What are the 5 reasons why English writing skills are important and how to improve them?

writing skills

In ancient times, early humans used to convey their messages by pictorial symbols and marks on the walls of the caves they lived in. Today, writing functions as those symbols and pictures. It is learned at schools and used on many different occasions in the modern world.

Writing is one of the basic skills of the English language. It is also regarded as the most difficult skill by many ESLs since mastering English writing methods and tips require mastering the other three basic English skills including listening, speaking, and, reading in the following, there are five reasons proving writing skills as one of the most important requirements of mastering not only English but also other languages among the other mentioned English basic skills.

The importance of writing skills in conveying meanings

ESLs usually start their English learning journey by listening to English

 like sources such as music, podcast, radio, etc. so that they can get immersed in the English world and learn the English culture. The more ESLs listen to English sources, the better and clearer they can convey their meanings in English; as a result, they can function well at both understanding and taking part in English conversations in real situations, but that would not be enough for ESLs since ESLs are required to acquire writing skills to fulfill their educational goals, find good jobs related to English, travel to the other counties, and be regarded as educated people in the society.

Written communication is very vital in the modern world. Most of the International interactions, business messages, etc. are shaped in English written forms. If you do not know how to write in English accurately, you cannot communicate well with foreigners in the international chatroom groups.

The importance of writing skills in achieving educational goals

Writing skills play such a huge fundamental role at most English schools that no one can pass his English exams successfully without learning it. Assume that you can speak English very fluently and know most of the common English words; but, you are not good at spelling the English words and conveying your meanings in written fashion. In this case, you would get very poor results at your English final exams since most exams are written and mainly assess your writing skills.

The importance of writing skills in learning the differences in written and oral English forms

writing skills

There are so many differences between the written and oral forms of the English language. Such differences originate from the cultural and social changes that the English language has gone through by the passage of time. Learning such differences is important and can be acquired through improving English writing skills.

There are many differences between the oral and written forms of English. For example, many English words, such as thought, pneumonia, and psychology, are not written the way they are uttered. Therefore, ESLs should improve their writing skills so well to know such differences.

The importance of writing skills in learning as one of the metacognitive abilities

Writing skills are considered metacognitive abilities. They allow ESLs to organize their thoughts and knowledge. In this way, ESLs completely get to know what they know and what there should know and put their knowledge together in a well_organized way.

ESLs memorize new English lessons easier and faster than other students through metacognitive skills. They can both learn new things faster and keep the new information in mind for a very long time. By mastering writing skills, ESLs can gather new English words while listening and learn new English structures while reading; then put them together in a well-organized manner.

The importance of writing skills in recording important things

Without writing, we would not have history, books, contracts, technology, etc. right now. Writing enables us to record any important thing with its details. It provides us with authentic evidence ensuring that our transactions occur safely.

In addition, the term “religion” would have lost its meaning and importance without writing. Religious books such as “Quran” and “Bible” are considered as the main guides by millions of people around the world. We can conclude that writing is so important that it caused the betterment of human life since the term “technology” would have been meaningless to us if writing were not invented.

So far, we have presented the reasons why writing skills are important. Now, we are going to help dear ESLs and ESL teachers the practical ways in which they can develop writing skills. Our recommendations for improving writing skills are:

The effect of rewarding system in improving writing skills

The rewarding system is one of the practical factors improving writing skills. It enables teachers to provide an engaging competitive atmosphere in which their students can gradually grow their writing skills. It also helps ESLs to make their self_English learning more challenging, faster, and motivating.

Although the rewarding method is not enough for writing skills development and ESLs themselves should be fully dedicated in this respect, it helps ESLs to truly know their strong points and blossom their English learning abilities. When it comes to applying this technique, teachers should behave with all their students equally and let all their students know of their strong points so there would not be any jealousy or hostility in class.

The effect of games in improving writing skills

Practicing writing skills may sound a little tedious to most ESLs. Although it is associated with lots of written and making notes, it can turn into a very amusing fun activity thanks to various related games. This implicit learning brings more joy and simplicity to the English learning process.

Games, as one of the most amusing teaching tools, get ESLs to improve their writing skills whilehaving fun. They should match both ages and English levels of  ESLs. One of the most practical common games for improving writing skills is Hangman which is good for enriching English spelling and vocabulary knowledge.

It is suggested for ESLs to play such games in collaboration. In this way, there would be much more friendship, joy, happiness among English learners and the learners would learn so much valuable new things from their peers. Plus, teachers would have easier control of their students’ performances and learning progress.

Learning common errors in English writing skills

Learning common errors in English writing is essential for enhancing writing skills. It helps ESLs to improve their English so well and get good results at school. Teachers should provide their students with a book as a collection of such errors so that their students would not make the same errors in real situations.

It is suggested that ESLs write their own common errors in their notebook so that they would not get used to repeating the same errors in real situations. This technique helps ESLs get time to think about their faults in learning writing skills and focus on learning the English correct written forms. As a result, ESLs will become more fluent and interested in English writing.

Writing diary in English for improving writing skills

Many ESLs like recording their memories, feelings, and events in a written fashion. Writing a diary in English is one of the practical ways of improving writing skills. In this way, ESLs will get much more motivated to improve their writing skills.

Most ESLs like sharing their life events, inner feelings, and memories with their friends, relatives, and families. It is recommended that ESLs write about their feelings and memories in English on social media platforms, especially on Instagram posts or stories. Writing over such things in English enables the ESLs to creatively gather their words in the most effective well-organized way.

The effect of reading in improving English writing skills

writing skills

It is recommended that ESLs read as much as they can. Reading different types of English novels, stories, articles, etc. expands English writing skills. It helps ESLs learn new English structures, phrases, and words; moreover, it enables the ESLs to expand their knowledge in many different areas.

In addition, reading improves English spelling. It expands ESLs’ memorization and learning abilities. It helps ESLs to enter things into their short-term memories much faster and transfer their acquired knowledge into their long-term memories effectively.

Without reading, developing English writing skills is not possible at all. Reading is one of the best essential exercises enabling ESLs to write much more correctly and effectively. It is recommended that ESLs write their analysis and summaries of what they read weekly so that they would write in English much more accurately and to the point.


On the whole, mastering writing skills is an important requirement of learning any language. English writing skills are not easy to learn and do not happen overnight. ESLs are required to dedicate enough time, energy, patience, and interest to take the mentioned recommendations for improving their English writing skills.


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