What are the 12 best English exercises for kids?

What are the 12 best English exercises for kids?


As you know, learning English for kids requires a lot of practice. The most important thing for parents to consider is that teaching English to kids requires a lot of time and repetition. Practicing English exercises for kids should be done in such a way that in addition to challenging a kid’s teachings, it is not tiring.

The English exercises that you plan for them should be amusing and entertaining. Parents should keep calm and give the kid enough time in the process of teaching and doing English exercises. Unfortunately, some parents expect too much from their kid and they think that their child should be able to speak English or do English exercises well only after a short time.

However, they do not provide enough English exercises for the kid. These parents convey feelings to their children that make them believe that they do not have enough ability to learn English or do English exercises.

The result is that the kid feels frustrated after a while of learning. So if you are going to educate your kid, you should pay attention to the fact that they need the support and understanding from their parents to continue.

What are the best English exercises for kids?

Studying English is not the only way your kid can master this language. Whether kids are educated at home or in educational institutions, parents should keep in mind that it is possible to learn English besides doing English exercises.

Therefore, teaching English along with doing exercises will be productive. Here are some of the best English exercises methods that are suitable for kids:

Talk to kids

One of the best English exercises for kids is to speak English with them. Talking to kids about daily activities, for example, can help them review what they have learned. You do not need to use complicated words. Having a simple conversation can also challenge kids with English exercises.

There is no need to have a specific time to do English exercises. Whenever it is obvious that the kids are ready to practice, simply ask them to speak in English. Even if they made a mistake during the exercises, calmly help them to correct their mistake. Be sure to pay attention to how they pronounce words. If they make a mistake in pronouncing English words, be sure to teach them the correct pronunciation during English exercises.

Repeat until they can learn to pronounce correctly. Even after the English conversation in the process of English exercises, ask him or her to repeat the correct pronunciation of the words. But the repetition of English exercises should not be too much to bore them. If you do not have an idea how to talk to your kid or where to start, you can use English exercises videos for kids.

One of these sources is YouTube. For example, if your kid has learned how to talk about the weather, you can search for conversations about the weather on YouTube or other websites. This way you can get different ideas. You can also use each of them on different days so that the English exercises do not become repetitive.

Cooking together

Preparing food in English can be a fun and effective way to do English exercises. If you do not know English words related to cooking, just search them on Google and learn simple but practical terms and words. Then ask your kid to join you while cooking. Use words or phrases that your kid can accompany during each step of cooking to have effective English exercises together.

You can even put a small dish in front of them so that by playing, they can become somewhat familiar with cooking tasks. But try not to teach them too many words and terms at once. Because it slows down the kid’s learning process and may even make the kid feel confused.

You do not have to use words and phrases related to cooking to do English exercises. You can even use numbers or colors and practice and review English words related to them according to the correct pronunciation of each.

Sing a song

Singing with kids is one of the most effective ways of English exercises. Songs or poems that kids learn outside, for example in kindergarten, school, or language educational institutions, can be sung in a way that they do English exercises.

Kids receive sounds very quickly and record them in their memory. Doing English exercises through singing is not only enjoyable for kids but also encourages them to spend time alone playing, and singing with themselves. Music helps kids to learn the tone and rhythm of English words better.

It is important to note that you should use songs that are original and authentic in English. They would be helpful to be used as English exercises. Listening to songs sung by non-English speakers will not be educational and effective for kids. Therefore, it is recommended to use English language websites that provide reliable songs, or audio files to do English exercises with kids.

Another advantage of singing in English with kids as a way of doing English exercises is that by using the song, kids become familiar with sentence structure and word usage. These structures are challenging for them to learn. With the passage of time and successive repetitions, the structure of English sentences and words is logged in their memory. The progress can be observed as they speak in English by doing such English exercises.

English podcasts

Exposure to English s is one of the best ways to do English exercises. When kids want to learn their mother tongue, they listen to everything around them, record information in their minds, and try to express it. They are gradually able to use these words in their conversations with those around them because they have heard those words over and over again from different people around them.

The children must be exposed to the sounds and rhythms of another language when learning a new language. Playing their favorite podcasts in English allows kids to get familiar with another language. The English they hear are spoken by many different speakers with different accents, such as American or British.

Play these podcasts when children are playing in silence or they are in the car. Note that the content of the podcasts should be so that it can be considered as other English exercises. These English podcasts should be understandable and simple enough so that children keep listening to them.

There are many English podcasts on various websites that you can select. Use them based on the topics to do English exercises with your kid. Just remember to choose podcasts that are short but useful so that the children don’t get tired of listening to them.

Read storybooks

Thanks to the Internet and various English exercises and teaching resources, storybooks in English are easily available and can be purchased online. The best time to read a storybook for kids is at night before bed. Reading stories for the children provides a good opportunity for them to learn the language as well as doing English exercises. Especially reading books with picture stories is a great way to develop your kid’s language skills.

