Which English books to read to improve English?

Reading English books is considered one of the most exciting and effective ways of improving overall English language skills. As it exposes the leaner to novel vocabulary and sentence structures and a wonderful story at the same time. Reading books also provides repetition of the vocabulary known by the reader which is an effective method for reciting the materials learned in the classroom. It teaches the learner how to use the vocabulary in a more practical manner.

 English book level suggestions:

Depending on the proficiency level of the English learner, different books may be suggested by the teacher. For beginner students it is best to start with simple, short stories while students with better English language proficiency can dive into more complicated English books and novels.


For beginners it is recommended to start with short stories. Classic books should be avoided for now since the English language used in the classics is very different from what the learner is being taught in English classes. Children’s books are a great start for learners of this stage. For instance, Dr. Seuss’s books are the perfect example of simple English. Reading rhythmic books also helps learners learn new word phrases and vocabulary. Reading short stories written in rhyme facilitates the learning process. As they are written for children, they are considered the perfect fit to learn some basic vocabulary.

intermediate English books :

For intermediate English learners reading English books in their free time will introduce them to new ways to promote their English language proficiency. Reading books will not be considered studying as the learner dives into the story. Choosing a book should be directly related to the level of the students’ English skills. For intermediate students any book that does not contain archaic English will be appropriate. Also reading books which the learners have already seen the movie version can encourage students to better engage with reading.

advanced English books :

Advanced English learners can begin to challenge their language skills through reading. One of the most important factors especially for advanced English learners is to be interested in the book itself. Since the learner has advanced reading abilities books should be chosen based on the readers’ interests in genre, summary and reviews. At this level student may even choose books that are considered challenging for native English speakers.


Being able to read a book to completion in another language is a rewarding task for English learners. Reading English books is a great way to pick up new words and to see grammar in action. It also promotes English language development. Reading books may seem like a slow process for acquiring English language but adopting non-academic books as learning tools assists the learner in obtaining English fluency much faster.


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