English Essay; 5 ways to write the best introduction

An English essay is composed of three basic parts including introduction, body, and conclusion. It is a long piece of written explanation, description, or illustration over a certain topic, which attracts the attention of readers by its compelling eye_catching opening part. Therefore, the introduction is the most important part of an English essay.

English essay introduction

In an essay, article, or book, an introduction (also known as a prolegomenon) is a beginning section which states the purpose and goals of the following writing. This is generally followed by the body and conclusion. The introduction typically describes the scope of the document and gives a brief explanation or summary of the document. It may also explain certain elements that are important to the essay if explanations are not part of the main text. The readers can have an idea about the following text before they actually start reading it.

Novice writers should first learn to write a well_written comprehensive concise engaging introduction. Readers usually read the first lines of an English essay to see if the textis pleasing and worth reading or not. Therefore, writers can acquire wider audiences in case they are professional at introduction writing.

Writing the opening paragraph or introduction of an English essay is composed of five phases. Following the five stages of writing introduction carefully makes writers proceed hugely in their career. In the following, the five phases of writing a well_organized introduction are explained in detail:

Audience and purpose analysis:

In the beginning, writers should brainstorm their intent and decision of writing. They should ask themselves the three important questions:

  1. “Why do I want to write an English essay?”
  2. ” For whom am I going to write the English essay?”
  3. “How to organize the components of the English essay well.”

If writers find logical comprehensive answers to such questions, they will certainly proceed a lot in writing an effective well_organized English essay.

Writers should first know the purpose of their writing. In this way, they can organize their thoughts and feelings much better and effectively. For example, if the purpose of a writer is to share his thoughts and experiences over a personal issue, then his English essay should be based on casual or informal writing style and contain slang or idioms.

The purpose for writing an English essay is a kind of direction that motivates and guides writers throughout creating a well_written text. It helps writers to focus deeply on conveying their main messages and thoughts. Without a reasonable purpose, all writers’ attempts to convey their meanings through writing an English essay will go in vain.

The purpose of an English essay is the controlling idea reflected in the topic sentence of the introduction. Writers add and eliminate some parts of their English essay, based on the purpose of the text. Therefore, readers usually read the topic sentence of an English essay to find out its writer’s intent.

Determining a compelling purpose is the most essential part of writing an English essay. To do this successfully, writers should consider the needs, desires, culture, thinking ways, etc. of the society they are living in. They should be aware of the social or cultural variations and problems well enough to write a useful compelling English essay.

In addition, they should take their knowledge, experiences, and creative ideas into account. For example, if a writer is talented at music, he can share his experiences and knowledge by writing an explanatory English essay about music. In this way, the writer can present a very effective, helpful, detailed, clear English essay forthe big fans of the music industry.

There are generally two types of purposes for English essay writing. The first type is to give readers enjoyment and pleasure by writing an English essay and the second type is to inform readers of the necessary interesting engaging news, information, or knowledge. The purpose of most essays is the combination of two types; that is, people simply get an education while having fun through reading an English essay.

Writers should also identify their audience well. They should put themselves in their positions, recognize their needs, and provide them with useful outstanding content. For example, if a writer wants to introduce “English essay types” to ESL young learners, he should use brief simple short English words, structures, and sentences in the introduction of his essay; otherwise, he will lose the attention of his audience.

An English essay must match the English level and age of its readers. Otherwise, it will have destructive effects on readers’ English learning progress or mental state. For example, if a famous writer whose readers are generally very young ESL students writes a formal English essay containing difficult complex terms or adult issues, he will lose his reputation and success in his career.

Professional writers are very good at guessing their audiences’ possible expectations, thoughts, questions, attitudes, and knowledge. Therefore, they can present amazing content matching their audiences’ basic features and interests and that is why the writers increasingly gain more reputation and money. They know well how to grab their readers’ attention by bringing an engaging hook sentence in the introduction of their English essay.

Considering content and title:

One of the primary tasks of an essay writer is brainstorming the content and title of his essay. The content and title of an English essay both show the aim of the essay. They also show the effectiveness of an English essay; that is, they have a huge influence on sparkling readers’ interest and curiosity.

First, writers should take the content they are going to write into account. In this way, they can easily search, find and collect necessary information over the topic of their English essay. Moreover, they can get strong control of organizing and editing their English essay so that their final text has no extra irrelevant information or details.

Second, the title of an English essay determines the writing style and essential information. It helps writers to easily get focused and professional on gathering the basic components of an introduction in the correct order. For example, if the title of an English essay is “The First Day of School”, then the narrative essay should be written in an informal friendly fashion.

Professional writers know well how to choose the best title matching both the content of their English essay and their readers’ interests. They usually choose concise, interesting titles which best grabs readers’ attention. They usually state the title of the topic in the form of a question which makes people more curious and involved in reading the English essay.

In the end, writers should keep a note in which they can write whatever comes to their minds according to their chosen content and title. They can also google the title to enhance their mastery and proficiency in the field they are going to write by then, they can follow the subsequent procedures easily.

Type picking :

Writers can determine their writing style after recognizing the target of their writing. They should follow the writing principles possessed by one of the introduction types. In this way, they can easily outline and organize the opening paragraph of their English essay.

There are generally four introduction types. All four types present a certain standard model with which writers can express, outline, and write their information or ideas. In the following, the features, examples, and principles of the four basic introduction types are stated in detail:


It is the most common introduction type. In a funnel introduction, the progress of information is based on a general_to_specific pattern. Therefore, a funnel introduction opens up with a general statement proceeded with minor sentences about the topic of the English essay.


