Astonishing reasons why education can change society


In a world, where developments have become a part of our communities and changes are necessary for a better future. It is important that we welcome education into our everyday lives.

Getting a degree and increasing knowledge through the educational system can not only help individuals in their own personal lives by providing them with certain occupational opportunities but it can also affect society as a whole.

People are always concerned about the situation of society, what can change a society and make it better? Education is the most common answer for this essential question. There is no doubt that education has a huge effect on society.

Now we want to explain how proper education can change society and find out if these changes cause by education is always good or can be harmful as well.

Why education is important?

Education is the most important part of our society. Schools and other educational complexes are a part of the cultural system of society. They are key mechanisms in determining what is socially valued as legitimate and purely popular knowledge. Along with their role in defining a large part of what is considered legitimate knowledge, they also participate in a process through which certain groups gain prestige and other groups remain unknown or inferior. Here, schools are the centers of the struggle for recognition policies related to race, ethnicity, class, gender, ability, and other important dynamics of power.

In most societies today, schools and universities are important tools for achieving social goals and objectives. It is expected to facilitate the social, political, and economic growth and development of society. Meeting these expectations creates a wide range of functions for education.

The impact of education on today’s world is so massive, that many sociologists consider it the most important institution in building a successful society. Unfortunately, rapid changes and sometimes political decisions always cast a heavy shadow over education. While in fact, the changes in this institution must be very thought out and calculated because socialization, although it starts from the family, is in schools and universities that it is established and directed.

Socialization means the adaptation of an individual to the values, norms, and attitudes of a social group, or in other words, socialization is a process by which each individual acquires the social knowledge, education, and skills necessary for effective and active participation in a group and social life. The combination of these values, norms, attitudes, knowledge, skills, enables the individual to have relationships and interactions with groups and individuals in society. The process of socialization is continuous and valid for life. And something as important as education can have a great effect on this matter.

Education is the basis for the intellectual and moral development of human beings in a dynamic society. It is the most important path that leads to perfection and happiness. The importance of the role of education in training specialized forces, scientists, and those familiar with the new sciences is very important. Let’s say that one of the important tasks of the country’s education system is to train “self-confident” and not “false proud” people. We need to educate people who know they have roots in the past but live in today’s world and need to think about the future.

To achieve an ideal, advanced, and dynamic society in which human beings have dignity and rights, we need new organizations, innovative teachers, and innovative students. Culture is an indicator of the way of life that every society adopts to meet its basic needs in terms of durability, survival, and order of social affairs. In other words, culture refers to the tools, customs, beliefs, sciences, arts, education, and social organizations, or what society creates and leaves to human beings is called culture. As a result, formal education is needed to reproduce culture or recreate culture.

Education can be considered as the most important organ and as the heart of the body of society. Any damage to it will cause great damage to other sectors. The task of education is to train an informed, efficient, and committed forces for the country. Education can bring prosperity to other economic, social, and cultural sectors, and this can only be possible by strengthening schools and universities.

By studying the fate and domination of developed countries, we’ll realize the important role of education in promoting and realizing the capabilities of other parts of these countries. According to economists, the prosperity of Japan’s economy and industry owes so much to its education, and they acknowledge this. Education should spread the spirit of production of science, invention, progress, and acquisition of knowledge.

Today, education as a social institution, that is responsible for educating people in society is considered and emphasized by members of society, including people, officials, and thinkers. All believe that the growth and development of a country to nurture conscious and responsible human beings depend on what is considered human development in literature. Therefore the role of education in making conscious and dynamic human beings is not hidden from any expert and they all agree on the irreplaceable impact of education.

Changes brought by education within a society

We are constantly reminded to invest a certain amount of our times into seeking a better education and though some may question the purpose of such goal, it is necessary to see this opportunity as a way to create if not a better society then a more positive community.

In a place where most members of the society are educated, it is easier to see how a large number of individuals are more open to new ideas instead of resisting change. How they own a different mindset, and how they can change the world for the better once they are brought together with likeminded people.

We want to analyze 3 different types of education along with the ways it can change society. Education has 3 major impacts on society. We must take into consideration which kind of education is good and can lead a community to greatness.

The consequences of an unhealthy school system are also explained in this article. But first, let’s find a flawless answer for “How can education change society?”  



A society is a group of people involved with each other through different relations. There is a lot of communication between people who live in the same society. Sometimes this communication may cause conflicts and fights, now education can solve this problem.

Proper education can prevent most unreasonable conflicts. But conflicts arise anyway, well-educated people can deal with this situation very easily and avoid unnecessary violence.     

Who teaches us how to communicate with other members of society?

The first education part of communications happens in the families. Parents teach their kids how to greet or respect others. Now everyone can have kids, but if the parents are not well educated or haven’t been taught how to communicate properly, they won’t be able to teach their kids anything related to this matter.

If parents fail to teach their kids properly, the schools’ system might be able to teach them. The school system is the most important part of a kid’s education. Government must invest a lot in kids’ school systems for the benefit of society.

Now imagine the unfortunate situation where the parents fail to teach kids how to communicate and the school system is also useless. This kid is going to have some problems when growing up.

Perhaps there are some exceptional who can overcome these obstacles but most of them struggle through life. These kids will have a lot of problems maintaining their relationships with others. They will feel repulsed by society and some of them won’t be able to find a job or go to university. As a result, education can change society.


The economy of a society relies on many different things and education is one of them. We send kids to school so they can learn how to read and write and also learn the different lessons so they can eventually, go to university, get a degree and find a job.

Members of a society must be occupied or the economy will collapse. Now imagine if the education system is impractical and cannot lead kids to find a job. The result of such a thing would be devastating for society.

When the system is corrupted, the society will be filled with a lot of people whom are university graduate but can’t find a job. Consider that most people cannot even finish high school. We can’t blame all of this on the school system but it affects it. An inefficient school system can destroy the economy but proper education can save it.

More acceptance


People with similar mentalities and better social experiences, who have had the chance to enrich their minds with new ideas, are usually happier to accept new changes and welcome different solutions within their communities and this in return could lead to better life opportunities.

Positive mindset

Another positive aspect of education could be its effect on people’s mindset. In a society, where most of the residents are educated, it may be easier to find positivity radiating from that community and though it is true that knowledge could not be the answer to all of our problems it can still help us bring more positive changes into our world through various numbers of options.

Creating a community of shared ideas

Beside the chance to develop a positive mentality and mindset through education one can also use his/her knowledge to create their own small community of likeminded people.

When a person sits down with those, who share the same idea as his/her, it is easier for them to exchange their thoughts and create a group in which they unite to lead their world no matter how small it can be to a brighter future.

As we’re all well aware life is like a collection of puzzle pieces, which needs to have at least a taste of different aspects of the world to create its whole shape, therefore, we as human beings consider knowledge one of those pieces that will help us create a better living experience by providing us with an opportunity to be more accepting of change, more positive, and share our ideas with others, which in its own way can lead us to creating better communities.

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Can education change society?


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