Best children’s English grammar books

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One main question about teaching English is concerned with grammar and how it should be taught to young children. To answer this question some suggest the use of English grammar books, which can turn learning English into a fun activity for the kids.

Types of children’s grammar books

Considering that there are various types of English grammar books, some may find it difficult to choose the best book responding to their kid’s needs, but with the proper instructions a person can limit his/her options. Grammar books for young children can be found in the form of stories, picture books, short rhymes, or workbooks, which can be selected on the basis of the kid’s age and preference.


In some cases English grammar books are presented in the form of short stories, which explain simple grammatical rules like counting through the use of shapes and colors. Since these books tell a certain tale, they can also be the best option for children, who like listening to a bedtime story before bed.

Picture books

For very young kids, who have yet to learn about reading and writing, the best option to teach them grammar is through picture books. These types of grammar books mainly contain pictures and very little text, which explain grammar through visuals and making associations among the presented materials.


Some English grammar books teach the rules through short rhymes and a collection of audio files, which the children can listen to as they flip through the pages of the book. An important feature of these books is their ability to engage the kids in their learning and invite them to sing along as they listen to the songs.


Though the word workbook may seem intimidating to some adults, there are still a number of textbooks that can help the children learn grammar without making them feel bored. The activities in children’s workbooks can come in the form of coloring practices or tracing down activities, which usually make learning fun for the kids.

Teaching grammar to the kids could cause a major challenge for the parents, but by discovering the needs and the preferences of their child, selecting a proper grammar book would be an easier task for the adults. Considering that these books come in form of stories, picture books, rhymes, and workbooks, one would have a variety of options to choose from.


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