8 remarkable reasons why English articles are used in school magazines



One of the effective ways of teaching English to children is using English Articles in the classroom. English articles are rich sources of vocabulary, orthography, correct writing, and so on. The more kids read the more they gain exposure to words.

Finally, the words will find their way to stick in the kids’ minds. The kids will have a great vocabulary source which leads to better performance in both English speaking and writing.

Improving kids’ literacy and spelling skills

English articles can raise the kids’ literacy in spelling and make them remember the correct spelling of the words. It is quite normal for even native adults to forget the spelling of some words.

Kids should do frequent multiple exercises to master the spelling of English words. They should stick the correct spellings in their minds to write their compositions, essays, and stories accurately.

Articles are also the best sources of Grammar. Articles contain a lot of words combined with correct Grammar. The kids will master English grammar by reading articles as much as they can.

Why articles are the best learning source

English articlesArticles are the best learning source for the students who memorize things by writing and reading, on the other hand, some auditory, Kinesthetic and visual learners may find reading articles boring. In this case, you as a teacher should bring more interesting articles to the class so that all of the students get involved in the article.

English articles provide the teachers the opportunity of examining their students’ reading comprehension skills. Articles are the best tool to be read in the classroom by the kids. They also reinforce the students’ ability in scanning and skimming texts.

Ask the students to read the articles carefully as quickly as possible. In this case, show them how to use the two reading skills (scanning and skimming) to get the main points of the articles in a short time.

Using English articles to evaluate students

English articles can be a good source for final examinations or class activities, too because they evaluate the students’ reading skills. Bring a part of the article and ask them to read it carefully in a short time and then ask them to answer the questions related to the article.

The article in question can be the best tool for English reading comprehension evaluation. Reading English articles also reinforces the kids’ writing skills. The more they read useful articles, the more they can write correct writings.

Articles can motivate kids to write

They are great motivations for the kids who are interested in writing stories and compositions. With the help of the articles, encourage them to write more compositions.

A teacher can also ask students to write their analysis of the articles being discussed in the classroom. Writing their analysis helps the kids to evaluate their comprehension skills and stimulates them to have a greater concentration on the topic.

English articles’ subjects

English articles reflect a wide variety of different subjects such as economy, education, science, fiction, and so on. They also reflect cultural aspects.

Therefore, kids are exposed to a variety of different cultural aspects, subjects, and fields by reading English articles. They will get a lot of useful knowledge which is useful for them.

English articles also represent different ideas. These ideas can spark the kids’ creativity to do or write more interesting things. English articles raise the students’ knowledge in almost every field since they contain a wide variety of different subjects in any field.

English articles also contain the events happening around us right now such as Corona Virus Pandemic, Covid19 vaccination news, and so on. Therefore, the kids become aware of the current events in the world by reading articles.

The articles challenge the kids’ skills in the comprehension of the different texts. They also challenge the kids’ expertise in guessing the lexical meaning of the words in the context. It is usual for even a native to not know all the meanings of the words.

Improving vocabulary skills by reading English articles

Thus, a kid should know how to guess the meaning of the words that he comes across in the text. English articles give the opportunity of challenging this skill (guessing the meaning of a word in a context) to the kids.

Ask them to read the texts and highlight the words which they don’t know their meaning. Then, ask them to guess the meaning of the words regarding the context.

Reading English articles in the classroom adds fun to the atmosphere. The kids will be amused to discuss various matters in the classroom. They can share their ideas and thoughts free in the classroom.

Reading English articles affects the brain

The articles contain moral values which teach the kids to be on their best behavior. They will teach the kids to be polite and cultured. Reading articles strengthens the kids’ Brains and improves their memories.

Reading plays an important role in memory expansion and the great positive functions of the brain. It is an undeniable fact that reading makes your brain function strongly.

The more you read, the better function your brain will have. As a result, you will master the grammar, vocabulary, correct spelling included in the articles.

Reading English articles as a class activity

Reading English articles as a class activity declines stress and depression. An engaging interesting article can involve the kids and drain their tensions away.

No matter how they dislike the English language or how they are in a deep depression, they will be amused by a popular subject of the articles to discuss their ideas about the matter in the classroom.

Reading English articles improves the kids’ focus and concentration. Focus and concentration are two main necessities of great learning and functioning in the classroom. When the kids don’t pay enough attention to the teacher, they will learn nothing.

Multiple external factors drive the kids to distraction. An interesting article with an engaging topic can immerse the students in the class discussion. Thus, the kids’ attention will be focused on the article and they will learn more useful knowledge. 


Overall, English articles for school magazines help the students learn well in many ways. English articles create such an engaging atmosphere in the classroom that everyone will feel free to share opinions in the class discussion.

English articles are the best sources of English learning skills such as reading comprehension, skimming, scanning, writing, and so on. English articles motivate the kids to write well since they spark the kids’ creativity in writing different essays and compositions.


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