5 most interesting English conversation topics for kids

5 most interesting English conversation topics for kids


The English language is a widespread language all around the world. Many people seek to learn and acquire this language in order to benefit from its advantages such as great job opportunities, successful academic results, and better communication. Children, as young members of society, need to learn this language as they are young. It is significantly recommended that kids develop their English language skills. This way, they can achieve countless accomplishments later on in their life.

In order to learn and acquire proficiency in English, young learners must develop and improve the four main English language skills. The main English language skills are: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. All of the mentioned skills can be acquired and improved by certain methods. Speaking, as one of the four English language skills, has major importance. Acquiring English speaking leads to progressing other English skills as well. It also helps the children to learn how to convey their ideas and thoughts by speaking in English.

One of the main methods to improve listening skills is to simply just speak. Children are usually very active, energetic, and talkative. Engaging them to speak and form English conversation is one of the most suggested ways to help children learn English speaking. Forming and keeping up with English conversation leads to great speaking skills.

English conversation topics have to be interesting in order to attract the children. If the English conversation topics are interesting enough, the children will be more engaged to speak English. In this article, the 5 best English conversation topics are mentioned and explained briefly. Parents or teachers can use these English conversation topics to multiply the children’s interest in English speaking.

When it comes to forming English conversation and choosing a topic that suits a class filled with kids, it is important to include the subjects that will interest children the most.

To select an appealing topic, the instructor of the class can ask the kids about their interests.  And, then see if it is possible that he/she turns the discussed matter into a subject for an English conversation. This will permit the creation of a more fun classroom environment and it could even lead to more engagement from the kids.

5 Interesting topics for kids 

In an educational context, where the aim of teaching is the initiation of English conversation among kids, the teacher needs to remember that it is better to start the class with interesting topics.

English teachers who teach to children must dedicate a certain time to English conversation in the classroom. Forming English conversation in the classroom creates a friendly and inspiring atmosphere for the children. They feel much more comfortable and they can connect with the teacher and their classmates. When speaking, the children learn how to transform their thoughts and ideas into spoken English. By this, they improve their English language skills.

Moreover, the topics that the English conversations are about are very important. The English conversation topics must be age-related, amusing, and relatable for the children. In this way, children can come up with English conversations and keep up with them because they are enjoying it. Providing the young learners with amusing English conversation topics intrigues them to participate in the class. When they participate in English conversations they establish their English knowledge in different fields such as vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

Before suggesting the topics to form English conversation, the children’s parents or teacher must first teach the young learners the words related to the topics. That is because children first learn English words, then they are able to form English sentences. Therefore, it is crucial to teach them the vocabulary related to each topic before they start forming English conversations.

So far, the importance of speaking in English and the ability to form English conversation has been declared. Further on, the suitable English conversation topics for English young learners are mentioned and explained shortly. It is very recommended that parents and teachers use these English conversation topics in order to communicate with children in the English language. 

In order to avoid boredom and tiredness in the class, the teacher is obliged to find the best topics to discuss with their students. Then, they are able to see if the participants would not only be intrigued but they would also like to suggest a few other interesting subjects. Some of the topics, which are considered to be attractive for a debate among children, are: animals, games, food, music, and family.

Animals as an interesting topic for an English conversation

One interesting subject for an English conversation class could be animals. This topic is supposed to involve a variety of appealing subtopics. For example, including conversations about the kids’ most favorite and least favorite animals, their own pets, the name of their pets, and what animal they wish they would be. Talking about animals will give the children a chance to know more about their peers and share a stronger bond with them.


Furthermore, video games or other types of games that are played in the children’s background, are hard to deny having effects on other activities in the kids’ lives.

Games are mentioned among all the subjects related to kids. That is because kids spend most of their time playing different games. They either play physical games with their parents or friends, or they are busy playing online games on phones, tablets, or Xboxes. The fact is that they enjoy playing. That is because children are extremely active, they constantly must be on the move. Playing different games keeps them entertained and occupied.