Many people dealing with loneliness and depression committed suicide in the pandemic situation. Nowadays, even people under eighteen deeply face depression issues, especially after the closure of schools and universities due to the global pandemic. The Covid_19 has largely increased mental problems such as depression and social anxiety in society.

In a funnel introduction, the writer makes readers’ minds ready to receive the key point. In this way, the audience can better and deeply digest the theist statement of the funnel introduction. The organization of a funnel introduction keeps readers continue reading to put all the details together for drawing a logical conclusion.

Turn about:

It is one of the introduction types that makes readers keep reading till the end of the paragraph to get the main point. A turn about introduction opens up with a statement contrary to the thesis statement of its English essay. Therefore, the thesis statement is always at the end of such an introductory paragraph.


Watching television is one of the ways to learn many new things. Thanks to technology, there are lots of motivating programs and channels on TV. However, most people believe that watching TV is a waste of time.

The surprising ending of a turn about introduction makes readers both shocked and involved in reading the English essay. Writers can first express the contrary points of view by writing a “turn about” introduction. In this way, they can have more influence on changing or affecting their readers’ minds and that is why this type of introduction is a good choice for writing persuasive and argumentative essays.


A quotation introduction starts with a relevant quote to thetopic of the English essay. The quote, which is from a famous poem, statement, dialogue, etc., must be put in the quotation mark (” “). Then, writers can add their comments and the thesis statement of their English essay near the ending sentences of the quotation introductory paragraph.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge,” Albert Einstein stated. Imagination has a huge influence on growing children’s social, emotional, creative, physical, lingual, and problem-solving skills and that is why increasing numbers of teachers are looking for ways to spark their young students’ creativity and imagination powers. Without imagination, Making dreams come true is impossible.

By bringing a famous relevant quote, writers can effectively add more credibility and authenticity into their comments or statements. They can also make their readers get more involved in their English essays. Readers can better analyze and interpret the thesis statement of the introductory paragraph.


An English essay including a dramatic introduction starts with a brief engaging narration, an anecdote, or a dramatic example. This type of introduction ends with a relevant conclusion. It is mostly used in narrative essays.


The first day at university was the worst day of my life. I got lost in the university on my way to the dormitory. I was also confronted with a lot of strange, bad-tempered new people in my class.

The narration in the opening paragraph can be real or imaginary, depending on the writers’ decision or intent. In both ways, readers’ curiosity gets sparked to follow the details deeply. The thesis statement of a dramatic introductory paragraph usually comes at the beginning of the introduction.


The most important part of writing an English essay is outlining. If writers do not make a draft for outlining their introduction, then they get confused putting different components of an introductory paragraph together in correct logical order. Outlining also increases the occurrence of new great ideas and thoughts in writers’ minds.

In outlining, writers should first accurately know and distinguish the three basic parts of an introduction. If the writer does not include the three parts (hook, thesis statement or central idea, and supporting sentences or bridge) in his English essay, then he fails to have a correct well_written compelling orderly introductory paragraph. Therefore, they should draw a draft to include the basic components in a way that presents engaging and pleasing to their auprinciplespending on their chthesisntroduction type.

There is no fixed order for combining three basic components of an introduction. As mentioned, each type of introduction presents a certain model and a series of principles; for example, the thesis statement of a funnel introduction is usually near the end of the paragraph. Therefore, it depends on the writers’ decision on how to start and end the introduction of their English essay.

Writers can take advantage of diagrams to arrange the basic parts of their introductions. For example, they can draw a big circle to include the central idea or the major sentence of the introductory paragraph in it. Then, they can draw small circular branches from the central circle to include each minor sentence of the introductory paragraph in each branch. In this way, the writers can better digest the semantic relationships in Arabic the components of their introduction, as a result, they can write a well_organized pleasing introduction for their English essay.

In addition, writers can use roman numbers, such as I, II, III, IV, and V, or Arabic numbers, such as 1, 2, 3, and 4, to break down the thesis statement. Using numbers is usually much easier and common than using diagrams for writing the introductory paragraph of an English essay. First, writers write the type is the statement of their English essay in a bold form and then write the numbers to include the minor sentences in front of each number.

Having outlined the introduction, the components of the paragraph should be typed or written on a piece of paper. While writing, writers can also add more necessary information and give background knowledge. Therefore, Writing helps writers to revise and edit the introduction of their English essay.


The final step of writing an introduction is checking. An English essay must not include any grammatical, structural, or semantic error, run_on sentence, irrelevant information, etc. Writers should read the introductory paragraph of their English essay at least twice to remove its flows and include or substitute suitable useful vocabulary and terms.

Checking the introduction of an English essay helps writers to use more great engaging ideas, details, and explanations in the rest, body and conclusion, of their essay. It gives writers guidance and direction for arranging the basic components of the introduction in the best way. It helps them not to use repetitive statements, words, or structures and eliminate irrelevant information.

“Correct grammar” is the most important principle for writing English essays. Writers can use grammar-check applications to check out the grammar of the introductory paragraph of their English essay. They can also ask professional writers for help, revising, and editing their introduction.


All in all, the introduction of an English essay plays a huge role in the effectiveness, popularity, coherence, and cohesion of the essay. Therefore, writing an introduction is the most difficult and essential part of creating an English essay. It is composed of five main stages as stated above.

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