Which universities have the best English programs?

English programs


Getting a high degree in English language is so important for many students who want to major in English language. It can sometimes be hard for students to choose a good university to study English courses because there are so many different universities around the world that provide the best English programs. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and hard to choose universities that have the best English programs. Here are some of the best universities names with complete details about them that can make the process of choosing so much easier that it seems.

Famous universities

English programs

With so many universities names around it can be hard to choose universities that have the best English programs for learners. English courses can be writing, journalism or literature. According to so many researches university of Oxford, university of Cambridge, Harvard university, university of California and Yale university are top five universities for English programs that attract students from all different countries around the world. Here are complete details about each of these world’s most famous universities that can making final choice so much easier. Universities that are ranked as top five universities in the world.

  1. University of Oxford (UK)

University of Oxford which is located in United Kingdom is the best university around the world. It is also known as the oldest English speaking university. It provides English programs such as English language and English literature. It provides awesome courses for learning English literature from its main origin. Studying in this university for getting English degree can provide brilliant life and job opportunities for everyone.

  1. University of Cambridge (UK)

The second university which also provides the best English programs is called university of Cambridge which is also located in United Kingdom is a research university that provides many MPhil courses of English literature and also English culture and criticism courses.

  1. Harvard university (USA)

The third famous university that have English programs is called Harvard university which is located in the United states of America is a private research university. It has the best English writing programs available for students who are studying there.

  1. University of California (USA)

The fourth university for studying English programs is university of California which is obviously located in California (USA) provides so many English programs like learning English as a second language for students who are eighteen or older. It’s among the best universities to achieve great success in English language for successful life.

  1. Yale university (USA)

Finally, the last university of this list is Yale university which is located in New Haven, the United states of America can be student’s choice for its best English programs. This university is known as the strongest when it comes to studying English major. English writing and journalism are among it’s important English courses to choose. It provides flexible courses for students who study there.


English programs

Overall, it can be a little bit difficult to choose between these five universities that are so well known in the world and everyone’s main dream is to study in these universities. It is also important to mention that being accepted in these universities is not an easy job. There are so many different English programs such as writing, journalism and English literature courses available in these famous universities. All of the universities mentioned above have internship exams that students should take and also professional advisors are available to help students in this process. There is also more detailed information available on many websites which is good to take time and read.


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