Thesis statement; its 3 most important parts


It is important to write a thesis statement in an essay, an article, or any similar pieces, it is important to dedicate one full and comprehensible sentence to clarify a few things about our writing. This sentence, which often appears at the end of our introduction, is known as thesis statement. Similar sentences are known for their ability to decide on the rest of the writing and guide the next paragraphs.

The 3 components of a thesis statement

A thesis statement serves a major purpose in writing and it could be called the heart of a written piece, since it is the one thing that could attract or push away the interested audience. Based on the fact that thesis statement presents a rich and short idea of our writing, it is mainly composed of three parts, which are the topic, the direction of our writing, and the blueprint.

The topic of the writing

thesis statementIn a written piece, the writer needs to include the topic of his/her writing in the text and in order to do so they must make sure to include the main idea of what they are presenting in the thesis statement. When mentioning the main idea of a text in similar sentences, it must be remembered that the topic needs to be as narrowed and specific as possible.

The direction of writing

Another main point mentioned in a thesis statement is the direction to which the writing is heading. This refers to how the text will proceed in presenting its ideas and how the writer will try to argue against or for the presented topic. Directing the writing toward a specific direction will allow the writer to either support or oppose to the main focus of the text. Giving strong and effective directions in the text can also shape the readers’ future feelings about the discussed topic.


In order to give a comprehensible idea of what is about to be discussed in the upcoming paragraphs of the written piece, it is recommended to include the blueprint of our writing in the structure of the thesis statement. A blueprint is a complete outline of the topic sentences mentioned in each paragraph and how each of them will be supported within the writing. Once the writers decide on the blueprint of their writing, their ability to specify the topic of the text will grow further and further.

Thesis statement mainly functions as a summary of the whole writing and since it can attract the attention of the readers, it needs to be as interesting as possible to the audience. Therefore, for this part of the text to be inclusive it must include the topic, the direction, and the blueprint of the writing.


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