4 fascinating methods used in English classes for kids



 Teachers play a key role in English classes for kids and they can make students be interested in attending the class or discourage them. This role is more important when it comes to teaching to kids and particularly English and English classes for kids.

A teacher who has been teaching kids needs to know about them and their needs and wants to keep them interested. Teachers need to know the kids in each particular class to plan the lesson according to what they want to have interesting lessons.

Making English classes for kids interesting

One way that can interest kids could be telling a story in English classes for kids and having them participate in the storytelling. Wearing customs helps if the school and parents can afford it.

Stories can be told in a form of a play if possible at school or in class. It is said that kids learn better if they are involved. One more thing that teachers can use is cartoons which can have educational purposes plus have fun.

Teachers’ role in teaching to kids

Teaching any lesson to kids is harder than it sounds. Children are not usually interested in many things but learning lessons no matter if they are lessons from their school or learning a foreign language.

Nowadays one of the greatest concerns that most teachers have is to find a way to make children eager to learn. Teachers are one of the first idols in English classes for kids. This is the fact that teachers might forget.

Morally speaking, teachers try their best to have a positive influence on their students. They can take advantage of their influence to make students study better. They can make lessons interesting. Let‘s find out what teachers can do to make English classes for kids interesting?

It is in children’s nature to be playful, to explore their limits, to try to realize the environment they’re in by interacting with their surroundings. Teachers can use these facts to make English classes for kids more interesting. It is better if teachers pay more attention to make lessons fun.

At first, children are not able to speak English fluently so they cannot express themselves. They even cannot understand English if the teacher speaks English all the time. The teacher should start the very basics of teaching in the mother language of the children.

By doing this, the children eventually learn the alphabet and the basics of reading, and some important sentences to inform the teacher of their needs such as the need of using the bathroom. After a while, the children will understand if THE teacher uses English more often in his/her procedure of teaching.

Techniques English teachers should try 

Teachers can start the whole process of their teaching in the form of a long continuous story. In each session, the story continues to teach whatever the teacher wants to teach the kids.

The positive effect that this method has makes children eager to learn so that the story keeps on going and the class, as well as the lessons, are interesting.

Combining songs with the lesson 

Another way to make English classes for kids more interesting is to combine the lesson with song. For example, learning the correct spelling of words is hard for most children.

If a teacher comes up with a song that has rhyme with some particular words that may seem hard for children, they can learn the words easier.

Reading simple stories

It is a fact that reading is easier than listening. That is why a teacher can start reading a simple storybook in English classes for kids. Changing the voice to make it more fun is suggested if the teacher feels comfortable doing so.

Reading simple stories makes English lessons easier to learn and makes the whole procedure of English classes for kids more fun. The teacher can ask children to perform a play of a certain story.

The success rate of the teaching process rises if the involvement of children plays a more important role in the whole procedure of teaching. 

Watching cartoons

Most children enjoy watching a TV show or a film which is a fact that cannot be denied. After the time that children’s listening skills are improved, teachers can use cartoons that are appropriate for children’s age. It helps them learn better.

Teachers can start with simple cartoons that the main goal of them is to teach something related to the lesson. Teachers can utilize them as their lesson plans. Keep in mind that children are smart. To make them always happy when the TV is on, an amusing cartoon needs to be shown.

There are a lot of newest animations or movies that are appropriate for their age. But the main reason should not be forgotten, children should learn English by watching these films and cartoons in English classes for kids.

Teachers can use subtitles if they have plans for them and know how they want to use them. For example, every five minutes or so pause the movie or the cartoon to ask children questions about the events or the characters.

When they have watched the episode, one of the students can be asked to give a summary of the story, or other children can be asked to express their thoughts, obviously in English. This helps to improve both reading and listening skills which are important in any language.

Writing an essay or a paragraph

Another skill that teachers who teach in English classes for kids, have to make sure that children learn is writing. For children to be able to write an essay or a paragraph, they should be able to spell words correctly. This can be achieved by playing games.

One of the games that are both fun and educative is “Hangman”. It is better if the children do all the things in this game. The children should be divided into two groups and then one group gets to choose a word and the other group should guess the word.

When the first group chooses the word, they send one of their members to the board to draw some dashes on it. The number of dashes is equal to the letters that create that word. The opposing group starts guessing the letters. If they guess correctly, the person next to the board writes down the letters on the related dash.

If they guess wrong that person starts drawing a stickman from its feet to head. If the second group manages to guess the whole word correctly before the stickman is completed, they win. If the stickman is completed before the other group guesses the whole word the first group wins. This helps children to learn how to spell words while having fun.

When children learned large numbers of words to improve their writing skills, teachers can ask them to write essays about their favorite fictional character, or how they have spent their holidays, etc. The subjects are better to be about the things that make children excited.


The mentioned methods above are just a few examples of a lot of methods that make English classes for kids fun. With this being said, the key point to remember is that children enjoy a course if they have a good relationship with the teacher who is teaching it.

The teacher needs to make sure that they treat children well, and not treat them in the way that they feel frightened while being near him/her. Teachers should earn their respect and love.


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