As a result, since they are very interested in playing games and spend a great deal of time playing, forming English conversation related to this topic will certainly motivate them to speak English. Parents or teachers can ask the children about their favorite game. They can ask related questions about the games and let the children describe their favorite game. They can also ask them what makes their favorite game to be the best. In this way, children feel eager to explain what they are interested in and they feel happy when their parents or teacher are fascinated to hear about their interests.

Therefore, it is not difficult to guess that games, could also be an amusing topic to consider in an English conversation. Within this subject, the youngsters are free to talk about their favorite games and see if their classmates also share the same fondness for a specific pastime activity.


As another topic to form interesting English conversation, food is among the most popular ones. That is because the vocabulary related to this topic is quite simple. Another reason that attracts the children to speak regarding this topic, is that they are connected to food. They eat different meals and snacks during the day. In addition, they might like and dislike some food. As a result, speaking about them in English is simple and comprehensive for them.

Parents or teachers can form English conversations regarding food. They can ask the children to talk about certain dishes that are eaten at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They can also ask the children to talk about their favorite meal and why it is their favorite. In addition, parents can dedicate some time to cook a meal with their children and teach them related words to food. This way they will have the opportunity to form an English conversation with their children. The children can, later on, talk about their cooking experience in the classroom.

In addition, food is another interesting topic for an English conversation among kids. Similar to the other subjects, this topic can also be quite luring for the children. This matter is a good way to start a conversation in English. Besides talking about their favorite food, the children can also discuss their previous experiences when they were helping to make food. In some occasions, the teacher can even ask the learners to bring their own snacks and share them with their classmates as they exchange thoughts on this subject.


Though young kids may not be quite familiar with all types of music genres, they can still make an English conversation about this subject. Discussions about music can involve talking about the children’s favorite musical instruments and whether anyone of them is capable of playing one or wishes to play one of the instruments in the future.


At last, another attractive topic for the children is family. This subject, unlike the previous topics, allows for broader exchanges among kids. The students would be free to talk about their family members. They would also have the opportunity to talk about the characteristics of their family members, their favorite things about them, and what distinguishes each family member from the other.

Moreover, children are surrounded by the love of their families. Parents and family members such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are a part of the children’s world. They are in constant interaction with them and they share a great love for them. Teachers and parents can use this subject to form English conversations with children. Teachers can benefit from this topic to attract the children to form English conversations with their classmates. That is, each student can describe their family and their customs to others and together they can compare their families. They will get to know each other much better and develop their friendships using this English conversation topic.

Also, English teachers can ask questions relating to this topic. Children will review their English knowledge when answering these questions. To declare this, some examples that can be questioned are mentioned below:

  • “Do you have any grandparents? Which one is your favorite? Why? “
  • “Who do you love the most in your family? What are they like?
  • “Do you have any cousins? Are they your age? Do you play with each other?”

These are just a few related questions regarding this topic. The teacher and the children can continue keeping up with the English conversation. They can end up talking about anything else related to families. In short, since children are in interaction with their families, they can easily speak and share about them. As mentioned, the English conversation topics have to be related to the children’s lives, which in this case, families are a huge part of children’s lives so they can easily talk about them.

Imaginative situations

This English conversation topic is wide. That is because children’s imagination is strong. They can easily use their imagination to create fictional situations and statements. The cartoons they watch and the stories that they hear or read also have a huge influence on their imaginative instincts.

Asking the children questions by which they can use their imagination, is massively impressive and exciting for them. Teachers and parents can ask questions about unreal situations and ask the children to talk about them. This way children will implicitly learn grammar structures and words related to unreal conditions.

Some of the common questions that parents and teachers can use to form English conversation involving the children’s imaginations are as follow:

  • “If you could be an animal, what would you be?”
  • “If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?”
  • “If you find a magic lamp and a genie pops out, what would you wish for? “

Teachers and parents can also be creative and use their imaginations to ask such questions. Asking questions can build an English conversation and children can easily continue the conversation with the help of their own imagination. By using this topic to form English conversation with young learners, they not only have a lot of fun, but they will also remarkably improve their grammar and vocabulary skills.


