing skills. It forces you to omit incorrect English grammar rules and substitute the correct word orders. It also effectively helps you to learn to write a well-written organized text with the help of English grammar.

Overall, this writing practice makes English grammar knowledge-rich and developed. It helps you gain a strong ability to perfectly learn, memorize, and keep English grammar rules. As a result, you can easily convey your meanings, briefly, and effectively in English.

Writing English direct and indirect quotes:

This practice is recommended for all learners of all English levels, especially writing English direct quotes for low-level English learners. Writing different types of quotes helps you improve and maintain your retained English grammar rules through repetition. Take “writing direct speeches of your English teacher in class” as an instance, you restate or repeat your teachers’ speech in the form of an English text. In this way, you gain much control to learn and improve your retained knowledge of English grammar rules.

Writing English direct quotes gets you to restate the others’ correct statements through writing whereas writing indirect quotes gets you to use your English grammar knowledge, vocabulary, and expressions to convey others’ statements. In both ways, your English grammar will be effectively improved and you will make more progress toward high English learning proficiency. Therefore, try to make some notes of others’ books, speeches, explanations, and statements to improve your English grammar through writing.


In short, the ten recommended practices effectively lead you to English grammar development and increased English vocabulary but they are not enough! It is essential to take some crucial tips into account while you are improving your English grammar through such writing practices. In the following, there are seven essential tips that you should take them seriously while revising your texts:

  1. Proofread out loud:

Proofreading enables you to find your grammatical errors and mistakes and correct them. You can read your text for yourself or a person whose English level is higher than yours. Taking this tip successfully assures you that your text is semantically and grammatically correct.

While reading your texts, your mind can innately fill in the gaps, correct grammatical errors, mistakes, and misspellings well. It is suggested to read your texts twice. Then, you can publish it or expose it to other people.

  1. Use the “Grammar-check” applications:

Thanks to technology, there are many “Grammar-check” applications, such as Grammarly and Typeright, in the play store for free. You can use such applications to correct the grammatical mistakes of your typed texts. If you want to correct your hand-written text, you should take a picture of the text and turn it into a typed text by a certain application; then you can correct the errors of the typed text.

Automatic grammar check applications are not always right; moreover, your English grammar will not be improved if you do not care about the errors found by such applications. Therefore, you must not rapidly correct your errors without pausing to learn the correct structures if you want to improve your English grammar through writing.

  1. Ask for feedback:

Having checked your text, you can ask people with high English levels for feedback. Such people’s advice can help you a lot in your journey to improve your English grammar through writing so that you can write in English much more briefly and effectively. Your English grammar and skills will not grow unless you ask for help and feedback.

  1. Keep a dictionary:

Keeping a dictionary while writing enriches your English vocabulary and English grammar, especially when it comes to “parts of speech” English grammar rules. It helps you learn different forms and functions of nouns modified by inflections. It also provides you with a wide variety of concepts and ideas, which makes your writing more engaging and creative.

  1. Do not change “the point of view”:

This tip is one of the important writing principles. The point of view of a text must be always fixed; otherwise, the text creates misunderstanding and confusion. For example, if you are writing to express your current feelings at first, the rest of the text dealing with the feelings must not be stated in the words of a third person.

  1. Use ” conjunctions” correctly:

Conjunction, such as a comma, can change the whole meaning of a sentence. If you use conjunctions inaccurately, you will confuse your audience since your statements are vague and incorrect. For example, if you skip leaving a comma in the middle of a sentence starting with “when”, then your whole sentence is grammatically wrong.

  1. Maintain an organized structure

Your English text should be written in an organized structure with the help of correct English grammar rules. Take ” writing an English article” as an example, your article must consist of three parts including introduction, body, and conclusion. Therefore, if you skip writing the “introduction” part and go to the details directly, then your article is systematically wrong. This is an important tip that indicates the body on which you can correctly build your information through writing.


In brief, one of the best ways to improve English grammar is writing which allows you to gather your information or thoughts in an organized order and balance your emotions and feelings. Improving English grammar requires getting others’ feedback, practice, dedication, focus, and hard work. Keep writing as a daily habit so that you can have rich English grammar knowledge.


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