8 unique ways to develop English conversation skills



One of the hugest problems of any English learner is the challenge to make English conversation. Many students memorize hundreds of words and practice many grammatical rules and structures but they cannot make a flawless English conversation.

This matter can have two reasons: the first and the most important reason is the fact that people have problems with listening and comprehending what other people say.

This leads to a blockage that does not let the conversation continue. The second problem is that students learn all different parts of a language without learning how to use them all together.

Having regular listening practices

For instance, many people know grammatical points and they also know a lot of words; but they cannot make sentences using their knowledge. Both of these issues can be solved if only English learners spend more time on listening.

By having regular listening practices, students can build patterns of sentence making. They can also find it easier to understand others while speaking. In this article, we are going to suggest some ways to help English students with practicing English conversation.

Different techniques for practicing  conversation and listening

English conversationFirst of all, students need to have some information about different settings that they can be used to practice English conversation and listening.

Independent study

The first setting that we are going to explain is independent study or self-study. Independent means with the help of no one; hence, this method involves studying English on someone’s own.

This method is usually suggested to the people who get distracted easily by other students in the classroom.

This way, students can put all their focus on what they are studying. Another positive point about independent studying is that students can study their lessons whenever and wherever that they desire.

Classroom setting

This setting is the most popular method of practicing. Kids have the chance to spend their time with their peers and have discussions with other people with the same level of English.

They also have the chance of having a teacher as a leader and tutor. Another positive point is that sessions are held regularly and strict rules can help students learn better and be more productive.

One-on-one method

These sessions are held with a teacher and a student. These sessions are quite perfect and suitable for those students who need to ask a lot of questions from their teacher while studying.

Also, the students who do not feel comfortable in front of other students and prefer to be alone with their teacher can benefit by using this method.

When students collect enough information about these different settings, they can choose the setting that suits them the best according to their personality. Next, they can use some tips to develop their listening skill and English conversation.

Study a little bit at a time

One of the most effective ways of practicing English is to make short periods of time at each session. Studies have shown that 5 minutes sessions have a much better effect than sessions that take hours of practice.

This method of studying has a name. It is called microlearning. Microlearning is studying for 5-20 minutes in one sitting. In this method, students need to divide each lesson into smaller parts that can be studied in 5 minutes.

This way, the new material can be memorized easier. Therefore, students feel motivated to keep studying every day.

Listen to the same English audio file every day for 7 days

For doing this practice, students are suggested to choose a podcast that they find entertaining or interesting and keep listening to it for a week. This way, English learners can listen to that audio file all the time while doing their daily routine like exercising, doing the dishes, and so on.

For the first two or three days, learners should keep pausing the audio file and try to repeat each sentence. Equally important, they need to write down the words that they see hard and not understandable and look them up in a dictionary.

After some days, students realize that the new words are not as strange and exotic as they used to be at first. By the last day, learners can realize that they can understand much more than the first day.

Overhear an English conversation

If a student is living in a place that people speak English, they have a great chance to hunt an English conversation anywhere they go. They can listen to people at a park, in a café, at a restaurant, or even on a bus.

At first, it will be so hard for the listener to understand what are people talking about especially if that student starts listening from the middle of the English conversation but it is great since it becomes more challenging. Learners can try to memorize new words that they hear and check their meaning and usage later.

Read and listen at the same time

Another way of improving English listening and making English conversation is practicing English while using two sources of information at the same time. In other words, a student should not just practice listening when he/she wants to improve listening.

Besides listening, students should try to be in touch with English using other ways. The easiest way of using this method is to watch an English video with a subtitle in the same language or read a book and listen to its recorded audio file simultaneously. This way, students can help their memory in keeping new information easier.

Listen to different English accents

English conversationOne great way of practicing English conversation is to practice different accents so that students will face fewer problems in listening to different people. Some accents may seem so hard at first but practice makes perfect! And students can get to the point to understand any accent.

In summary, we can say that there are many ways, that students can use to improve their listening skill and their ability to make new English conversations but the most important thing is not to give up on practicing.



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