5 interesting speech topics for students


To initiate speech in English learning classes, one common suggestion is to provide the students with speech topics that will be most interesting to them. Speaking in English can develop and improve students’ English skills. Deciding on the subjects of speech in an English class can be determined on the basis of the learners’ level. Many teachers seek to find the best speech topics to include in their classes. In this article, 5 interesting speech topics are mentioned with brief explanation. 

English is very important as an international language today and many people are now fluent in English or are searching to learn it. Adequate command of English makes people successful in education and work and makes communication much easier. People try to strengthen their English language skills by enrolling in different classes and achieve their desired goals.

English involves four basic skills that must be strengthened to achieve an appropriate and acceptable level of English. But which skill is the most challenging? What methods should we use to strengthen each skill and what points should we follow? In this article, we try to explain the importance of speaking skills and also introduce several ways to improve them. Also, the best speech topics to strengthen this skill are mentioned.

Methods of improving Speaking skills

Here we mainly try to introduce some methods to improve speaking skills and also, we give some speech topics that may sound interesting to talk about them.

Interesting speech topics to discuss

In this section, in general, we try to introduce some tips and speech topics to improve the speaking skills of language learners and we introduce the most interesting speech topics that ultimately improve this skill for learners. First of all, the most important question that arises among students is that, what is speaking skills and why it is considered an important skill?

Speaking skills are considered one of the secondary skills that are gradually formed in individual practice. By improving this skill, people can express their thoughts correctly, translate their knowledge into the target language, and communicate with other people in a better way.

Speaking skills are the most important means of communication with other people. Without it which people will have major problems communicating in English. For this reason, many people who intend to immigrate to another country or an English-speaking country, try more than anything to improve their speaking skills.

For example, if they are planning to study in America or immigrate to America for work, not only should they have a moderate level of language skills, they should not have problems in their daily communication. People (master’s and Ph.D. degrees) should have a good command of English. They can also boost their self-confidence by introducing their speaking skills and introduce themselves and their ideas more calmly.

 Inviting all the students to participate in an English class could be a challenging task, but with the right speech topics, the blocking factors could be diminished. Among the popular speech topics to discuss in second language learning classes are daily routines, friends, weather, appearances, and family. Each of the speech topics are mentioned below:

Strengthen listening skills

Listening and speaking skills are closely related to each other, so having a good command of one of them will increase the likelihood of mastering the other. So, if students want to speak English more fluently and accurately, they should use listening resources and try to improve their listening skills. Watching movies and TV series, listening to music, podcasts, music, and other techniques mentioned in the article about strengthening listening skills at home can help them to improve their speaking skills by having a good command of listening skills.

Expanding the vocabulary and knowledge of English

To be able to express their thoughts properly when speaking, People need to know a lot of words and phrases. Learning new vocabulary is one of the basic competencies in any language that helps the learner to expand their knowledge and improve their skills. In other words, learning vocabulary and phrases has a direct effect on improving all four skills of reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

However, it is important to remember that memorizing a large number of words without the necessary techniques will not only not help student’s language skills, but can also be confusing for them. So, before students start learning new words, they have to be sure to know the ways to learn English vocabulary at home to get acquainted with methods such as learning synonyms, companionship, and other methods.

Shadowing technique

This method is another well-known technique to improve speaking skills. The premise of the imitation technique is that by repeating and imitating what you hear, you can gain sufficient mastery in expressing it. Students can use various sources such as movies, audiobooks, YouTube videos, or any other audio and video file to practice this technique.

Listen and repeat each sentence carefully. In addition to pronunciation, try to pay attention to other important points such as tone of voice and accent, pronunciation, and emphasis of the sentence and imitate them all exactly as it is said. Exercising in front of a mirror can help students in this as well. For example, select a conversation in your favorite series or movie, listen to it several times, and then repeat the sentences in front of the mirror.

Listen to lectures and TV interviews

The tone of many people when speaking normally can play a big role in a movie. Many actors adopt a variety of accents and expressions to suit their roles. To get acquainted with their more natural way of speaking, students can watch their interviews on TV or YouTube programs. All they have to do is choose their favorite actor and search for their name on YouTube and watch the related videos.

Record yourself

It does not matter if students are reading from an English text or talking to themselves, they have to try to record their voice when speaking in English. This will help them to identify their mistakes and try to correct them easily. This exercise is highly recommended for preparing for international exams such as TOEFL and international exams. They have to remember to listen to each recorded file carefully. Identify any deficiencies in pronunciation, stress, expression, etc., and they have to try not to repeat them the next time. Over time, through this exercise, they can strengthen their speaking skills and speak more fluently.

