What are the top 5 amazing apps to learn English?

Nowadays, the important role that applications can play in learning different languages including apps to learn English is undeniable. They have become an inseparable part of language learning. The advantages of apps to learn English are listed below.

The advantages of apps to learn English

They can be used anywhere and anytime

Apps to learn English are not limited to a specific time or place, they can be easily used anywhere and anytime especially in free time. They can be used in the bed. They are useful in taxis, buses, and other public vehicles. They can be used on journeys. Apps to learn English can be used in different situations.

Prevent wasting time

The advantage of apps to learn English is that they are always with you. Often, when wasted time, such as waiting or waiting for a bus, it be really annoying or even stressful, these apps to learn English can get you rid of stress and help you to not waste time.

Being multimedia

A method that includes images, audio, and video can be much more effective and motivating which are exerted in these apps to learn English! In addition, the person can receive immediate corrections or feedback. There is no need to wait for corrections which is the exclusive advantage of these apps to learn English.

They’re fun!

Yes, learning is fun, it’s called a serious game, and it can be fun. One can imagine a table puzzle or a speed game to re-examine one’s vocabulary or even play a role to enter situations or dialogues which are characteristics of these apps to learn English.

Top 5 amazing apps to learn English


One of the best Apps to learn English is the Duolingo app, which has nearly 10 million users only among those who have an Android system and generally has over three hundred million users in the world among all those who use apps to learn English. This application is a unique language learning program and people can learn thirty-five languages by using it.

The Duolingo language training program helps the user to strengthen their Speaking, Reading, Listening, and Writing skills with various exercises to provide the lexical and grammatical structure needed to communicate in English or any language. It is one of the comprehensive apps to learn English that focuses on four skills.

How does Duolingo work?

Duolingo English Language Learning application is an application which is to teach English using games and gives lessons to the user efficiently with the help of different games. It is one of the apps to learn English that teaches English through games and matches. Also, this program will supervise your language development trajectory to accomplish your short-term and long-term goals and make daily language training a habit.

Another feature that makes the Duolingo app one of the best Apps to learn English is that it is available for free. This program gives the users the possibility to learn 28 languages for free and. The Duolingo English language learning app has drawn the attention of many linguists and experts. Duolingo teaches languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, German, Dutch, Ukrainian, Arabic, Latin, Japanese, and more.

Duolingo Plus is another version of Duolingo, which is available for free. There is a  difference between Duolingo plus and Duolingo in that it does not show ads.

Learn English by Hello English

Another great App to learn English is Hello English: Learn English, which is used by more than 50 million users. This program has been among the best  Apps to learn English in 2017 and 2018, and in 2017 it has dedicated the title of the best Indian application to itself.

This program has 475 different lessons for language teaching which includes various subjects in grammar, vocabulary, etc. One of the most essential strengths of the Hello English learning application is the possibility to learn offline without the need for the Internet.

The program will also be efficacious for children to teach reading, translation, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary skills using different games.

How does learning English by Hello English work?

Hello English language learning application uses daily news and videos to better teach learners. The dictionary of this program has 10 thousand different words with accurate pronunciation. Users can employ this program to boost their language as a group. In other words, users will be able to play with their friends, assess each other’s language skills and even make new friends through this application.

One of the reasons that make this program one of the best Apps to learn English is the existence of communication features with teachers. Language learners can contact schools through the program and ask for help if they are faced with a question that they do not know the answer to or need further help and explanation of the topic.

Memrise, a practical application to learn English

Memrise English application has over forty-five million users, which indicates that this program is one of the best Apps to learn English. The program teaches the language with the help of video and people who are fluent in the language will teach other new language learners through video. The Memrise language learning app is one of the apps to learn English that practically teaches the language with the help of local people in an area. For example, a native English speaker shares a video with learners so that they can improve their speaking ability and learn new terms.

How does learning languages with Memrise work?

Memrise application adopts the Direct Method language teaching approach to language learning. In Direct Method learners are directly in the context of the target language and the concepts will be expounded and interpreted solely by the target language. In other words, the learner can learn the target language in the same way as his mother tongue.

Suppose a newborn is born with no coherent language structure and gradually expands his or her language structure by being in the language and listening situations of parents speaking to him or her and over the years, omitting the drawbacks of that structure; Hence, in this way, there is no translation and the concepts will be learned by the target language and objects, pictures, etc.


Another great app among Apps to learn English, or language in general, is the Busuu language learning application, which is also among the selected apps to learn English. The app has more than 100 million users worldwide and on various platforms, and in addition to being included in Google’s list of selected apps to learn English, it has also received excellent reviews from PC MAG and has been named the best apps to learn English in 2018 by DtGV. According to research that was conducted, the app can be impactful for a language learner during a 22-hour study period.

How does Bussu work?

Busuu is one of the best apps to learn English that can be used to learn different languages ​​such as English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, and Arabic. One of the practical characteristics of this application as one of the apps to learn English is a social network consisting of language learners from different countries; So users can connect with other people and ameliorate their language skills and make international friends. Communicating and making friends can also be a powerful motivator for learning and using the Busuu app more.

In the Busuu app, language learners can work with native speakers to learn and boost these skills. For example, people whose native language is English will teach English to conversational learners, and language learners can work and repeat with native speakers to generate an organic language structure.

