Best English books for kids; tips about them


English books for kids are the best educational devices elevating children’s English knowledge and vocabulary. There are many useful English books and novels for kids on the Internet that parents can easily download for free. But before that, it is important to consider some crucial tips.

Books are the first things which are talked about when education is the topic. They become more important when kids and their education are involved. Books play an important role because both teachers and kids should find them appealing.

Everyone agrees that kids English books should be attractive because they want to learn a new language and it needs to seem pleasant to keep them in the class. One of the challenges that teachers have is to teach the lessons in an attractive way.

Children do not find the English books that are just about teaching English amusing; especially if English is not their mother tongue. One of the ways that can help children to learn English is by making the kids English books more appealing. Here are some ways that can make this happen.

 Using colorful pictures

Children feel bored if their books are filled with text. One of the things that attract children to a book or a magazine is the pictures. The more colorful and children friendly the pictures are, the more amusing children find the book. It is important to use this kind of material in kids English books in order to make it more kids friendly. Another point that is needed to be mentioned is to use colors in some text as well.

It means that if teachers want to teach phonics, they can use some colors such as red to show a particular group of letters that make the sounds. Another part that can be used in different colors for the grammar boxes to indicate the basic differences. For example, the color red can be used for “es” in the word “does” to show the students when it is used and it indicates its difference with “do”.

 Teaching through a story

There are various factors that attract children to their English books. One of those factors is using a story themed lesson. It can be in a form of some comics with some characters that are always in the lessons. This helps children to relate themselves with some characters and also makes children eager to find out what happens next.

In each session the lesson is taught then they can practice their lesson in the story that comes next. It is a good idea if some animals are used as characters as well. On some occasions, it can be a bird or a dog.

The animal can be a wise personality who knows what is happening to each character and helps children to have some perspective of the whole adventure. The fact that using stories in order to teach English to children can improve the level of their understanding has been proved. Also, it helps children to remember some parts of their lessons through visual memory which is a good technique for remembering the rules of English grammar.

 Having group activities

Another factor that affects children’s attraction to their learning English procedure is the level of their own involvement. Kids English books that have more group activities are found to be more student-friendly.

This feature also helps the teacher to check the level of children’s understanding. In group activities, children can use the English they have learned in order to express themselves.

It also helps teachers to have an overview of children’s understanding, which means that students start to make similar mistakes, they haven’t learned their lesson and the teacher can start teaching them the lesson one more time. It is also considered as a rest time for both children and teachers. The atmosphere of the class gets more friendly and the teaching atmosphere disappears.

The fact is that maybe the teaching atmosphere has been disappeared but it is within the activity itself. Also, it is crucial for any English learner to participate in some conversations which helps them to pronounce the English words they’ve learned correctly.

 Kids friendly articles

One of the important parts of kids English books is the texts that seem irrelevant to the lesson but are a practice for students to fully understand their lessons. If these paragraphs are about some fictional characters like buzz-light year, batman, etc.

It makes children more eager to read about their favorite characters. It also can be about famous people and their motivations that lead them to create some fictional characters. For example, a text can be about Stan Lee who created many fictional characters such as spider-man.

This method also helps children to give more credit to their own skills. Another thing that attracts children to their books is articles about animals in the form of actual facts. Children are always looking for ways to surprise their parents by telling them some facts that they think their parents do not know. They can learn these facts in English and tell them to their parents later.

 Using games in practices

Children usually do not enjoy doing their homework. Homework is meant to be a practice that helps children to find out what they have learned or whether they have learned their lesson or not. It is an important part of their learning procedure. How children can be made to enjoy their homework instead of avoiding it? Enjoyable homework is one of the properties that makes a book more special among kids English books.

One of the easy yet successful ways of achieving this goal is by using games as their homework. For example, there can be some letters in a box and they are asked to find some words by circling the letters that make sense if they are together. Another method is to have two columns of words and their definitions and ask children to connect each word to the correct meaning.

Another method is by having two pictures with some differences in very small details like the number of the buttons, petals of the flower, etc., and then ask them to say the differences they have found. These are fun activities that help children to enjoy learning English and also enjoy doing their homework.

Take kid’s interest into account:

The most important tip parents must consider is regarding their kid’s interest. The English books chosen for kids should match their interests. Otherwise, kids will not get involved in reading. Children will pay all their attention to the English books if they are interested in them.

Parents show respect and care for their kid’s interests by following this essential tip. So, let your kid pick whatever he likes, but have control over his choices. You kid should not read books that do not match his age and English level of proficiency.

Provide an engaging reading atmosphere:

Keep in mind that kids function well in a happy engaging atmosphere. Therefore, parents should create a decent reading atmosphere if they want their kids to read books regularly and wisely. Kids should read in a perfect atmosphere where there is no tension, loud voices, and distraction.

So, parents should provide a quiet calm place for their kids to read English books. To do this, provide your kid with a small colorful library in his room. You can also take a trip to a big children’s library so that he can read in the comfort of the library.

Play relaxing instrumental music:

While your kid is reading English books, play relaxing instrumental music. In this way, your kid’s attention will be fully attracted to the contents of the English books. As a result, your kid will learn new things while having fun.

Listening to instrumental music while reading books makes your kid much calm, relaxed, and focused. It helps your kid to become released from anxiety and depression. It improves the functions of a kid’s brain so that kid can show a great performance at reading English books.

Reread short English books together:

Taking this tip effectively improves your kid’s English. It makes your kid stick new English words in his mind. Plus, your kid will be more interested and involved in English acquisition by reviewing his favorite English books.

Discuss, analyze, and summarize together:

Discussing, analyzing, and summarizing English books together makes reading much enjoyable, productive, and fun for kids. They help kids to follow reading instructions very well. By taking this valuable tip, you can also evaluate, correct, and improve your kid’s critical analysis and summary. 

Make reading English books a night routine:

Do not expect your kid to read English books most of the time. Reading English books requires a certain schedule. The best time for reading English books is at night (for thirty to forty minutes before sleep).

By following this important tip, kids never get tired, exhausted, or bored in reading. Instead, they will be more encouraged and interested in reading different genres of children’s English books. This routine makes kids’ English vocabulary extremely rich. It makes kids read English books regularly without any feelings of frustration, disappointment, and exhaustion of English.

Do not expect your kid to sit still while reading English books:

Kids have so much energy. So, they cannot sit on a chair reading English books for a long time. They need to move, dance, or walk to balance their energy.

Parents should not be too strict to make kids read for a lot of hours in a week. Keep in mind that kids love moving around, having fun, and playing. So, take your kid’s learning English a bit easy.

Ask your kids to make notes while reading:

Ask your kid to write important points, new words, hidden messages, and reflections while reading. Taking this tip also improves kids’ critical analysis and memorization capacity.

In addition, following this tip effectively improves kids’ both English reading and writing skills. It helps kids’ to think much deeper through the English texts because they add their opinions, feelings, and thoughts to their notes. It also keeps them perfectly focused while reading English books.

Ask relevant questions:

Having read the book, ask kids detailed questions about the information, content, circumstances, conflict, and events included in the book. Asking questions is one the most practical ways with which parents can accurately evaluate kids’ reading comprehension skills.

Effective questioning makes English acquisition, criticizing, and analyzing texts much easier for kids. It helps kids feel free to share their opinions. So, it not only improves their English reading skills but also improves their English listening and speaking skills.

Be patient:

The last piece of advice is to be patient. Teaching kids to read is not an easy task. It requires much deal of patience, time, and energy. So, it’s important to tolerate kids’ English errors and mistakes while reading or analyzing by using practical error correction methods.


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