Songs for kindergarten; 5 incredible suggestions


The traditional education system had no room for entertainment. It believed that education was something serious and needed seriousness. Therefore, there were strict teachers who could not imagine a class with songs used to teach. But new methods, thanks to the technology that has made research on the human brain possible, believe that entertainment including songs for kindergarten should be an integral part of a class. That is why a lot of songs for kindergarten have been introduced which have educational purposes. English classes have taken advantage of songs a lot.

The effect of songs

Songs have a vivid effect on everyone’s minds. This effect can be a reminder of a good, bad, sad, joyful, or nostalgic memory. Certainly, there are some times in a week or even a day that one sings or hums songs. When one hears a familiar melody, he/she starts trying to remember the song. But what makes a song special? When people think about this simple question, many similar answers come to their mind. The context of a song sometimes has a deep effect on one’s mind. Music, lyrics, and songs are a way that people use to express themselves and their feelings. Rhyme is an important part of each song. If a song has a catchy rhyme, it certainly finds its spot in the audience’s mind.

Songs and teaching

Nowadays many English teachers use different songs for kindergarten in order to teach them some lessons. Learning English gets much more joyful for children if teachers use some songs in their classes. They can choose some songs that help children to learn some simple English words that are practical and essential in order to communicate. Also, singing songs together helps children to experience a friendly session. Sometimes even teachers find a special talent while children are singing in the class. Singing English songs with classmates in the class helps children with low self-confidence to say the English words out loud and feel confident. This helps teachers to find out if there is any student that needs help pronouncing a word correctly.

 5 songs for kids

There a lot of songs for kindergarten that can be used in order to teach English to kids. Some songs are better than the others in order to achieve that goal. In this article, five incredible songs for kids are introduced and the reason that makes them incredible is mentioned as well.

 Old McDonald

This is a great song for kids who are just starting to learn English. Children are usually interested in animals and the sounds they make. Using this song helps children to learn the English names of animals and they can expand their vocabulary range with this song. The reason that this song is selected as number one in the list of five incredible songs for kids is the fact that it can be narrated in different ways. Teachers can use their creativity to add some animals to the original text. Also, children can add their own favorite animals and the sounds they make. They can use their own imagination. This helps children to be more eager to find some new English words in order to make the song in a way that rhymes.

 Head, shoulders, knees, and toes

This song is one of the most common songs that teachers use to teach children the English names of different body parts. It is important for any English learner to be able to express their pain if any part of their body is in pain. Also, teachers can do some actions related to a body part which helps children to visualize those actions later. The teacher can help children to memorize this song and after a while, the student can start writing the lyrics. This helps children to learn the correct spelling of the human body parts. Also, they can start to draw some pictures of human organs and paint them. The teacher can award them after they have fully learned the body parts.

 Princess pat

This is a song that gives English teachers an opportunity because this song is not about any particular subject. The teacher starts the song anyhow he/she wants and performs some gestures with his/her hand to help children guess what the answer is. For example, the teacher can start with “princess pat, princess pat, she lives in a tree” and as she says tree, she makes a tree with her hands that children can easily recognize the tree. This fictional character can travel through the whole world and can see its wonders. It means that the teacher can use this song in order to expand his/her students’ vocabulary in any field he/she wants. After being sung a couple of times, children easily learn the song and can start performing on their own.

 If you’re happy and you know it

This is a song that can help children to learn the English verbs of different actions. One of the most important qualities that this song has is the advantage that it gives to a teacher. This song does not require any special creativity. Teachers can simply add every verb they want right after “if you’re happy and you know it”. For instance, clap your hands can be added and while singing it. The teacher claps and asks the children to do the same. This helps children to learn many different verbs and see the action of the verbs. Children can also add their favorite English verbs to this song and feel that they are involved in their learning process. In addition to the mentioned points, children can sing this song themselves in groups of two as a game.

 You are my sunshine

This song can help children to learn rhymes. The more important effect that this song has and made its way to this list is the amount of emotion it has. In this song, there are not any hard words that children do not know. It is easy to memorize and when the whole class starts singing it together it brings joy and happiness among the classmates. It is also one of the songs that many mothers sing for their children. It also is one of the songs that remind us of the beautiful things (e.g. kindness, being desired, being loved) in the darkest days of our lives.


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