Easy kids songs: History is a mystery to me


History is a mystery

History is a mystery to me
from the disappeared rhythms in
the Egyptian history
Science is a secret to me
from the brilliant brains to flying
in space
Math is a path to me
Like literature is to thee
Geography is like
Our planets biography.

Words to learn: Geography – History- Mystery – Literature – Path – Science – Math – Secret – Brilliant – Brain – Rhythm – Egyptian – Space – Planet – Biography.


The importance of music and easy kids songs:

Music and easy kids songs play an important role in development of children’s brains. Music can create more and more connections between the cells of the brain.

It “wires” the brain and causes a higher level of thinking. This process would enhance if listening to music and easy kids songs links with other activities such as dancing and painting. Also, music is one of the greatest tools to improve memory in both children and adults.

Hence, children who are exposed to music and songs are more likely to learn a foreign language better and faster due to their advanced capacity of memory.  One of the most important points is that music is a perfect mood lifter and it can freshen the atmosphere for children.

Using music, teachers and parents are able to encourage children to be more active and energetic. Also, children can develop their understanding by identifying the sound of the words and the letters in easy kids songs. Moreover, it is shown that children who possess a stronger sense of beat are more likely to read and comprehend the sequences well.

Games involving music and songs for children satisfy children’s need to socialize and interact with other children. Also, music helps children to achieve better self-esteem, a higher creative and critical thinking level.


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