Is language a cultural factor?


Language is considered a cultural factor all over the word. Language is a real and obvious representative for any culture. Culture is the main identity of all people from different countries and communication which is mainly done through speaking with different languages can be a main and obvious cultural factor. Here are some good and complete explanation of what is culture? And a complete answer to the question of Is language a cultural factor?

What is culture?

Culture can be introduced with many different  words like food something that is special in each country with wide variety of flavors, clothes  something  which is an obvious factor and introduction of people from different parts of world, religion something that shows different culture’s unique beliefs about GOD, Art something which shows interests, creativity and history of different cultures and at the end language which is the main culture factor something that is connected in a powerful way with language. It is a great representative of culture because people from different part of world use wide variety of language during their communication with each other.

Language as an important cultural factor

Identity and culture are represented by language of people from different countries. All people can know about different new cultures by studying their language. Different languages are shaped by various cultural needs of people. Language and culture have a direct effect on each other.

They show history, tradition, accent and development of different cultures over oral ways. All people consider language as one of main cultural factors because language is a powerful representative for showing different cultures. Language is the main tool for expression and communication, so it is more powerful that writing. Here is an example about English language origin and culture.

English as an international language is experienced different cultural changes because of different nationalities with different languages around itself. It has changed a lot over and over and over and shaped by Frisian, German and Dutch cultures. Other cultures somehow effect and shape the English language used all over the world. This three cultures Frisian, German and Dutch has originated the English language and culture from past till now.


So it is obvious that the answer of is language a cultural factor? Is probably yes. It is obvious and so clear that language and culture are linked together and both effect, shape, represent and develop each other. Communication which is a powerful tool is done mainly by speaking with different languages and no one can refuses the fact that language is a cultural factor. This fact is proved by everyone no matter where they are come from or what culture they have.


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