As you read the story, as one of the English exercises, ask them to try reading the words themselves. Also, ask them to interpret the words based on the pictures. This is an opportunity for them to review and repeat what they have learned by doing such such exercises.

Use storybooks that are appropriate for their age. If the books are not appropriate for children’s age, listening to incomprehensible stories will not help them to fulfill English exercises. It only makes them uncomfortable and tired after a few minutes.

Painting pictures

To help kids review and practice what they have learned, ask them to draw pictures of English words. When they are drawing a picture, try to speak in English about that picture. Also, spell each word under each image in collaboration with each other.

Another way to do English exercises is to make flashcards using drawings. To use the flashcard, first, draw the pictures on one side of the card and spell them on the other side. When you want to do English exercises with a flashcard, start by showing the painted picture, and then ask the children to say the word.

Working with flashcards is a great and effective way to enhance kid’s English vocabulary as English exercises. Keep in mind that to get the desired result from this method, all the words that you consider for doing English exercises, are appropriate for their level.

Online English resources

Most kids have access to a phone or tablet. They learn to work with these devices and the Internet from an early age. They can easily access English resources. There are thousands of websites that provide instructive lessons and media for children.

To enter the world of the Internet, parents must be with their kids to use the facilities that are available under their control and care. Doing English exercises can be done through games or books that are specially designed as  English exercises for kids.

Remind your kid of the following tips when using the Internet:

  • Talk to your kid about privacy and how to block and report.
  • Talk about what should and should not be shared online.
  • Decide on the restrictions you want to have in the family.
  • Talk about what files, games, or apps can be downloaded.
  • Decide whether or not you want to have a family email.
  • Talk about what games your kid can and cannot play according to their age.
  • Talk about the timing of online activities.

Therefore, since kids are not always in control, it is necessary to inform them sufficiently about the use of mobile phones, tablets, and the Internet to do English exercises or other activities.

Join English clubs

Depending on kids’ knowledge level, enroll them in English institutes to place them in an English-only speaking environment. These organizations are available both online and in person. Membership can be an effective way to teach English and do English exercises with kids. Participating in these groups strengthens the kids’ English language skills and helps them to do English exercises and review what they have learned. It also allows them to join a group and talk to classmates. This opportunity increases their self-confidence.

Membership in English clubs is very useful for those parents who do not have the opportunity to do English exercises with their kids or do not have enough English knowledge. Such groups usually have a group leader or English teacher who is trained in the field. Kids can learn and do English exercises with them.

It also provides an opportunity for the kid to experience a variety of games with other classmates. Therefore, in addition to teaching English, the kid can be entertained with a variety of games.

Fun games to do English exercises for kids

Playing with kids along with educational methods is one of the most effective ways to do English exercises. Different parts of kids’ brains are involved during playing, which ultimately increases their mental skills. Games are an effective way to learn and do English exercises. Kids are usually eager for such methods that are associated with playing. Here are some of the games that can help them to do English exercises:

Crossword puzzle

Crossword puzzles are riddles that are usually square or rectangular. This puzzle is usually filled with black and white squares. The purpose of the glossary is to fill in the blanks with the answers to a set of questions at the bottom or side of the table. Shaded squares are used to separate the answers. Playing this game is very efficient. It is a helpful way for children who want to do English exercises.

Kids can improve and do English exercises through the vocabulary by doing the crossword puzzle game. By recognizing words, they become acquainted with new words or review the words they have learned in the past. This causes them to establish the words in their subconscious mind. Solving such puzzles is also an effective way to learn and practice spelling words as English exercises.


Pantomime is another game that has an educational aspect. It provides the opportunity for the kids to do English exercises. Pantomime is a type of guessing game that uses physical movements. Kids can play with family members or friends in cycles. If you want to play this game in a training class or a family party, you can categorize kids into two separate groups.

Give each kid a word to describe using their body movements for the other group to guess. The team that can guess the most will be the winning team. If kids have difficulty acting a word and they are unable to describe a word, you can help them to perform various movements to describe the word.

Word formation

Word formation is a great way to teach new words and spell them to kids as English exercises. It is one of the most effective games to do English exercises by. To play this game, all you have to do is make a few small cardboard cards, pick up each one, and write one of the letters of the alphabet on each one.

Spread the cardboard on the table. Ask each child to pick a certain number of cards from the cards and make a word with them. Take turns playing this game. The child who can make the most words will win.


As mentioned, kids need to do English exercises in addition to education. Doing exercises helps kids practice and review what they have learned during the course. Whether kids learn English in educational institutions or at home online it is necessary to do English exercises for kids.

Repetition and practice are two effective and productive methods for mastering English. If one of them is not done, the kid’s learning will become difficult. Therefore, for effective English education, with practical planning, English exercises play a major role.


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