Another feature of this application is to provide a study plan according to the goals of users. The study program is provided to you by the expert at the request of the user and through the application. In addition, as a distinctive point among apps to learn English, grammar training in Busuu application is done with the help of artificial intelligence to gain a better understanding of the user’s knowledge and increase the time of necessary training according to his needs

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone application is one of the best Apps to learn English, which was made in 1992 and is one of the first apps to learn English. This software is now available in the form of apps to learn English on Android and iOS platforms. According to the developers of this application, everyone can learn the language; But this is the result of a lot of effort and is not something that happens overnight. Rosetta Stone is one of the best Apps to learn English and in 2019, it was also included in the list of the best Apps to learn English.

How does Rosetta Stone work?

The Rosetta Stone app as one of the practical apps to learn English and other languages is available in different languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and even Persian, and users can use these applications ​​online or offline.

With the help of Rosetta Stone as one of the top apps to learn English, the learner can have a personal language learning application according to his needs and follow it.

The educational approach of this application for better language learning efficiency is to use the “Language Immersion Method” approach which makes this app distinct from other apps to learn English. This is a way of teaching the language in a way that targets the learner in the situation and space of the language. For example, one of the most effective ways to immerse yourself in a language is to use the phone in the target language.

What are the Best Apps to learn English grammar?

Practice English grammar

In this program, you will see a collection of flashcards, questions, articles, and special feedback, all of which want to improve your English grammar for a single purpose. Remember the basics of grammar through flashcards, and then test your level with in-app tests. Basic lessons and content in this app are free, but if you need more features and lessons, you will have to make an in-app purchase of $ 0.99 for each.

Grammar Up

The Grammar Up program focuses on business-related content and tries to show the strengths and weaknesses of your grammar through various diagrams. With the Grammar Up method, you can easily focus on only the really weak parts. The basic version of this app is free, but you can purchase the full version of this app.  Another feature of Grammar Up is the countdown timer, which aims to help users who need to do their exercises under time pressure. This program can also offer you good suggestions for better learning.


One of the best grammar enhancement apps to learn English is the Grammarly app. This program is one of the newest grammar programs (free apps to learn English ). If you know Gboard or SwiftKey, Grammarly is exactly like these two examples. Benefits of this program include features such as auto-correction.

However, it tries to correct your grammar as you type. It also corrects and shows you things like commas, verb forms, misspellings, and misspelled words (like using to instead of too), it is among popular apps to learn English. As we wrote in the initial description of this app, Grammarly is relatively new to the rest of the apps to learn English.

English grammar test

This application is one of the most popular grammar training and reinforcement programs ( apps to learn English). The English Grammar Test program has a lot of content, including 1,200 exercises. This program has different levels for tests and exercises to be able to increase people’s skills to a great extent. It also gives you scores and points so you can track your progress. Note that this application is not a program that you can run and finish in a day or even a week, it is among time_consuming apps to learn English.

Learn English grammar

It is a good and basic program for grammar. This program contains more than 100 popular grammar topics along with over 2000 grammar questions with complete explanations, pictures, and relatively simple examples. You will not be able to go through all the steps of this program in a few days. This app is best for beginners, especially those in high school or early college. The name of this app may not be as interesting as other apps to learn English to you, but you can be sure that using it will bring you a good experience, itis one of the comprehensive apps to learn English.

What are the Best Apps to learn English vocabulary?


This application is a combination of learning English words and playing; Which allows you to learn and memorize the words you have chosen with the game. Using apps to learn English like this is advisable. Vocabulary.com is believed to employ complicated algorithms to customize special questions and exercises for each user. The reason that this application, among other apps to learn English, has absorbed many users is the flashcards and learning tests section.

A word a day widget app

If you want to memorize just one word every day, use the A Word A Day Widget app. This app shows a word on the phone screen every day. It should be noted that only Android users can use this program unlike most of the apps to learn English that support all the systems.

Word to word

In the list of the best apps to learn English Especially Vocabulary, this application is considered for smart people. This app shows you a list of words that are synonymous or contradictory. You need to identify and select their relationship. This app is among the complicated apps to learn English.

Learn English vocabulary

This application is among offline apps to learn English that can be used without an Internet connection. Supports a variety of languages ​​including German, Spanish, French, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, etc. Beautiful design and easy user interface are the charms of this program as one of the attractive apps to learn English.

Fluent U

FluentU has hundreds of cartoons, movies, music, etc. that teach you English words with a movie that uses the word to learn English words and this application is among picture _based apps to learn English.

Word up

Wordup application is one of the best apps to learn English available for learning English words. Unlike other apps, Wordup is not just a Leitner or a dictionary for learning English words, it goes far beyond what you can imagine. This application has ranked all English words based on their application. So when you want to learn a word, you can be sure that the word is useful and can be one of the most useful apps to learn English.

First, when you enter this application, a test will be taken from you, and then it will show you the words based on it. Then you set your goal for the day and then the cards are shown to you. If you know the word, it will be shown to you again after one day, three days, one week, one month, three months, and one year, so that Wordup can be sure that the word has entered your long-term memory. The creators of this application believe that it is impossible to forget words after another year since it is one of the practical apps to learn English.

In addition to the meanings of words, the Word Up app as one of the essential apps to learn English shows it in the form of movies, series, music, sayings of elders, and news so that you not only learn the meaning of the word but also get acquainted with its use.


All in all , with the advent of new technologies and advancements, the new programs and applications accelerate and facilitate the process of learning, especially apps to learn English. Many different apps can be used to boost different skills such as reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar, and the number of apps to learn English is rising. Apps to learn English like Rosetta Stone, Memrise, Bussu, Grammarly, Grammar Up, and the above-mentioned apps are among the best Apps to learn English or it is better to say they are the exact apps to learn English efficiently.


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