The best second language to learn and why


When someone decides to devote his/her time and energy with the goal of learning a language, the one that is chosen by that person is of a great value. In this article, we are going to talk about the best language to learn.

Studies have shown that over 50% of the world’s population can speak two or more than two languages, and majority of people are trying to learn their second language. The important point is that the world in which we are living is based on communications and this makes it challenging for humans to learn a way to make affective communication with other members of the world. In order to get closer to the majority of the world’s population, people need to learn a language the majority are familiar with. Fluency in a second language as well as ones’ native language can help those individuals achieve more success. For example, by learning a new language, people can get to know a new culture and become much more open minded. As well as that, many new personal and professional experiments can be made that are not possible in some people’s native language.

However, no matter the diversity of different languages around the globe that one can study and learn, people can be unsure which one is more proper to choose. This article can show you why the best choice of second language to learn is English.

English is world’s second language:

Although there are some languages that are spoken by a huge number of people like Arabic, Spanish or Deutsche, the language which is used and spoken worldwide is English. Statistics have shown that around 20% of all people around the globe (almost 1.4 billion people) are able to speak this language; they can be whether native speakers or English speakers who speak it as their second language. Hence, it is possible to find English speaking people in all parts of the world; from Asia to Australia to Americas and Africa. Consequently, a great deal of communication in this era are held in this language and this has been a link and way of communication between different cultures.

English is for everyone:

Among all the languages that can be a goal to learn as a second language, English can be counted as the easiest and most accessible one to be learned. There are a lot of positive points about this language. For instance, it has a really easy alphabet and most of phonics are common in all languages. Other positive point of this language is the easy grammar it has and the fact that the system using which verbs are designed and used is so simple that leads to an easy sentence making. Thus, people who are studying this language only after a short time would be able to make simple conversations and easily talk about their daily routine. Next positive point about English is that the written form of it is not so much harder than the spoken form. This means that after a short period of studying this language, people are able to write short letters or send e-mails for work and even travel.

English is for fun:

In field of entertainment, it is quite obvious that the material that is created in English is much more than other languages. There are countless songs, movies and games that are designed in English. Consider watching a movie as an example. It is obvious that if someone watches that movie in its own tongue, will be much better than a dubbed version. Many idioms and slangs exist only in a specific language and cannot be translated accordingly, let alone the time that it might take to translate a movie into another language.

English is for learning:

It might have happened to anyone to search something on Google in one language and after that search it again in English and realize how much the results are more in English. Many books are written in English and many material has been translated to it.  Many schools are making their students to work on different projects in English because they believe that students would need this language for their future careers, relations, and communications. These exercises would help them get more familiar with this useful language.

English is for business:

There are only few jobs these days that do not use English. Take hundreds of companies that participate in international interactions and use this international language for making their conversations and even interviews. Putting everything aside, most of jobs these days need computers and working with computer requires people to be fluent in English since there are many terms, words and information that should be known in order to be able to work with the computer.

English is for travelling:

With the advancement of technology and many positive events that have happened lately, traveling to other countries has been much easier for many people. People who take a lot of trips abroad have two options for communicating: They can either learn all the native languages of each country to which they travel, or use English instead. As it was mentioned above, 20% of people know English, which means 1 of 5. This, makes communicating much easier as anyone who goes on a trip can book a hotel, go on different tours, follow a tour leader and understand all the information about tourism around the world.

In a nutshell, it can be said that if someone is choosing a second language to learn, it should have enough positive points to be worthy of the time and energy that is being spent. In this case, English is the best suggestion.


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