English for kids apps with American teachers

These days, kids can learn English in many ways like visiting English centers or getting tutored at home. And one of the simplest ways is using English for kids Apps that are usually installed on smartphones and tablets. This is an innovative, interesting, and efficient method for kids to practice their English.

Some of the best English language apps for kids

With apps like Duolingo and Lingokids kids can learn English using the latest methods. People don’t need to show up to classes and learn from a teacher anymore; they can instead install an easy-to-use app and start learning English. Let’s go over some of the most popular English for kids apps and learn how to make the most of these apps.


Kids can learn English while browsing the 5 different topics Lingokids offers, which include Food, Animals, Places, and Nature. For instance, the first lesson is about bathroom objects. Kids will come across new vocabulary in the same context.

Lingokids also offers lots of fun games that help kids develop their English skills like reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Also, this app has English songs and many exciting short stories to make the lessons easier to understand.

Learn English Kids: Playtime

Learn English Kids provides students with many English tutorial videos that include stories and songs. The pictures are beautiful and the music is fun to hear. The videos related to more than 20 different topics are recorded by native American instructors. That’s why kids will easily learn accurate pronunciation and the right intonation.

The app also includes games to let kids practice what they have been taught. These games are separated by topics.


Lots of people around the world use Duolingo for learning English on their own, and they can also use it for English teaching. The learner version of Duolingo includes lessons that can combine listening, speaking, vocabulary, and conversation skills. At the end of every lesson, the student has to take a test to measure their skills, and then the results show the user’s improvement and also where they may need more work. All of these features make Duolingo one of the greatest English for kids apps.

This application can be a lot of help to teachers as an entertaining extra method of testing students and their skills. Also, it is particularly effective in classrooms that may have several students at different skill levels. While the more skillful students finish their work early, they can keep active by trying to make it to the next level in the Duolingo app.


Using English for kids apps is a really useful way to help parents actively teach and follow the English learning process of their kids. Still, bear in mind that the most important thing kids always look forward to is the time they share with their friends and parents while learning English.

Hopefully this article will help concerned parents in choosing the best English Learning Apps for their kids. In the process, one will spend fun time with their children, help them develop linguistic skills and maybe learn a few things themselves.


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