8 unique reasons why English accent learning is important for kids


In today’s world, English is spoken more than any other language. When you look closely enough in this digital, communicative and interactive world, you can clearly see that English is dominating every fields of our daily communications.

English accent learning is considered as an important factor in helping kids develop their different English skills. It is essential for kids all over the world to learn and develop a specific English spoken accent.

As you know, English has several different accents and dialects. Choosing the best accent and developing your skills in articulating the sounds, can hugely impact not only your speaking, but also other linguistic skills you have.

Why English accent learning is important:

Increased self confidence

It has been proven that positive reinforcement from different speakers around you, can boost your self-confidence and ultimately, your language learning abilities.

Having a good technique of speaking and perfectly articulating sounds in English accent, can help you increase the amount of self-confidence, when you speak. Thus, working on your pronunciation and articulating sounds is one of the fastest way to improve your spoken English abilities

Avoiding miscommunication

Bad pronunciation can often lead to different misunderstandings and also embarrassing mistakes. Imagine if you pronounced a word in a wrong way which turns out to be respective pronunciation for another offensive and unfitting word.

In such circumstances the speaker might be very humiliated. For example, when a speaker pronounces the word “third” as “turd” or other possible examples such as mispronouncing the word “beach” and so on.

Such pronunciations of words can be considered awkward and offensive to people you speak to. Therefore, having a coherent way of pronouncing words in English can help non-native speakers, avoid getting into such awkward situations.

Appear more fluent

The fluency of English language speaking is directly linked to linguistic knowledge, but it also is heavily dependent upon the speaker’s accent and the way he/she talks. Some might think of themselves as a speaker with very low knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar, but if they have a good speaking accent they will immensely impress others around them.

Being able to impress other people with your stunning accent also leads to getting positive feedbacks from them. It also helps the wheels of the conversation to swirl in a great and enjoying direction. This is another good reason that puts huge emphasis upon English accent learning.

Shaping up your identity

English accent learning, is a reason to be considered differently from other English learners. It allows us to get a feeling that we belong to a specific society. It also helps you to develop a great relationship with speakers in a native speaking environment.

According to a research in the field of English phonetics and phonology, almost 80 percent of native speakers find a foreigner speaking with a distinctive accent, as an appealing option to start a conversation with.

Natives believed that they find well-spoken foreigners cute and a fun companion to interact with. With being more and more recognized by the way you speak, you can find your identity among the respective society in which you interact, and try to shape it in the best way possible.

Be understood crystal clear

Sometimes, mispronunciation of English words can cause different problems that, it tires your mind to continue and keep up with the conversation that is going on. English accent learning can help you to have an accurate way of articulation of words.

Hence you can be clearly understood by those who talk to you. This helps you avoid getting into misunderstandings and also having a linguistic information gap in the conversation which in that case, both speakers often get bored trying to eliminate the gap their having.

 This often leads to frustration and unintended endings of conversations from both sides. In order to avoid getting into such longsome path of trying to help your conversation counterpart understand what you’re trying to say, you can simply try to choose and develop a certain spoken accent.

It is easy to learn a specific accent

Most of the speakers that haven’t yet considered learning a spoken accent, believe that English accent learning can be a tiring, frustrating and drowsy process.

On the other hand, it can be as easy as you can imagine; all you have to do is trying to repeat the exact same sound pattern that you hear from a native speaking lecturer. Repetition of the sound patterns of your chosen English accent over and over again eases the process of English accent learning.

 Of course other factors such as learning to articulate distinctive phonemes of the respective accent can be an effective way to hasten the process of your learning.

Golden cycle of language learning

Learning and developing a specific English accent can have other positive impacts on your language learning process that you might not realize. English accent learning positively influences your perception of English language learning. It helps you to understand where you are in this path and which path you want to take afterwards.

As we illustrated earlier, it often leads to positive feedbacks that can boost your motivation to keep on learning. This leads you to try having more and more practice which results improvement in what you want to achieve.

This way, different positive feelings come to you at once! For example, feeling proud of yourself and feeling to be resourceful and useful. Therefore, you can always find the motivation you want to keep on going forward. As you can see, English accent learning creates a golden cycle of learning which is priceless.

It helps you to speak exactly what’s on your mind

As illustrated earlier in this essay, English accent learning can bring huge amount of confidence. As a result, speaking skills and the learning process develops. It can help you to be conscious and dominant upon the topic you’re going to speak about, in a way that when speaking; classified thoughts come in as an array of blocks that are going to shape up a magnificent conversation. This provides a feeling that you have a “charismatic” personality, so everyone enjoys to be around and spend time you.


In summary, due to many reasons that was discussed earlier, English accent learning is considered to be an important matter to work on with your students and kids. Whether you are a student, teacher or a parent helping your kids to learn, it is suggested that you put enough effort into practicing spoken English and developing a certain English accent.

This way kids who are learning English, would find it easier to fit in a certain English speaking society later on. Most of English language learning researchers believe that, being exposed to a society of English speakers can help you acquire that society’s dialect or accent.

This is a good way of learning how to speak an English accent but as they say; “It is better to kill the lion in his den.” And it’s better learn a specific accent before being exposed to a certain society of speakers. Overall, English accent learning is an essential part of learning English and it can be conducted through self-study or even classroom study.

Why English accent learning is important

1. Increased self confidence
2. Avoiding miscommunication
3. Appear more fluent
4. Shaping up your identity
5. Be understood crystal clear
6. It is easy to learn a specific accent
7. Golden cycle of language learning
8. It helps you to speak exactly what’s on your mind


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