After the learner has managed to pass all these steps, then he/she has to find some interesting topics for himself/her to be able to talk about them, but what are the most interesting speech topics for speaking in English? Here are five interesting speech topics.

First of all, it should be noted that speech topics should not be limited to sentences and explanations and should be talked about in general. Also, these speech topics should be interesting for everyone and everyone should have something to say about these speech topics. For example, speech topics such as politics and cultural beliefs are among the speech topics that many people may not be very interested in. Here are five interesting and exciting speech topics for learners.

Speech topics: Hobbies and entertainment

One of the most interesting speech topics that are common among learners is about leisure time and entertainment. This is one of the most interesting speech topics for learners because each person has a different hobby and other language learners can get ideas from other people’s hobbies. As a result, at the same time, they learn different structures and words in the field of entertainment and leisure in English.

Speech topics: Relationships and love

Relationships and love are some of the most common speech topics that people always have something to say about. That is because everyone has relationships that may be romantic or friendly. This is one of the most interesting speech topics for English conversation.

Speech topics: Retell travel memories

We have all had the experience of traveling to other cities or countries, so one of the interesting speech topics for conversation is recounting travel memories. It is interesting and exciting for others, and also talking about them strengthens many structures, such as using the structure of the past. At the same time, the learner can explain the culture of that city or country and its traditional foods and other customs. They are all useful information for others, and finally, this is one of the speech topics that strengthen the speaking skills.

Speech topics: Goals and dreams

Everyone has goals in life that they are trying to achieve, and they also have dreams in mind. They can easily talk about these issues in English and share interesting information with others about these language issues. The learner can use the future structure and can easily use future grammar tenses and express sentences easily. These goals can be in the field of study or work, etc.

Speech topics: Review and comment on movies and books

One of the best speech topics is talking about a movie and commenting and criticizing it. Learners can watch a film and then give a general summary of it and express their opinion about the movie. This is one of the most popular speech topics of conversation between language learners.

Daily routines

Regarding this topic, the students will be asked to talk about the way they start and end their everyday lives. This could include the students’ post and pre bed routines, their school activities, and their daily chores. Similar speech topics would not only help the learners get to know each other better, but also to learn from each other’s daily experiences.


Considering that friends take a huge part in any person’s life, talking about them could be one of the very interesting speech topics for English learners. When they talk about their friends, the students will be free to talk about the number of their companions, their bond, their looks and features. They can also talk about what makes them stand out as a person among many other things.


One of the common speech topics among second language students is weather. To put the learners’ studies into practice, a teacher could ask the students to talk about their favorite seasons or to describe what they call a perfect weather. This could help the learners get to know each other better and initiate more discussions.


Using descriptions as one of the speech topics could be a good way to engage the students in speaking activities. Within this topic, the learners will be allowed to describe a person of their own choice and talk about his/her physical and facial features. Related speech topics will help other learners to imagine the person of interest as they listen to their classmates.


Similar to the friends topic, the topic of family is also one of the favorites to be discussed in a class. Regarding this area of speech, learners could talk about the number of their family members as well as their many features. But these won’t be the only matters to discuss in the class and other things such as the habits of each person and their personalities could also be talked about.


speech topics

Overall, speech topics in a second language learning class usually vary based on the students’ interests and needs and any teacher is obliged to find the answer to these necessities. Teachers can engage the students to participate in the class and expand their speaking skills by speaking. English learners, especially young learners, become more interested in speaking if interesting speech topics are discussed in the class. 

When speaking about topics that students can relate to, they become more engaged to speak in English. As they develop their speaking skills, they also improve their pronunciation, vocabulary and even grammar. Therefore, providing gripping speech topics for the students can interest them to speak and participate in the class. 

As a result, for better results in a speaking session it is suggested to talk about students’ favorite subjects such as daily routines, friends, weather, appearances, and family.


What are the best speech topics?

Several speech topics may seem interesting to learners, but in choosing speech topics, we must also pay attention to the language level of the learners. Here we try to introduce some of the best speech topics to learners.

Learners can mostly talk about general issues and express their opinions in general. And what are the best speech topics for English conversation?

Speech topics: Art and culture

One of the most interesting speech topics of conversation is talking about the art and the culture of other countries. For this information, learners must search about these speech topics on the Internet before talking so that they can get the necessary information. Learners can talk about different cultures and customs in different countries, as well as different arts in each country. In this case, students’ speaking skills will be strengthened and they will also gain new information about the culture and art of other countries.


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