How do you use brainstorming in English writing with the best?

How do you use brainstorming in English writing with the best?


Brainstorming is about having the power of thinking creatively in order to solve problems. It’s the best tool for one to find amazing, innovative ideas to use in their English writing.

Brainstorming doesn’t just hand you the answers, but at times of desperation, possibly with writers’ block, this method can be useful. Brainstorming techniques are what people use when they’re stuck and don’t know what to do next. They can be effective tools because they can be used by anyone.

Brainstorming is simply when one stops to think about the subject they want to write about, then writes down every idea or thought that occurs to them. While writing an English essay, students must be careful with the way they present information.

However, before they even start their first draft, the time in which they’re collecting all their ideas, they must write or type as fast as possible to take down every thought that comes to their minds.

There are two ways for brainstorming for English writing.  Students can go through the brainstorming process depending on which method they think will be more useful to them.

Fill a page

All a student needs to do is grab a pen and paper and start writing. Any sentences or keywords that come to mind should be added to the paper. This method might not be very organized but it’s a great way to quickly gather all ideas without having to create an actual draft.

Be Organized

There is a more ordered way one can brainstorm. Using a diagram can help students gather their thoughts and keep them organized at once. There are two diagrams often used for brainstorming.

Venn Diagram: Most students do not use a Venn diagram in their English writing too often but it can be effective while brainstorming. Here’s an example of a Venn diagram: Perhaps there’s an English essay in which students address the benefits vs. the harm of Styrofoam.

Students should make two columns and name one “benefits” and the other one “harmful effects”. They should then put different words in the two columns.

Spider Diagram: When creating a spider diagram, students should begin by writing 3-5 important topics that they want their English essays to present. After they have the main topics that they want to cover, they can branch off of those topics with additional ideas and maybe even link your key topics together. By the end, the diagram is supposed to resemble a spider web.

Collecting Ideas

After the brainstorming, it’s then time for students to turn their ideas into an English essay. They should then read through their ideas and determine where each will go within their English essay.


brainstorming Students’ biggest problem with brainstorming is taking the first step and starting to write their first draft, or filling in the gaps they have been brainstorming about to finish their English writing.

Students need to write out larger groups of sentences or full paragraphs to expand upon their smaller clusters and phrases. They should keep building from there into the bigger segments of their papers. They don’t have to start at the beginning of their drafts. Instead, they can start writing the segment that comes to their mind most easily. They can always write the introduction last.


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