What are 5 amazing English academies online for kids?

English academies online

For those, who wish to enroll in English academies online, choosing the best virtual environment for their language studies may not be an easy task. With the proper guidance learners can limit their choices into the top 5 English academies online.

Before deciding on the perfect choice that goes along with students’ language goals, learners should consider their age, their level of proficiency, and their main objectives.

Once they are past this stage, it would be much easier to select the best academy, which responds well to their needs.  

Top 5 English academies online

English academies online

Whether the parents want their children to learn English or the kids themselves decide to learn this language, it is important that they are exposed to the best educational environments. A good course will determine whether a student can continue pursuing this path or not.

For the number of applicants, who prefer English academies online, some of the best websites that offer similar courses are: Tutykid.com, AmazingTalker.com, VIPkid.com, italki.com, and Cambly.com.


Among the top 5 English academies online, Tutykid.com could be one of the best options for young learners. This virtual platform covers a wide variety of areas regarding the process of language learning.

What distinguishes Tutykid.com from other counterparts probably relates to the fact that this platform pays a great attention to the process of selecting their English tutors.

According to their reviews, the instructors’ professional attitude towards the children, is what makes the whole experience of learning fun for the kids.


Another option to choose from popular English academies online is AmazingTalker.com. In this website the learners can go through hundreds, if not, thousands of tutors’ profiles and select the teacher who suits their language needs.

What makes this platform more amazing is that even English teachers, who are looking for a job, can set up their profile on the website and find different students from all over the world to tutor.


Similar to Tutykid.com, VIPkid.com is also one of those English academies online, which tries to only hire experienced teachers. Taking that into consideration, investing time in choosing proper tutors will not only give the learners a chance to benefit from a high-quality learning experience, but it will also earn the parents’ trust by assuring them that their kids will be in good hands.

Another advantage of this platform is that the length of the classes is usually no longer than 25 minutes; therefore, it would be less tiring for the kids.


Founded in 2007, italki.com is another one of those English online academies, which helps both learners and teachers to take advantage of its features.

The main reason why this platform is popular among its users is due to the fact that for those who wish to have a one-on-one session with their teachers. This website could be the best answer to their needs.

One of the pros about this academy is that if a person chooses to cancel or reschedule his/her class, he/she can simply do it by submitting a request on the website 24 hours before the start of the class.


Unlike other platforms, in Cambly.com degrees don’t define their tutors. What matters most to this platform, is that the person in charge will have a passion to work with kids.

One good thing about this online academy is that the parents are directly linked with the tutors via a certain messaging tool. This gives the parents a chance to reach their kids’ instructors and have a bigger role in the learning enhancement of their children.


In brief, with the recent expansion of different technologies, it is hard to deny the importance of English academies online. Therefore, as a part of our lives it is important that we pay a great attention to selecting the best online academies


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