Educational games for kids; 3 fascinating reasons to use them to teach English to kids

educational games for kidsAbstract:

Teachers have always been looking for the best practical interesting teaching methods for kids. They want to discover effective and amusing teaching methods for all types of learners.

One of the best implicit practical teaching methods is using educational games for kids in class. Suitable educational games for kids are exactly what a teacher looks for. They effectively help teachers to increase their work quality. They also make teachers more professional in their careers.

Parents, principals, head teachers always ask English teachers to look for new ways, techniques, and methods to apply in their classes to achieve the teaching goals. Kids English classes need more educational games for kids to teach English to kids in an productive way.

Furthermore, educational games for kids make the lessons and the classes pleasant for kids. Consequently, teachers’ lesson plans should include at least one game for each lesson. Educational games for kids can make the teaching process unpredictable and exciting. In this way, children will never get bored or uninterested when learning English. No teacher wants to know that their classes bore their students.

Why using educational games for kids is recommended

Educational games for kids 2Dealing with kids in class for some hours is one of the hardest thing. Yet teachers who teach English to kids enjoy their time with the children. Kids are playful and always try to find a way to challenge others.

It is in their nature to question everything such as facts, laws, stories and more on. This is because of their curiosity about their surrounding world. They want to experience everything by themselves and gather information. Their curiosity should be appreciated because it helps them to form their beliefs and personalities. By being aware of these mentioned facts, it is safe to say that teachers should try to tutor children considering their characteristics. 

What can help teachers run an English class much better is educational games for kids. Educational games for kids help them teach the lessons much better. Using educational games for kids makes children enjoy the process of learning. Also, it helps them to learn their lessons without feeling any pressure. Using educational games for kids is considered a effective method of teaching.

Using educational games for kids in English schools

In many successful English schools, teachers are asked to try to come up with new educational games for kids that help them teach English lessons in a better way. Many children from the entire globe study in English schools these days. That is because English is one of the most common languages in the world. As parents realize the importance of learning English, they try to teach English to their kids as they are young. 

Kids who study in English schools benefit from several advantages. One of the advantages is that they grow up as bilingual students. Learning English as a second language can be difficult for them at first. That is why including educational games for kids can help them to overcome the difficulties they might face. 

Children learn best when they are having fun. That is why teachers can teach English lessons by using educational games for kids in their teaching plans.  This way children feel more relaxed and their stress is reduced. They feel comfortable when studying English in the classes. 

The benefits of using educational games for kids

Educational games for kidsWhen using educational games for kids the involvement of children in their learning process increases. This involvement makes the teachers’ job a lot easier. Children start to learn the lessons while playing. That is because educational games for kids are instructive as they are amusing. Further on, the benefits of using games for kids in the classes are explained shortly.

Teachers’ can teach easier

A significant advantage of using games is the fact that it makes it easier for teachers to teach and run their classes. If teachers try to teach by only using academic methods, the students will feel tired and bored.

Since children are playful and it is challenging to grab their attention, the teacher might have to explain things many times. But when the lesson is combined with educational games for kids, children pay more attention to the teacher. They understand the instructions much better and they try to use it in the situation that the game creates.

Teaching English gets much easier if it is combined with games, songs, and challenges. Many English teachers use different kinds of educational games for kids to teach children how to spell words, learn verb tenses, learn specific combination of letters sounds like, and more on. 

Educational games for kids facilities the English teaching process effectively. They allow teachers to lead kids towards English self-learning while playing. In this case, teachers can rest their minds controlling their students’ performance at both English acquisition and playing.

Educational games for kids creates an enjoyable learning environment

Playing educational games for kids in class enables teachers to spread love, friendship, and mortality in their classes. That is, children directly communicate with their classmates while playing. They learn to admire each other’s skills and talents instead of being jealous or competitive towards each other’s progress.

Teachers add fun, excitement, and positive energy to the atmosphere of their class by bringing educational games for kids. Such games strongly involve students in the English learning process. They help teachers to engage their students in English acquisition.

Playing games enables teachers to communicate with their students much better. It makes teachers to be considered children’s best friends. Therefore, educational games for kids improve and maintains the formal relationship between a teacher and the students.

Educational games for kids can teach them English in the best way possible

Educational games for kids help teachers to teach English lessons much better. Children implicitly learn many new words, idioms, slang, or even jargon while playing English games by themselves. They also learn how to talk, write in English effectively that they can easily impress others with their words.

Children can use English in real situations by playing such games. Take the “hangman” game as an example, children have to guess the letters of a word in English. They will get warnings from their teachers if they do not speak English the whole game.

Thanks to technology, there are many educational games for kids on the internet that teachers can download for their students. But, many students do not like playing on a screen. Therefore, most teachers consider a certain time, for example, two hours a week, in their teaching schedule to play educational games for kids with their students in class.


Overall, playing educational games for kids has many valuable effects for children. It makes children learn English well. It also makes the English teaching process much simple, enjoyable, and effective. That is because children spend most of their time playing. They desire to spend time discovering new challenges and games. Teachers can benefit from these characteristics to teach English to kids in the most productive way. 


Why are educational games good for kids?

Educational games for kids have many useful effects on kids. They help kids to be more social, meticulous, competitive, and interested in English acquisition. The three main advantages of educational games for kids are:

Expanding social circle

Most educational games for kids are played in collaboration. Therefore, children’s social skills grow through such games. Plus, they make new friends and learn social norms. Playing educational games for kids makes children’s social circles more expanded. It avoids children from shyness, lack of self-confidence, and low self-reliance. It also makes children more capable of maintaining their interpersonal relationships in today’s world.

Children learn how to work in groups to achieve their goals. They encourage and help their teammates to have a good performance in playing educational games for kids. So, they learn to care for each other’s problems and solve them.

Playing such games is a kind of practical activity making children ready to be good active members of society in the future. It informs children that they should respect and obey rules; otherwise, they fail to achieve their goals. Therefore, such games help children express themselves much better and clearly.


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