The basic English novels for beginners


If you are reading this article, then you must be a beginner who wants to learn more using basic English novels. Or, you are a teacher who isn’t sure what books to use to teach the beginner students. Either way, we are here to help you find your answer.

 As a student, you have probably been told that reading basic English novels is a great way to improve your English language skills. Reading, especially basic English novels, is a great way to build up your vocabulary base. Many English learners think they need advanced English skills for reading to be effective. They either choose a book that is too difficult or they don’t read at all because they think they are not good enough. When they start reading a new book, one of three things might happen:

  1. the book puts them to sleep (it’s boring)
  2. they start to have a headache (it’s difficult)
  3. the book is Ok, they are not a book reader

For the reasons above, reading has never been an option for many language learners. Sometimes the experience of choosing the right book is intimidating as there are so many words that beginners have not learned yet. That’s why we suggest English learners start with children’s stories and fairy tales. For beginners, basic English novels are great introductions for reading English because they are easy to read. They slowly prepare you for more challenging texts.  

If you are a teacher reading this blog, you have probably wondered what your next step is for teaching basic English novels. Success depends on choosing the right books. But before we introduce you to some excellent basic English novels, let’s have a look at why beginners need to read basic English novels in the first place. In other words, let’s talk about the benefits of reading basic English novels for beginners.

The benefits of reading basic English novels

It builds vocabulary

For one thing, reading is useful for learning new words. Students who have the habit of reading, beginning with basic English novels at a very young age, gradually develop vast vocabulary knowledge. Vocabulary is important for English fluency. This means being able to make easy contact with the English language without thinking about grammar rules. It also influences their success in the future in areas such as standard tests, college admission, or even job opportunities.

It makes the brain stronger

Reading understandable texts such as basic English novels strengthens a student’s brain system. While difficult texts and stories may not help beginners at all, reading basic English novels can develop complex networks and signals in the brain. As beginners continue reading over the next months or years, those networks also become stronger.  

It helps develop cognitive performance

As well as making the brain physically stronger, reading basic English novels can habitually improve text comprehension.  Although reading is not yet proven to be a mentally stimulating activity, it is hypothesized that people who develop the habit of reading books and solve math problems every day are more likely to improve cognitive functioning.   

It improves writing skills

Students who constantly read basic English novels may make gains in overall language skills. For example, research has shown that students who extensively read basic English novels increase competence in writing, listening, and speaking, in addition to reading. This is because more encounters with the English language primes the students’ language acquisition to produce it in other skills. So reading easy basic English novels seems to improve all language skills, not just reading.

 It motivates students to read more

Reading basic English novels is motivating for students. That is because of when they discover that they can read in a new language. This is mainly because the books are easy to understand and interesting to students. If students find the books interesting and they can understand them, they may become motivated to read more. The motivation that comes with reading basic English novels may help boost students’ confidence and turn them into more eager readers.

It helps students become independent learners

Students who read basic English novels regularly are more likely to become independent learners down the road. Their knowledge of the English language grows gradually, but dramatically. They can read anywhere, at any time, and this will help them become more autonomous learners. Of course, learner autonomy requires reading to be a student-managed activity, which means students should decide what, when, where, and how often they read.

It increases accuracy

Great English writers use perfect styles and forms. You could say they are masters of the English language. As a result, there is no better way to improve your grammar accuracy than to read authentic basic English novels. In addition, reading a book in English often feels different even if it has been translated from another language. That is how good English writers are good at using sentences or creating different levels of meanings that can be understood by beginners.

How to improve your English by reading basic English novels

There are so many different ways to improve your language skills by reading basic English novels. However, using the instructions given here, it should be fairly easy to find the books and methods that work for you. Reading basic English novels should be easy and fun. If you find it boring or the book is difficult, then you should change the book.  Here are 3 tips to help you get started.

  1. Make sure that the book is easy and that you like the topic. Choose the book by reading the first few pages. If there are more than 10 new words on each page, then you need to choose an easier book. You should not bore yourself with a difficult book.

However, if you can understand or guess the meaning for most of those words, and just need to look up a few words in a dictionary, then that is probably the right book for you. The topic should be interesting to you as well. For example, if you like to travel, adventure, crime, or sports, then choose books about those topics. If you like the topic, it is less tiring for you.

  • Watch the movie if there is one. Many basic English novels (such as harry potter, pride, and prejudice) nowadays have movie versions. If the original book seems difficult to you, then try watching the movie first. You probably need to watch a dubbed (translated) version of the movie several times before you start to comprehend the story. That gives you a better understanding of the book before you read it. Watching English films itself is a great way to learn English.
  • Original Basic English novels may contain words you do not know. Try to guess the meaning of those words based on the context of the story. By context, we mean the words and sentences around the new word. Those will probably help you work out the meaning of the word. Luckily, most basic English novels and comic books contain pictures. Those too can help you guess the meaning of the new words without having to open your dictionary.  

Which basic English novels to read

Here we introduce some of the basic English novels that have worked best for beginners. The books are placed in alphabetical order and they boost the clarity of writing:

  1. Animal farm (George Orwell)- best basic English novels for beginners

The novel tells the story of farm animals who grew tired of oppression and rebelled to attain freedom from the farm owner Mr. Jones…

  • Girl meets boy (by Derek Strange)- best basic English novels for beginners

The book tells the story of a girl named Donna who meets a boy named mark on a boat to Spain…

  • Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s stone (J.K. Rowling)- best basic English novels for beginners

The book tells the story of a young wizard (male magician) and his friends who study at a wizard school- Hogwarts. There is also a movie with the same name, so it is useful to always connect the movies with the book…  

  • The alchemist (by Paulo Coelho)- best basic English novels for beginners

This book is a translation to English and it is a super easy book. It tells the story of a shepherd boy who travels on a journey to meet a fortune teller (someone who predicts what will happen in the future), and meets interesting people along the way…

  • Charlotte’s Web (by E.B. White) – best basic English novels for beginners

It tells the story of a tiny pig who is saved by a little girl called Fern Arable. She grows a strong relationship with the pig …

  • To Kill a Mockingbird (by Harper Lee)- best basic English novels for beginners

The book talks about major social problems through the eyes of a girl called Jean Finch and her older brother, Jeremy. Their mother has died so they live with their father who happens to be a lawyer…


To be brief, reading books is one of the best ways to develop your different English language skills, including speaking, writing, and reading itself. To avoid boredom and frustration while reading, it is recommended to choose basic English books, such as basic English novels. Also, choose the books that you are interested in and fascinated about. At last, try reading the six mentioned established basic English novels if you are a beginner searching for the best basic English novels to begin your learning process.


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