The most important effects of texting on the English language

The most important effects of texting on the English language


The increase in telecommunication and mobile phone usage in modern life has raised many concerns towards its effects on the structure of English language. The effects of texting have been the subject of many researches in the last couple of years. There is no denying of texting impact on the standard English as we know it. But is this change for better or world.

Effects of texting in order of using cell phones

In recent years, there has been a tremendous rise in using cell phones to communicate. Cell phones have become the primary components of family life, especially for teenagers. There is no doubt that previous generations were far more literate than children today. The average school student struggles more with spelling, grammar and essay-writing, all essential skills which were considered crucial to a good perception of the English language.

Some believe texting is distancing English speakers from their native language and confusing English learners as it promotes misspelling. As any linguist knows, English language is not a static thing. Change and development in the twenty-first century is constant and the recently developed sounds and phrases of standard English are merely reflections of the change in society.

One of most well-known effects of texting :

effects of textingOne of most well-known effects of texting is that in writing text messages people do not always follow the conventional written English rules and use texting language known as “textese”. Other effects of texting might be expansion of vocabulary upon first use of communication devices. However, the terminology used in text messages are mostly words that are unique to texting and the person will use the same terminologies over and over again.

The important thing to remember for education is teaching children and young adult how to use different ways of communication. Writing an essay and writing a text message are different things; both can be taught. The terminologies used in texting allows the omission of words and sounds that are not acceptable in standard written English such as 4ever instead of forever. It is possible that children’s grammar system is affected by texts as well as grammar rules are often transgressed.

Abbreviations are a natural part of the evolution of language and it is not mainly due to effects of texting on English Language. For instance, the word OK, the most popular English word in the world, was invented during the age of telegraph. Teachers found OK as inappropriate as they do NVM (never mind) today.


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