As the last interesting English conversation topic, talking about interests and favorites is well-accepted among young English learners. Children love it when people pay attention to their interests. They want other people to know about their interests and talk about them. Therefore, parents and teachers, especially parents, must pay huge attention to this characteristic of the children. They should dedicate a certain amount of time to listen to children’s interests.

Alongside listening, parents and teachers can guide the children to start forming English conversations regarding this topic. As mentioned above, in order to form a conversation, the parents or the teachers should ask related questions. This way children will be guided and directed to speak more simply. They will find it easier to first respond to a question and then form an English conversation. The best questions to ask regarding this interesting topic are:

  • “What is your favorite cartoon? Can you describe it? Why is it your favorite?”
  • “What is your favorite thing to do during the day? Why? “
  • “What is your favorite thing to shop?”

Countless creative questions can be made up concerning this topic. Forming conversations about this topic also has benefits for the parents and the teachers. Parents can get to know their children much better and realize their likes and dislikes. On the other hand, teachers can identify the children’s English knowledge and proficiency when forming sentences regarding this topic.

To conclude, one known fact is that choosing a topic for starting an English conversation among young learners, is not bound to one specific subject. But, in order to attract the children’s attention toward the instructions of the class, it’s important to commence a discussion with interesting topics.

engaging the children to participate in English speaking can have several benefits for them. When forming English conversations, they develop their English language skills easily and without any frustrations. They will find it amusing to talk about interesting topics, therefore they will gain the required knowledge to be able to speak in English.

As a result, it is vital that parents and teachers engage the children to speak in English by forming interesting English conversations. Secondly, the mentioned interesting English conversation can be used to interest the young learners so they don’t become bored when speaking. These topics will eager them to learn certain English words and sentences to be able to participate in the English conversations. Remember that children learn best when they are intrigued and interested.

A few of the subjects that could be discussed in an English conversation class are the ones mentioned above. These topics will provide an enjoyable conversation between the kids and trigger their attention.


How can I learn English conversation?

Developing English speaking skills is very important for most English language learners. Many people decide to learn English just to have better communication with English-speaking people. Having the ability to form English conversations and keeping up with them requires having proficient English speaking skills. There are a few simple methods that learners can try in order to learn English conversation. Each of the suggested methods is mentioned below with a short explanation.

Watching English movies and series

Movies and series are based on conversations. Watching English-speaking movies and series can have countless benefits for English language learners. First of all, they will get familiar with daily English conversations used by natives in the movies. Secondly, as they develop their listening skills, they also get acquainted with various grammar structures. In addition, when watching English-speaking movies and series, they learn how different English conversations are formed. They learn the required sentences, phrases, and even idioms that natives use in English conversations.

Reading books (out aloud)

Another great method to develop English conversation skills is reading books. Similar to movies and series, books also include a variety of conversations. Reading English books will help the readers to acknowledge various English conversations regarding different matters. The learners will defiantly learn different English conversations when reading English books. It is also recommended to read the books out loud to improve one’s speaking skills. When reading in English, not only will the readers learn different English conversations, but they will also improve their reading skills and their English pronunciation.


As simple as it seems, speaking in English is one of the best methods to learn English conversation. Forming conversations with friends, classmates, and family members can significantly improve the learners’ ability to procedure English conversations. When speaking in English, learners will make countless mistakes which they learn by. This way when they are speaking with a native or an English-speaking person, and they desire to form an English conversation with no mistakes, they will be prepared.

English language learners should find partners with whom they can easily speak in English. This way they learn how different English conversations should be used on different occasions. Even if the learners find no English-speaking partner, there are ways to speak English.

