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Writing English books for children is challenging because not only the content needs to appeal to them, but also the cover of the English books, the colors, and the photos are significant elements.

When choosing books to purchase, kids seems not to care about the content. If the cover is attractive, they make their parents to buy a book which looks beautiful even if parents believe the content is not that appealing.

Psychologically speaking, kids learn much better when they like something more. Therefore, every single part of the book needs to be inviting particularly the cover. Kids English books need to find ways to have kids buy the books and read them all along.

There are too many reasons to learn English, such as job opportunities, traveling more accessibly, and understanding science. Learning English as a second language may sound challenging, but with the proper methods and tools, not only is it’s easy, but it’s enjoyable. Reading English books for children is one of the best ways to learn English. Education comes from reading.

Experiencing new things opens you up to new perspectives. Reading English books can help you learn new vocabulary, understand grammar in action, and develop your language skills. You can’t succeed unless you choose the right English book to read. You will improve your vocabulary, improve your understanding, and even learn more about different countries and cultures by reading English books.

Benefits of learning English by reading English Books

Reading is overall a healthy habit. The act of reading English books involves a lot of brain activity. It is not just the writer who works hard, but also the reader. You either imagine a scene in your head when reading an English book, or you may understand the writer’s point of view and agree or disagree with them, in addition to increasing your intelligence, improving your creativity, and providing inexpensive entertainment. The benefits of reading a book are endless. Here are reasons why reading English books for children is an excellent way of learning English both for children and adults.

  • English books for children have more simple grammar and vocabulary; except for a few books with advanced vocabulary, these books are not too difficult. There is more to these words than the exact words most commonly found in children’s books.
  • Reading children’s English books is fun! In addition to being enjoyable to read, the pictures make the stories easier to understand, besides being attractive.
  • Reading English books promotes thinking in English: To become naturally fluent in English, you need to think in English. When you read English books, you might confine your thinking to your native tongue and facilitate your thinking in English. You don’t have time to translate your mind when you become proficient in reading English quite fast. Fluent readers can scan the text so that they can think in English.
  • Reading English books or English books for children will achieve better writing skills: You notice lots of things when you read a book, including the way the writer writes, how the words are used, and the pace at which the story is being told. As a result, your English language skills will improve, and your writing style will improve.
  • Reading English books expands your vocabulary: You can learn new words by reading. Finding new words will be easier with English books. It is quite possible to build quite a large passive English vocabulary by reading and understanding its meaning in the context.
  • Reading English books helps you a contextual language: In the same way, real-life words (used in context) are much easier to recall. As these books are written in simple language, it’s easy to understand what’s going on. You can, therefore, often understand the meaning of a new word by using the situation and images in a story without referring to a dictionary.
  • Great lessons to learn: Most English books for children teach children how to become good people as they grow up. The lessons are still valid and valuable, even when we are teens and adults. There is a possibility that children might not fully appreciate the stories. Nevertheless, these stories can have a new meaning for us as adults.

Best English Books for Children

Learning English by reading English books for children is a fun and effective way for children and adults. However, it’s essential to choose the English books that meet all your needs. Here are ten of the best English books for children you can read to learn English.  

Munro Leaf, The Story of Ferdinand

The Story of Ferdinand is one of the best English books for learning English. Instead of using poetry or rhyming or not having a meaningful plot, this English book uses everyday language and flows easily. In addition to advanced and straightforward vocabulary and grammar concepts, it has everything a children’s book should have for English learners.

Since he was a child, Ferdinand, a bull, enjoyed smelling the flowers in his grassy area. However, the other bulls liked to play and butt heads. Ferdinand still enjoys taking long walks and sniffing flowers despite becoming the most significant and most muscular bull globally.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Language learners can practice grammar, vocabulary, and exam skills with the exercises at the back of each Reader. Test readers’ story comprehension and develop their vocabulary using questions before, during, and after reading.

The little prince symbolizes open-mindedness among children. Wandering after the mysteries of the universe, he asks questions ceaselessly. Such curiosity is portrayed as a key to understanding and happiness in the novel.

Lemony Snicket, A Series of Unfortunate Events

There are thirteen children’s novels in the series A series of unfortunate events written by American author Daniel Handler under the pen name Lemony Snicket. The books are based on Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire; who lose their parents and are trying to survive. They learn about secret organizations and many other unbelievable facts.

The stories are well written, and the illustrations are lovely. This English books series is excellent for English learners because Lemony Snicket uses unique English words and explains the words along the lines. However, these English books are only helpful for those with a basic knowledge of the language.

