The best 7 ways to teach the English alphabet to kids

English alphabet



Teaching English is necessary in the modern world. English is an international means of communication. Therefore, people around the world should learn English to convey their thoughts, feelings, and opinions to each other.

The best time for teaching English is from 5 to puberty. So, English should be taught at an early age that is why English is taught as a mandatory lesson in most kindergartens.

The most basic element of any language is its alphabet. Therefore, the English alphabet is the first thing that kids should learn. Teachers should know the good ways with which they can teach the English alphabet to kids the best.

Teaching the English alphabet is the most important and difficult duty of any English teacher. If kids do not get the alphabet completely, then they would never learn the English skills at all. So, teachers should do their best to teach the letters to kids.

This article aims to present you with the functional techniques of teaching the English alphabet to kids. There are generally seven great ways of teaching the English alphabet as follows:

First, teach the uppercase and lowercase letters

Kids should learn both uppercase and lowercase letters. Although lowercase letters have more functions than capital letters in English writing, you should first teach capital letters to kids. There are two main reasons why you should do this including :

a)Capital letters are visually easier to distinguish than lowercase letters. Take the two letters “G” and “g” as examples, you can see that the capital letter is more distinguishable than “g”.

b)Capital letters are easier to write. That is, it is much easier for kids to write ” G, H, U, and F” instead of “g, h, u, and f”.

Avoid weekly teaching

Teaching the letters of the English alphabet should never be weekly. If you focus on just one letter for a week, then teaching the English alphabet will take about 26 weeks.  It even takes much longer for a kid to learn how to use the letters in dictation, reading, and writing.

It is suggested that teaching the English alphabet should be at least taken place two to three days a week. Kids should be frequently exposed to English letters to learn them fully.

As a result, take your time to make a good well-organized plan of teaching the English alphabet so that kids learn all English letters quickly.


Use music

Music is undoubtedly an amusing teaching tool. It has a so strong influence on kids’ memorization capacity that kids never forget both the rhythm and the context of it. It helps kids to learn best while having fun in the class.

Play the English alphabet song to teach the English letters to kids. Then, ask kids to sing along with the song. You can allow kids to dance in the class. Movement and enjoyment both efficiently help kids to have better functions at class activities.

The English alphabet song can help kids to learn and memorize the letters completely. It also adds fun to the atmosphere of the class so that kids will be more engaged in learning new things. So, play the English alphabet song as many times as needed.

Use English games

Fun tools such as games are certainly the best teaching tools. Playing games related to the English alphabet is quite entertaining to kids. Plus, it grabs kids’ engagement and attention.

 You can also ask kids to invent a new game that is completely related to the English alphabet. To do this, group kids and, ask them to create a kind of new alphabet game. Then, ask each group to present their invention to the class. Choose the best well-organized game and give a bonus mark to the inventors of the game. In the end, ask kids to play the invented game.

By this method, kids not only have fun in the class but also learn many new things quickly. The English alphabet games motivate kids to learn more. So, kids are more exposed to the English alphabet in this way.

Take advantage of kids’ names

Names are the most practical tools for teaching the English alphabet to kids. Kids like to write their names or nicknames by using the English alphabet. Names give kids a sense of identity. So, it is best to start teaching the English alphabet with the kids’ names.

In addition, you can ask kids to write the names of their pets or toys on the board. In this way, kids will be more enthusiastic about learning the English alphabet as quickly as possible.

Use the English alphabet picture books or cards

Pictorial tools such as the English alphabet books or cards are one of the best methods of teaching the alphabet to kids. Kids, especially visual learners, learn new things best through pictures. Using the English alphabet picture books or cards has generally three valuable benefits including:

They are accessible and cheap

There is a wide variety of pictorial books or flashcards of the English alphabet in any bookstore. You can easily buy a relatively cheap book or a set of flashcards. Plus, you can pay less for second-hand ones.

They are the best illustrators

Pictorial tools are the best illustrators helping kids to get the main points and tips. Most kids, especially visual learners, prefer reading pictorial books to reading dull written textbooks.

Kids sometimes have difficulty reading words. Plus, reading words takes much longer time than watching pictures. The illustrations of the pictorial books or flashcards effectively help kids to focus on the main points so that kids would learn new things much faster.

They are the best motivators

Pictorial tools are the best motivators for getting kids to learn more. Kids like having fun while learning. As mentioned, the English alphabet books and flashcards help kids to have fun while learning the English letters.

As a piece of advice, avoid using dull textbooks which lack colorful pictures, engaging exercises, etc. Use pictorial books instead. Pictorial books not only increase kids’ engagement in learning but also boost kids’ imagination and creativity.

Come up with English craft activities of the English alphabet

English activities are the primary requirements of teaching a second language to kids. They help kids to review what they have been thought. Plus, they help kids to know their possible errors and correct them.

English activities are required to have enough fun to attract young learners. Kids need a strong motivation to do what they have been asked. If class activities are engaging and motivating, kids will show more interest in the accomplishment of the given assignments.

Craft activities are surely one the most popular amusement motivating kids to do them. Kids like to make something new by using their creativity. So, it is best to ask kids to do English handy crafts to review the English alphabet.

English craft activities are not only fun for kids but also great motivators. Craft activities boost kids’ creativity. They help kids to bring up new creative ideas.

There are two suggested English craft activities ideas that you can apply in teaching the English alphabet to kids :

  1. Ask kids to make the letters of the alphabet with natural objects and bring their handy crafts to the class. Then, ask them to vote for the most beautiful craft.
  1. Ask kids to draw objects, animals, etc. from the given English letters. To do this, you should ask kids to draw an English letter, for example, c, on Paper. Then, ask kids to try to draw something from the given letter.

English craft activities of the English alphabet may seem a bit hard to some students, but these types of activities help kids to increase both their imagination and English knowledge.

Handy crafts help kids to memorize the English alphabet because kids take their time and energy to create beautiful crafts of the English alphabet. The more kids spend their time focusing on English letters, the longer they will keep the English letters in their minds.

Overall, the alphabet of any language is the most essential part of that language. There are many ways to teach the English alphabet to kids. This article presents the best seven methods of teaching the English alphabet to young learners. It is suggested for English teachers to apply the seven methods in their teaching the English alphabet.

English alphabet

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