What are 10 most useful vocabulary based questions?

Vocabulary based questions


In order to be great in speaking, listening, writing and reading, knowing as many new words as possible is very important. Learning new words should be involved in all learner’s daily routine. Most of online or in person English classes take vocabulary based question tests from their students.

Vocabulary based questions can be about synonym, antonym, definition, image, filling in the blanks, sentence definition, sentence synonym, polygamous sentence synonym, and applying the meaning and spelling. Here are short definitions about each of the vocabulary based questions mentioned and then there’s a final conclusion about it.

Vocabulary based questions

Vocabulary based questions

The first and probably main step of learning a new language, like English, is to learn as many English words as possible. There are many different examinations related to vocabularies which are questions about synonyms, antonyms, definitions, images, filling in the blanks, and more several questions as mentioned before. It is important that Vocabulary based questions are known and continuously practiced. Here are brief explanations about each of these questions.

  1. Spelling

Vocabulary based questions related to spelling requires the students to write the correct spellings of the words in correct order.

  1. Synonyms

The synonym kind question is when one word is mentioned with four multiple choices. Students should choose the word that has the closest meaning to the main word mentioned in the question between the four other words.

  1. Antonyms

The antonyms type of questions are the ones where the student should choose the word from multiple choices which has the opposite meaning of the word stated in the question.

  1. Definition

Vocabulary based questions related to definition part is the easiest one because it only requests the exact definition of the written word in the question.

  1. Image

The questions related to the image part is mostly for kids who take English vocabulary tests. In these questions, there is one word and four pictures and students should choose the word that is the most suitable one to define the picture.

  1. Filling in the blanks

Vocabulary based questions

Answering the questions asked to fill in the blanks can be challenging. There is a sentence with a blank space in the middle and there are four multiple choices. Students should choose the word that is most appropriate to fit the blank.

  1. Sentence definition

Vocabulary based questions about sentence definition part includes one sentence with one specific highlighted word. Students should choose the best definition among four multiple choices according to available clues.

  1. Sentence Synonym

Vocabulary based questions related to sentence synonym requires the students to choose the best substituted word that has the closest meaning for the specific highlighted word in the sentence.

  1. Polygamous sentence Synonym

Vocabulary based questions about polygamous sentence synonym shows students a highlighted word in a sentence that has different meanings. There are multiple choices and the student should choose the most proper one for the sentence.

  1. Applying the meaning

Vocabulary based questions related to applying the meaning, wants the student’s actual knowledge about the words mentioned in question. This is known as one of the questions regularly used to examine advanced student’s level of vocabulary skill.

According to the declared information above, there are various vocabulary based questions which examine different aspects of new words. Words are important to know and to recognize in order to learn and master a new language.

All the vocabulary based questions have been proved to be significant for English learners who participate in English classes. It is also vital to know that vocabulary is the key to be successful in order to sound more like a native speaker. Practicing different vocabulary based questions continuously is recommended to achieve the best results.


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