One of the best ways can be joining online platforms and meeting new people. Nowadays, there are various social platforms designed especially for those who want to develop their English speaking skills by forming English conversations.  Learners can find people who are at the same level of English proficiency as they are, and they can start producing English conversations regarding their own interests.


Learning about different English conversations can be done using three simple methods that were mentioned. Learners should be determined when learning English speaking. They can use these methods daily and repeatedly to achieve great success in English speaking. As they get familiar with English conversations and they learn how to form them and keep up with them, they will no longer fear speaking with English speaking people and natives. As a result, they remarkably develop and progress their English speaking skills.

How can I learn English conversation?

1. Watching English movies and series
2. Reading books (out aloud)
3. Speaking!

How to learn English conversation for daily use?

Knowing how to form daily English conversations is vital for English language speakers and learners. They have to be familiar with what daily English conversations include and how they are used in different situations. Conversations are the main means of communication and in order to communicate with others, English speakers must be aware of the daily, useful, and common conversations in English. Some of the crucial daily English conversations are mentioned below. English learners can learn and acquire the different structures of these conversations by watching movies, reading books, or when speaking with others.

Telephone calls

An important matter regarding speaking English is being able to speak on the phone. Common phrases are usually used when making telephone calls. It is important that the learners learn what to say when speaking on the phone. Some phrases regarding this matter are:

  • Hello, Is this _______?

+    Yes, who am I speaking with?

  • Hello, this is _________’s phone.

+    Hi, I am calling to ………

  • Hello, I’m looking for _____, is she/he there?

+    Yes, she/he is here. Hold on one second.

  • May I speak with ________?

+    Yes, of course. Just a minute.

There are countless similar questions and sentences that learners can observe when watching movies or series, reading books, or speaking with natives. Knowing how to initiate an English conversation on the phone is remarkably important.


One of the most daily and useful conversations concerns shopping. No matter what kind of shopping, English speakers and learners must be aware of the specific conversations used regarding this matter. Even if language learners are not skillful speakers, they must learn simple words, questions, and sentences that are used when shopping. Some of the common conversations are:

  • Excuse me, where can I find ___________?

+    It is right at the end of the second aisle.

  • Excuse me, how much is this? (How much does this cost?)

+ That is ___ dollars. (It costs 6 dollars)

  • Is this _______ available in my size? I am size Medium.

+    Let me have a look, please.  

These conversations are usually formed with the staff and the cashiers. English language learners can easily pick up these conversations when shopping a few times. These English conversations are simple and comprehensive, and they help the English speakers to communicate when shopping without facing any misunderstandings.

Ordering food

As the last daily matter to mention, ordering food is one of the most common daily routine tasks. Many people eat out or order food during the day, therefore it is important that they know how to form English conversations to avoid any misunderstandings. English learners must be aware of the sentences and questions used when ordering food at a diner. Some of the common English conversations are:

  • Hi, I am ______. May I take your order, please?

+    Yes please, I would like a ……….

  • Hi, I would like to order a large ________.

+    Can I have your name and address, please?

  • What does the _____ include? Would you recommend it?

+     It is made of fresh _____ and _____. You wouldn’t regret it.

Being able to communicate with waiters makes it easier for English speakers to order the food they desire. They can easily form English conversations using simple questions and sentences. Learning how to communicate when ordering food in a restaurant, café or diner is significantly important.


In brief, English language learners and those who are in interaction with English-speaking people must be able to form daily English conversations. Even if they are not proficient in English, being able to form and keep up with English conversations is crucial. In addition, as they become familiar with different English conversations, they develop their speaking skills and develop their English knowledge. 

Knowing how to form daily English conversations is vital for English language speakers and learners. They have to be familiar with what daily English conversations include and how they are used in different situations. Conversations are the main means of communication and in order to communicate with others, English speakers must be aware of the daily, useful, and common conversations in English. Some of the crucial daily English conversations are mentioned below.

How to learn English conversation for daily use?

Telephone calls
Ordering food


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