English articles; 6 amazing methods to use include citations

English articles; 6 amazing methods to use include citations

Citation is a reference to a source. The information of different sources sometimes is used in English articles. A writer must tell the reader’s where he obtained the information. Citation makes English articles more authentic because the definite sources of the information are exposed to the readers.

Citation must be put in parentheses, otherwise, the writer of the English articles may be in charged of plagiarism. Using citation is absolutely important in an essay. Citation is a sign of credibility to the main author. Citation also provides authentication, validation and support to the ideas and information of the English articles.

Writers must know when to add citations in English articles. They should write well formed English articles by correct use of citations. Citations are needed in English articles in specific conditions. In this article, there are the specific conditions when citations are needed in English articles:

How to use writings of other authors in English articles

Writers sometimes apply the statements of the other sources such as a book, a prominent figure’ ideas and so on. The writer must cite the statement in the article. The citation helps the readers to distinguish between the writer’s opinions and the source author’s opinions. If the writer does not cite the statements of other sources, then he will be in charged of plagiarism. Stealing someone’s ideas and thoughts is unethical. A plagiarized article is invalid and nobody counts on it.

Using quotations

The writers sometimes add quotations to their articles to make the content of it more engaging for the reader. The writer must cite the quotations he used in the English article. The cited quotations show the credibility of the essay.

Paraphrasing English articles

It is essential for the writer to paraphrase. Paraphrasing reduces the possible ambiguity in the English article. It is one of the practical and important elements of the English article. Your reader requires another author’s statement in order to get a complete reception of your statements. In paraphrasing, the writer can state another author’s statement. Furthermore, he can also state his own words. Paraphrasing always needs citation. (Even when the writer wants to paraphrase his own words.)

Making a reference to another source

As mentioned in the introduction, a writer may use some information of different sources. The sources must be referred in the English articles. Making a reference to another source always requires citation. An article without any citation to the sources lacks validation, credibility and authentication. We know that nobody takes time to read an invalid English article.

Mentioning facts, statics, dates and etc in English articles

When a writer mentions some facts, statics and information, he should tell the readers where he got this information. Citations of the information makes your essay authentic. Therefore, your reader can trust your essay on the basis of the valid sources. The citation of the new information such as dates, statics and etc. is vital in an English article. But, there is no need to cite general information.

All people know general facts. So, the reader does not need to know the source of a general fact. For example, everyone knows the fact that the earth goes around the sun, so there is no need to cite the common knowledge. It is ridiculous to cite general information. Therefore, common knowledge and proverbs do not need to be cited in English articles.

Visual materials

English articles

When the writer adds visual materials such as photos, PowerPoint slides, diagrams and etc., he must cite the sources of them. The citations of visual materials are the evidences showing the readers the validation of the information in the English article.

For example, if the writer does not cite the diagram he used in his article, then the reader will not trust the information. The writer should cite the visual materials to build trust and authentication for his English articles.

Summarizing other sources or other author’s ideas

As I mentioned in the first lines, when a writer adds any information of another sources, he should cite where he found the information. Therefore, when the writer wants to add a brief summary of other sources such as a book, a movie, another author’s ideas and etc. Into his essay, he must cite the sources of his summary. A writer must mention the sources exactly so that the readers get to know where the summarization is from.


Overall, citation is very important in English articles. Citation shows the credibility of the article. The writer should know when to use citation in English articles to write a good authentic article. Plagiarism must be avoided in English articles.

A writer must not still other’s intellectual properties and benefit from them. In order to avoid plagiarism, the writer must apply correct form of citations in his articles. He must know when to cite the sources in his articles.

He must cite the information and summarization of other sources, paraphrasing, visual materials, data, dates and statics in his English articles. He also should keep in his mind to put the citations in parentheses. By citing sources, the writer not only respects the source author but also he provides an authentic article for his readers.


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