H.A. Rey and Margret Rey, Curious George

The simplicity of the sentences in this book makes it very easy to read for English learners. As an example, “One day, George met a man.”. His hat was large and yellow. In addition to the short sentences, all of them are very choppy, so it works well for reading by both children and English learners.

A monkey named Curious George is the hero of the series “Curious George.”. “Curious” refers to someone interested in learning more. Humans catch Curious George and bring him to the big city for being too curious.

Margaret Wise Brown, Goodnight Moon

Because it consists of primarily two-word and three-word sentences, this book is one of the most outstanding English books for children and adults.

There isn’t much of a story in Goodnight Moon. In this book, kittens, mice, and an older woman are described. A toy house, mittens, and even a cow are included. Each character is said goodnight by the author at the end of the book.

Dr. Seuss, Green Eggs and Ham

Despite its length, this book is one of the best English books. The repetition is similar to that in “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” The words feel smart, even though their vocabulary is primarily simple. It’s a clever and fun book because it rhymes and uses similar words.

Green eggs and ham are Sam’s favorite food. He offers this meal to his friend, but he doesn’t want to eat green eggs and ham. Sam’s friend still will not eat green eggs and ham after riding a train, going through a tunnel, and even swimming in a lake.

K. Rowling, Harry Potter novel series

Many people do not consider the Harry Potter series as English books for children. But both children and adults can enjoy reading these magnificent English books with strong storylines. Besides, the fact that there are illustrated editions now, makes these English books an excellent source for learning English. The story is about a boy who finds out he’s a wizard at the age of 11. He gets a letter from Hogwarts, the school of witchcraft and wizardry, and begins his journey inside the magical world.

The cover in children’s English books

Have you heard when people say not judge a book by its cover? Well, that could not be more wrong! Especially when the audience is children. Because children will definitely consider the cover as a vital factor when they want to pick English books.

When it comes to buying English books, the first thing that is noticed is the cover. So, if publishers are planning to attract their audience, they have got to have them mesmerized as the first step.

In other words, book cover is the first strategy that publishers or book writers have when they want to open up a spot in their readers’ heart. In this case, we are trying to find a way to make the book cover for kids English books more appealing.

Publishers must take a really good look at their audience’s common interests, and include that in an art form on the covers. This must happen in a way that the audience will get interested in reading English books just by passing by it on the shelves.

Obviously, the cover of English books should include the title of the book, name of the authors, and the age of intended audience. As an example, a picture of a certain character can be added to the cover which can be discussed later on. In addition, the cover of the educational English books can include alphabets  in a floating form on the cover, which it can represent what is going on in the whole book.

English books

Using the characters on the cover of kids English books

The picture of the characters must be included on the cover. This has to happen in a way that when someone looks at the cover, already knows that the book in the hand is about that character. 

One of the easiest ways to get the audience hooked on English books is to just bring two or three lines of the content on the cover to create interest about what is going on inside. As a result, when kids see those lines on the cover of English books on the shelves, subconsciously they want to know more about the story. This is possible when the whole book rotates around that story line.

Tips about the back cover of kids English books

Have in mind that it is not only about the front cover. The back cover matters just as much as the front cover in English books. If you take a look at the nearest book to you, you can see that something is happening there, too! It mainly holds some bar codes and numbers but that is not all.

The author can write his/her autobiography in a couple of sentences. It can include the summary of the story or a gripping part of the story. In addition, the back cover can be used to extend the drawings and art materials from the front cover to the back so the whole book is wrapped in a uniform color.

English books

The colors in kids English books

As another important element in children’s English books, is the colors used in the whole book, both inside and outside. Thus, authors use colors that stimulate joy, happiness, and confidence. They generally create a positive energy towards the reader. Especially because most of the kids are active in younger ages, warm colors can be used more, color such as shades of red, orange, yellow and light green.

The pictures in English books for children

Using pictures in English books including flowers, animals, kids and toys appeal to kids a lot. If they are a bit older, try to use a perspective about their surroundings, different states, countries, and continents. Make them dive into the world which is being are brought to them just by looking at the cover.


There are numerous perspectives to consider when publishing English books. Having creativity on both cover and content is necessary to clear your way as a mentionable choice for readers, especially if they are young. more colors can be used, characters can be used as well.

The meaning behind the cover should represent inside the English books. A warm feeling about the content should be created by adding different elements on the cover. Take this as an advice; do not keep it too simple when it comes to kids. On the other hand, do not consider every single idea worthy of a chance on the cover. Just see what is possibly right and then go for it.


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